The Truth about Messi’s Promise in 2019 😳

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Ftbol… Qu ms se puede decir que supere lo que genera este deporte en el ser humano? Gales Camiseta de la 1 equipacin 2022/2023 S1 El ftbol es el deporte ms jugado y ms seguido en el mundo. Se calcula que el 4% de la poblacin mundial est involucrada directamente en el ftbol, ya sea jugando (profesional, semi profesional o amateur), trabajando (rbitro, entrenador, etc.) en asociaciones y en clubes, sin incluir a los fanticos que lo siguen.

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  1. He did not say he would do everything possible he said ,"this year the champions leagie would return to camp nou and failed only the true goat fufills his promise ronaldo in 2013

  2. Carrying champions league to camp Nou is easy for a club like barca whether it’s with messi or without just have to be on the top 4..but the difficult one is carrying the champions league cup to camp nou

  3. Some say 2010 Messi was amazing, some say 2012 Messi was out of this World, some say 2015 was the most complete one, others say 2019 Messi was 1v11….Oh Messi there won't be another like u never in a 1000yrs.💔💔

  4. Bro even as a real madrid fan and someone who thinks that real madrid is better than barca, i just cant lose respect for the effort messi put into barca. Its a shame hes at inter miami now.

  5. where is the champions league
    now when ronaldo scored in saudi then camel league
    but if its a camel league than all the players are bad including RONALDOS TEAMMAtes

  6. I bet if Ronaldo said something like this and lost, bro would've said, "ronaldo never keeps his promise. proceeds to say shit about Ronaldo "

  7. Help me money 💲 350 billion us dollars support money every month support money every years support money Abdullahi Hassan Mohamed Ibrahim please

  8. The very weak barcelona team has Suarez, Pique, Jordi Alba, Ter stegan, Ivan rakitic, Messi. All of them atleast won champions leage. While the liverpool team squad never won a champions league in their career.

  9. Double standards on its peak,when Ronaldo doesn't win the world cup,they say Ronaldo is shit,they don't see that he is also trying to his fullest,but for Messi,he was fighting alone,double standards🫡

  10. Main Motive Of This Channel Always Shit Talk About Ronaldo and RealMadrid And Lick Ass Of Messi and Barcelona 😒 His Football Knowledge Starts From when Messi started playing

    To Everyone Who See This Im Not a messi hater but after seeing creators like him i always think how much hate ronaldo gets for no fkin reason😑😑

    For Me Messi = Ronaldo
    And fuck this channel

  11. he had suarez?💀and yall call him the best striker of all time. he also had busquets,vidal, alba,rakitic,pique, ter stegen and also dembele, even though dembele wasnt that good, he was decent.

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