Lionel Messi HIGHLIGHTS as Inter Miami advance past Philadelphia Union | Leagues Cup | ESPN FC

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See highlights from Lionel Messi and Inter Miami in their big 4-1 victory over Philadelphia Union advancing to the Leagues Cup final and securing a spot in next year’s CONCACAF Champions Cup. Lionel Messi is now tied with Josef Martnez (9) for Inter Miami’s leading goal scorer this season in just his sixth game with the team.

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  1. I mean when you’re sponsored by a company called BIMBO & actually wear that nonsense in public you deserve to be embarrassed by the GOAT😂

  2. imagine, today you're a nobody football, and next day you're being hugged by one of the greats in celebration….. Dream on, kids. Dream on

  3. I don’t understand why in the first goal the keeper almost went inside the goal instead of staying a little bit out! By going inside the goal he limited himself to what he can stop

  4. Skysports & ESPN are apart of a big Mafia under FIFA , after Ronaldo supporting Palestinian kids and the COCACOLA incident all media were ordered to put down Cristiano Ronaldo, even Cavani mentioned “Cristiano was really good but a well orchestrated community tried to blame every MU’s mistake on Ronaldo, but the good thing is that they couldn’t!!! Ronaldo made history!! he went to Saudi league and all players followed him but don’t forget when joined the league far superior than MLS the likes of skysports laughed at him even though Alnassr is 147th FIFA ranked club but when Messi joined 1453th ranked club they praised him like he joined Barcelona again, all the teams in America are some of the worst teams ranked, I’m so happy to see they failed again and all eyes are towards Saudi league 🎉🎉🎉

  5. I follow La Liga from Spain and the quality of this football is incredibly poor, no surprise how the veterans from Barcelona are in a Final

  6. This is retirement for Messi but as always he's looking at the bigger picture. Football has so much room to grow in America, way more even than Asia, and he's looking at MLS as a way in. Europe and South America football is very well developed so now he's looking at other avenues. Saudi has attracted a lot of top talent but he's gone for the US as he believes in the USA and that there is a grass roots love of Soccer at school level that can be massively built on.

  7. The Messi/Martinez duo is only just beginning. Never thought I’d see it. Miami knew what they were doing when they had the chance to sign one of the best strikers in MLS and bring on Tata shortly after. Josef just needs to be a little more selfish with the ball he keeps passing it away when he has a chance to at goal.

  8. Fake, they don’t want to put pressure on him everything is given to him the easy way 😂😂😂😂😂. $1000 he’s team is going to be champion. Easy easy easy

  9. It's not that the other guys were bad before. Messi just brings out the confidence in everyone and it shows. The goat brings out the best in people.

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  11. MLS is such a farmer's league, good god. U15 Players from any European country would beat MLS teams. America can't compete in any real global sport only non-athletic nonsense like baseball.

  12. The first goal should have been saved any day of the week. What a clown league with clown players from US colleges. They don't know what real football is and the "fans" don't either r

  13. The referee of the match Inter Miami and Philadelphia didn’t give a card for the fault on Gomez and Allen. The MLS Federation should do something for this as an example for other referees.

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