‘The MESSI MANIA will continue!’ Leagues Cup with Inter Miami is Messi’s 44th career title | ESPN FC

‘The MESSI MANIA will continue!’ Leagues Cup with Inter Miami is Messi’s 44th career title | ESPN FC Despus de mis cinco aos de experiencias de compra, camisetas de futbol La Liga tambin tendrn algunos problemas menores, pero estoy realmente satisfecho con la velocidad y los mtodos de procesamiento de sus servicios al cliente. Este sitio web es, sin duda, de camisetas de ftbol baratas y crebles para hombre, nios y mujer.

Sebastian Salazar and Herculez Gomez are joined by Luis Miguel Echegaray to talk about Lionel Messi and Leagues Cup champions Inter Miami after after their win on penalties vs. Nashville SC.

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  1. It's a cup not a title so that should be 44 career trophies, you can usually only win one title per season lol
    Americans trying to reinvent the wheel 😊😊

  2. So luis Miguel had a personal exclusive interview with Messi👀…if we are to follow Dans logic on ESPN FC then Miguel has now superseded all other reporters on ESPN FC

  3. When Sergio and Alba flank the GOAT it makes me emotional, they are the legendary trio who achieved everything together and I wish them all the happiness in the world. It is not even a debate anymore about the GOAT thing, Messi is infectious in a positive way for everybody around him.

  4. Messi has the biggest impact than any other soccer player in MLS history. Beckham had a good team, Intermiami as we all know is not. Now, players in this team have improved due to Messi

  5. 35 of them he won with Barca which are getting investigated for paying the chief of referee Negreira and co for over 20 years and when they are proven he will be sadly left with 9 😭

  6. Messi is playing against players who will never reach Europe or anywhere close to that. Its not a good look for the MLS that one player is dominating like this. MLS is not a strong league but that doesnt change the fact it's impressive what messi is doing.

  7. Great game!! The team actually came through for messi!! The ending was nailbiting!! Hilarious how the liga mx fans still hate watched this match!! 🤣 😂
    This match was WAY more entertaining and better than any liga mierda equis match!!

    Now lets see if they keep the momentum up to advance to the USOC final and also into the MLS playoffs!!

  8. Messi is truly the Greatest of all time.
    No disrespect to CR7 be he comes close second. Not on par.
    The things messi does is still mesmerizing. Age only took away his pace and thats it. His gameplay still remains 100%

  9. Remember guys, Messi went to the WORST team in MLS and made them champions in a month, being the best player of the tournament AND top scorer, all at the age of 36!

    There are some players that go to the best team in Saudi and end up losing their lead and subsequently lose the league.

  10. Only started watching the MLS since I moved to NA, I was surprised to notice how packed the stadiums are for most of the games not only Miami ones. It actually shows that there is a growing football interest in NA, which will help grow the game to new heights. Messi is definitely gonna change the MLS

  11. Messi is getting all the love and he should get this but the HERO of the Leagues Cup final is not him but the goal keeper for Inter Miami Drake Callender. He showed up big time during the penalty kick shootout and they needed every bit of it to win against Nashville.

  12. “The latin-american capital city of the world. More than 70 percent are latino or afro-latino”…. 😂😂😂😂😂 lol. Every other major city in latin-america may have almost a 100 percent of latinos and afro-latinos in them. But nooooo, since it’s not in the US, it’s not in our media world. Lol

  13. Messi is the best, the greatest, better than the best, he is better than Pele, Platini, Maradona, Alfreda, real magic on the field, the heart of a hero, he is one and only unique…

  14. The difference wasnt his happiness, the difference was the level of competition. He is still the best but physically he cant do a league, a tournament and a cup at the same time any more.

  15. Haters said that everything was fix for Messi to win the league cup Probably but look the quality of those goals tell do u know some one any body that can make those beautiful goal. Tell whl tell me😮😮

  16. Haters said that everything was fix for Messi to win the league cup Probably but look the quality of those goals tell do u know some one any body that can make those beautiful goal. Tell whl tell me😮😮

  17. What a manly man is Messi? He doesn't brag. He doesn't show. He needs to do nothing but play his game. He is just the hard-working best player in the world and wearing PINK. Got to love it!

  18. Luis Miguel, you're awesome, fantastic, and great soccer analysis. Your soccer prediction and words towards the greatest of all time [Lionel Andre's Messi] is incredible. You're special. I am a big fan of the G.O.A.T, and now I am a big fan of yours too. Thank you, thank you, and thank you for bringing updates of the G.O.A.T.❤

  19. Messi he is the best bootballer in the World getting all those titles that no other player did. Football its different from soccer interMiami is learning to play fooball now with Tata Messi ,Alba,Busque no punching not using elbows its ,a beautiful game when played with respect.❤ Messi fan where ever he plays ❤🇩🇰

  20. I was on a game PSG they were brutal with Messi mean to the bone. The french destroyed him insulted his family just for winning the world Cup.

  21. If you have followed at least a minimum of Leo's career, you have surely heard this: You don't take Messi off the field unless he asks for it. Messi wants to play ALWAYS. Each minute.

  22. People don’t realize this, but Messi never improved! That sounds crazy , nonetheless, it’s true. The guy played football the same way since he was able to walk. It almost looks like that Messi was programmed to play this way – he just can’t help it. Watch Messi’s dribbling skills when he was five! Out of this world.

  23. Luis Miguel: "He's been doing this he was 19 years old" Sorry but he's been doing his magic since he was 16 but I guess he started following him when got his 1st Ballon D'or

  24. With all respect to Nashville fans, if you’ve played for Barca against real in Madrid and for psg against Marseille then you are not gonna be intimidated by Nashville.

  25. For the greatest player in the history of the game to be this emotionally invested in a brand new tournament in a vastly inferior league after everything he has achieved in this game is incredible to me. As someone who is a huge fan of MLS, my country's league, and desperatly wants to see it grow, it actually makes me emotional. This will change everything for us.

  26. Messi humbled every opponent he got and in the end showed some humbleness too by giving yedlin the armband and trophy. How can you hate this guy just enjoy his last years ❤️🙏🏼 🙌🏽

  27. Lionel Messi's shortcomings are King of Goals King of UCL and the Best Footballer of the 21st Century is King Ronaldo and at PSG he is only King Mbappe's Servant and in the World Cup he is still under King Pele.🤣🤣🤣

  28. The "Messi" effect isn't just unique to MLS. There were two occasions where the Ballon d'or podium was just Barca players, the first time was with Messi, Iniesta and Xavi and the second time was with Messi, Suarez and Neymar. This is football heritage.

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