Lionel Messi HIGHLIGHTS from Inter Miami’s win vs. Orlando City | Leagues Cup | ESPN FC

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Watch highlights from Lionel Messi and Inter Miami in their 3-1 victory against Orlando City to advance in the Leagues Cup. Messi nets a pair of goals while Josef Martinez also scored a penalty.

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  1. Messi à une lecture de jeux hors du commun ,,Messi à remporté 7 ballons d'or en marchant comme ils aiment le dir c'est pas permis❤❤❤😊😊😊😊😅😅😅😅😅

  2. MLS needs players like Messi. They need guys at a large volume that can introduce a mentality and view to the league that doesn’t exist. Unlike past situations, Miami is doing it the best so far. They are bringing multiple legends and iconic players over that can show their guys how to play. It’s not about coaching but being indoctrinated into it.

  3. Messi great but lets not disrespect the Brazilians because the best always came out of brazil pele by far the goat dude more accomplished by far

  4. Idiot screaming commentary that sounds like we are at the Motocross combined with a woeful skill level. Add that to Dubai's shitful attempt and football is slowly being destroyed.

  5. The USSoccer did like it says
    "the strike of the master"

    They brought Messi to propaganding and publiciting World Cup 26

    When SATAN🇺🇸 meet his pet GOAT🐐

  6. busquets used to break prime madrid defence with his passes and messi used to get into space against the same madrid team. These are like babies for them 😭

  7. This joke of a league is too easy for him. It’s like he’s 18 playing against 12 year olds. This is a walk in the park for him it’s tooooo easyyyy 😂😂

  8. I wonder how much of an impact messi will have on bringing american sports fans to soccer. Since American soccer is never talked about except for world championships

  9. I don’t undsertand soccer and this might be a stupid question but isn’t it kinda not fair for all the other teams in the MLS to go up against a team that was already decent that then retrieved arguably one of the best players in the world on their team which I don’t even know why Messi came to play in the US in the first place

  10. Messi might be the GOAT but sadly we will never know, he has always hidden in uncompetitive domestic leagues in great teams up till now to protect brand Messi $$$ (one or two horse race leagues where the skill gap between the clubs in it is massive).
    This league is by far the most competitive domestic league he has ever played in but he has taken a step down standards wise to allow his skills to shine and protect the brand to continue the marketing $$$ (most of his marketing once retires will come from the GOAT tag so it is important not to risk that).
    The good news is that it looks like he is still hungry to play and isn’t just here for an easy retirement. The team definitely look brighter with him and Miami should be challenging this year !
    Well done to Beckham and the team off the pitch for getting him over 😊 it is great for Miami and fantastic publicity for the league.

  11. Must be so refreshing and less stressful playing in the best leagues in the world to playing in a MLS recreational league. It’s great to see him just having fun messing around with the kids

  12. do y'all think his other teammates like him being there? i feel like whenever he scores, there's hardly any celebration from them.. maybe im just used to watching CL/PL lol

  13. i cant believe how much he gets away with and even referee are afraid of giving him a yellow card. Too easy Messi, and great choise for not getting hurt and still get paid.

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