American REACTS to Messi Longest Goal in MLS

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62 comentario en “American REACTS to Messi Longest Goal in MLS”
  1. I’m not taking anything away from the goal because it’s a great finish. But the goalkeeping was really poor. His positioning was all wrong and his reaction was so slow

  2. Like react to Al Nassr vs Al Hilal final.Recently CR7 has been receiving too much banter from everyone and he finally got to shine in this moment after such a long time of negativity.

  3. What crap goalkeeping at Messis goal🤣 almost like the keeper got payed to let it in🤔

    If you want to see great Long shots, take a look at Depays (Atletico Madrid player)goal he scored yeaterday or Medic (Ajax Amsterdam defender)the other day. Those are screamers where the goalkeeper had NO CHANCE of saving

  4. Bro plz react to some of Ronaldo's games like al nassr vs al hilal or smth. The MLS defenders are just absolute criminal they could have prevented so many goals but Messi is vey good still the defenders just emphasize it. The Messi content is kinda boring now not to say its bad, but I understand u might get hate for watching Ronaldo but keep doing what u doing man almost to 20k.

  5. Horrible defence. Cant hold the line of defence, if they knew when to close down on attacker and when not to, Philadelphia could have limited the goal conceded, maybe 2-1 loss

  6. The Miami 1st goal was shockingly bad goalkeeping though he's been paid to let a goal in. Where was his positioning? his starting position should be the edge of his area, so when the long pass is made he simply runs out and clears it. Also when he runs back to his goal he doesn't seem to know where the posts are, so he leaves a massive gap to score into. Regards the 2nd goal again amateurish goalkeeping, the goalie should be more out of his 6 yard area to narrow the angle, then it's much easier chance to save. Also when he conceded the 1st goal the goalie was smiling, almost laughing, what's all that about? Watched the game live, Miami were decent and played like a team unit thought Philli looked over respectful and kind of scared.

  7. Good morning Luke. I know you're following spurs this year and like usual for them, their season has started promisingly. They're surprisingly well drilled already and nobody expected that. Tifo irl just uploaded a video detailing why they'll be very fun to watch this season and perhaps you might want to give such a video a watch? Looks like they're gonna be making the most of a heavy transitional year.

  8. Getting Messi, Busquets and Alba has been a blessing for Miami. It's kinda obvious that getting 3 guys that know each other well and that still have 2 good years on them to play at the highest level would be a great improvement for the team, but still, it's impressive how they are showing the naivety of MLS defenders. This is going to be a great lesson for the MLS. Previously they got stars but from different teams that not always gelled well together, or where in their last legs as players, now? They got 3 former stars from one of the best teams ever, it's overkill. And everyone around them are obviously being inspired and rising to try and match their levels. Now they need a very good defensive player to also improve their defense.

  9. I would like to recommend this video for you to react: "Exactly How Good Was Ronaldo Nazario? Raymar Football" it helps you know more about some of the best players, there's one about Ronaldinho also, you should check it out

  10. MLS needs to send a memo around, demanding teams recruit better defenders. Since each MLS club is technically owned by everyone, that might makes this memo more acceptable.

  11. Messi might be the greatest player from all times . He checked all the boxes. With this being said:

    MLS is a farmers league . No offence . The mistakes that the teams make as a whole would never fly in the first 4-5 championships of Europe.

    Any MLS team would have a bad time even in the second leagues of the first 5 European leagues.
    I dare to say any MLS team would have big problems even in Eastern European championships .
    But hey… at least Messi enjoys himself and smiles. Something that I didnt really see during PSG era .

  12. You’d call it a “long-range goal”, “goal from long-range” or “scoring from a long shot/effort” but I can honestly say never heard it referred to as “a long goal”

  13. Messi has so far played maybe 20% of The game, 80% he is just walking "around" and making sure his team mates can shine. So, The shocking thing is, and why nobody Has watched The MLS, The level of The other teams and The whole league.
    You need To do some serious investments if you want Even a slightest chance To compete against any other football league. I really hope that The MLS and The teams sees The moment, cause it is now.

  14. I never seen Inter Miami before, I started with the first game of Messi, and, oh god, they were awful, like really awful, in passes, in defense, in positioning, in everything… then comes Sergio and Alba, the team can't catch the level at first, but in the last matches the team is so much solid and stable, they improved a lot in every game, I am talking about the whole team. Seriously, the difference between the first game and this one of this cup is a lot.

  15. the highlights flatter Inter Miami but honestly the Union had more shots, more shots on goal and had some really good offensive passages of play. But they just were not clinical enough and Messi and co. punished them on every opportunity.

  16. Philapdelphia was the best team last season of messis 14 Team conference and even reached the MLS final where they lost only on penalties. Man is this league shit when one world class player and two old former world class player (which show their class only in a few moments meanwhile) are enough to destroy one of the top teams of the league 😂😂😂😂

  17. This entire thing I feel has justified what I've been saying about the MLS for years, the level is sub English Championship and Americans are missing out on what football can be in terms of performance.

    Now that Messi and Busquets have brought top level European play to America it looks unfair.

  18. Hi Luke! I like your channel and enjoy your videos, ¿Do you have discord? Im Argentinian and i've played since 7 to 17 y/o in club, and the rest of the life just amateur for fun, i can explain to you a lot of things if you want. ¡Cheers!

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