Lionel Messi’s reaction as Inter Miami and NY Red Bulls fans chanted «we want Messi»

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Lionel Messi‘s reaction as Inter Miami and NY Red Bulls fans chanted «we want Messi»
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32 comentario en “Lionel Messi’s reaction as Inter Miami and NY Red Bulls fans chanted «we want Messi»”
  1. Pussionel Pessi 👻🐕🐁22/23 stats:

    15 apps (league)

    1 goal (1 in all comps)

    0 assist (0 in all comps)

    call his teammates rats because they dont give him free tapins for statpadding🏳️‍⚧️🥰🐁

    dives and begs for penalty even though he wasnt even in the box🐬 (he doesnt know soccer rules😹)

    garbage wc performance 😹

    0 goal🥶(w/o penalties and bribed goals🐬)

    0 assist (if the regs werent argentinian👍😂)

    0 motm (for scoring a penalty)😍

    penalty for every ko games🔥🥶

    got a penaltt against saudi arabia still lost🤥🤥🎶

    got his dogs to attack weghorst😭😭🐩

    ran to USA because he tought he can statpad there freely🥰🥰👻🍔

    got gangbanged by cincinnati fraudbusters✅🏳️‍⚧️🐁🥳🥳🎶

    hasnt touched a unrigged trophy in his fraud career🤑🤑🔥🐁😊

  2. Me and my friends just bought a new ouija board to test if some myths are real, we opened the board, put our hands together and asked "pessi are you real" it pointed towards yes, we then asked "pessi can you show us you are real" and it pointed towards yes again, we suddenly heard barking noises in the living room and went to investigate. We found out that all of our bottles, pens and dog foods were gone, it was almost as if a ghost dog invaded our house, the myth of the ghost of paris were true. Shame on you pessi for stealing our stuff !😡

  3. Pussionel Pessi career highlights 🔥🔥

    1. 6 goals in a single season 🐐
    2. Robbing and getting carried in 4 ucls 🐐
    3. Got kicked out by daddy Paporta and moved into infant's farm league 🐐
    4. Winning 50 mickey mouse trophies 🐐
    5. Destroying 2 clubs in France and the USA 🐐
    6. Winning nothing except for kindergarten's dog food after getting kicked by daddy Paporta 🐐

    Just Pessi things 🐐

  4. My pansexual son was asked to form a sentence with a word "Carry" on his zoom class earlier on today and he said "Pessi was carried by Iniesta and Neymar to his Mickey Mouse UCL" .He received a standing ovation. Children are our hope and I'm proud of the education system!

  5. Official Pessi playlists:

    -Carry me to UCL(ft. Xavi and Iniesta)

    -Ghostin' (ft. big matches)

    -Carried in Argentina (ft. Di Maria and Martinez)

    -The Kingdom of My Wrath (ft. Eibar and Bolivia)

    -Owned (by Ronaldo and Muller)

    -I need you (ft. Penalty and Farmers)

    -Bottled it (ft. Roma and Liverpool)

    -Dive after punch for glory (ft. Fabinho and Bribed refs)

    -mugging (ft. Lewandowski)

    -betrayal (ft. Retirements)

    – please give me a career (ft. Ronaldinho and eto'o)

    – damn you (ft. Laporta and pique)

    – please don't go (ft. Mbappe)

    – superman punch! (ft. Athletic Bilbao defender)

    – antidotes (ft. Eibar and human growth hormone)

  6. I was born and raised in EBAR. My grandfather used to tell me stories about ebarman, a ghost from Argentina that travels to Ebar when they are playing. He scores 6 goals and then disappears until the next Ebar game. I still have nightmares that he's hiding in our stadium.

  7. My 5 year old racist son was on a Zoom call with his class when the teacher announced something. She said that there was a new kid from Finland and he said that he was Finnish. My son replied "just like my idol Pessi". He got a thunderous applause and I cried tears of joy. Children are the future of the nation 😀😀😀

  8. capitalism for ya, how in the hell a league has inconsistent price tickets? in europe whether you have mbappe or neymar the tickets are all the same shit

  9. Don t hype a mid player like pessi he can never win u matches single handedly unlike cr7 carried al nassr😅😅😅cr7 adidas goat pessi abidas goat know the levels 🐐

  10. bro Messi was literally rolling & tumbling on the ground last match due to severe exhaustion. Please don't get him hospitalized like this!…

  11. I think their chants worked….. Because in the ideal world there is no reason for Tata to Messi subbed on…. And I think after these kind of chants Messi also wanted to play for few minutes…..

  12. It's not fair that clubs are allowing the price of a ticket to go up so high…People on lesser incomes will never get the chance to watch Messi, Alba and Busquets live.

  13. Benchaldog Fans Logic:

    -Creating Big Chances,Dribbling,Playmaking,Assisting Are Nothing But Scoring Tap-ins & Penalties Are Everything.

    -29 Goals In A Calendar Is More Than 91 Goals In A Calendar Yr.

    -Scoring Five Goals In One UCL Match By Tap-ins Is Bigger Than Scoring Five Goals By Solo Runs,Dribbling,Creating Big Chances.

    -Someone Doing Nothing In A UCL Final & Ghosting Is Better Than Someone Getting 10/10 Rating In A UCL Final.

    -34 Trophies Are Bigger Than 44 Trophies.

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