‘WITH Lionel Messi NOTHING is going to STOP Inter Miami’ – Jim Curtin AFTER Philadelphia Union LOSS

‘WITH Lionel Messi NOTHING is going to STOP Inter Miami’ – Jim Curtin AFTER Philadelphia Union LOSS Castore se ha dado a conocer en el mundo del ftbol trabajando con el Rangers, el Wolves y el Newcastle. camisetas de futbol Austin FC Castore se ha comprometido a utilizar sus innovadores diseos para proporcionar a los futbolistas la ropa necesaria para alcanzar su mejor nivel.

‘WITH Lionel Messi NOTHING is going to STOP Inter Miami’ – Jim Curtin AFTER Philadelphia Union LOSS.

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100 comentario en “‘WITH Lionel Messi NOTHING is going to STOP Inter Miami’ – Jim Curtin AFTER Philadelphia Union LOSS”
  1. He’s too nice. That’s why they lost. Gotta be more aggressive. When the GOAT comes to your league, you give him hell. Don’t let him walk all over you.

  2. inter Miami is the worst team in the entire MSL and Philadelphia lost only 1 game in the last 38 home games. And Coach is saying they were humbled by a good team. I guess the coach is saying they were humbled by Messi 🤣🤣

    This Inter Miami should not even be in the quarter-final without messi

  3. Cant remember listening to a coach being so direct and humble after a defeat. He deserve all respect, and a very good example on how to take a loss, no excuses, just facts. Hats off for Mr Curtin.

  4. He sounds like a nice guy, humble, and with a lot of ball knowledge. Philadelphia seem to have a really good coach. I can see why their record up until now has been so solid.
    Defending against Messi has always been a dilemma for every coach in Europe. You either respect him a lot, or you don't. Both options open up space at different parts of the pitch. Both of which he is a master at expoiting.

  5. Miami is not a good team yet. The presence of Messi, Jordi and Busquets is the reason why they are good offensively. Defensively, Miami is shit and they are yet to meet a team who will convert their chances. The players can't pass the ball, they can't hold hold the ball. Individually, they are below average. Miami will be a powerhouse when the other players are atleast within 50% of Messi's game knowledge.

  6. Like you said nothing can stop Messi. In Europe people tried to play dirty soccer for 15 years but they couldn’t stop Messi. He kept winning 7 Ballon d’Or. why did you play dirty soccer?

  7. This coach is one of the humble coaches in football, he has a very strong respect for his opponents, he doesnt talks down on anyone, even befire the game he already said with messi in Miami squad its gonna be a mountain for them to climb.

  8. He really screwed up the tactics for this game. You can't try to completely change the way your team plays without the players getting confused about what they were supposed to be doing on the field and losing confidence.

  9. this coach seems like a really good guy ngl. very articulate and respects those around him. that being said, I'm curious what he's like when he gets angry. or if even gets angry at his players at all. i mean, some players need a good scolding after a poor performance in the first half to get their acts together in the second half.

  10. Jim Curtin is awesome. Dude is so kind and always humble. Even back when Philly lost to LAFC he was all class about it. He doesn't have the best players, but he knows how to get results from them. Unfortunately, all these young guys against a couple of legends and a GOAT was too much for them. They were very out of character, but Curtin is all heart, respectful, and honest with himself and everyone. 🙏

  11. Man this is second time ive watched this coach speak and im a miami fan but i love this coach !!
    What a humble man and a great human.

  12. Just imagining if that was jose maurinho giving a pc. It would be at the other end of the spectrum! He knows its a better team that defeated them.

  13. this guy is really humble and i love how he handle a loss. He is an example for a top tier coach. He knows exactly what is wrong. This is the key for success and what i see last night is without alba messi and busquets it could be 5 – 0

  14. Keep up the good work coach Curtin, keep playing against Inter Miami and your level will go above . Messi the best 🔥🔥

  15. They focused more on Messi and suppliers of Messi's balls and passes

    Therefore, guys like Joseph Martinez and others score goals

    Inter miami coach is smart
    He knew Messi will be targeted therefore, he created other players to play forward and score

    Excellent effort coach🙏

  16. this couch respect well obviously from his player brutal tackles on Sergio Busk. plus J. Martines and on all of IM players specialy the first half ,,
    I think he is a liar,,

  17. Messi is more than just a player on the pitch, it's a system of games, Barcelona put it in place by Pep, Argentina ended up adopting it and putting it in place which allowed them to win the FIFA Cup. world and that's what psg failed to do to be European champions. the proof of the effectiveness of the messi system is today's intermiami❤

  18. That kind of ugly physical approach can only take you that far. A free-flowing team will always slay you. You wanna injure opponents and defeat them. Hmmm better take your players into the Octagon. They can probably get some table-wiping apprenticeship jobs at Donna White's Octagons.

  19. The thing about Messi that I have observed over the years is that he wins what he’s destined to win. It does not matter what you do as an opponent.

    Look at the World Cup… He just won it somehow. France and Netherlands almost had them.

    In short, if he’s destined to win this first trophy for Miami, he’s gonna win even if he has no shot on target. Man is def blessed

  20. This come as no surprise, every match against an MLS team is like training with a 6th divison team for Messi, you can tell he isnt even going all out when he plays.

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