Leo Messi provides another magical moment as Inter Miami beat FC Dallas | Hoch and Crowder

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MLS commentator, Chris Wittyngham, joins the show to discuss the continuation of Messi Mania last night and how the legendary #10 continues to exceed expectations.
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  1. Na, I love the detailed explanations of the guy in white. It's awesome to have a football expert talking about the greatness and monstrosity that is messi. Messi's dominance is one to reckon with❣️🐐. You never bet against him😁

  2. Messi is the best to ever do it. People complain about the level of defending but they forget he has been doing it against the best defenders in Europe for almost 20 years. Messi in his day can do it against any defender in Europe or in MLS dead or alive. He is that good. He is the GOAT 🐐

  3. GOAT can hit from anywhere. Foul any player, #10 shoots. He’s gonna make two a game 😂😂 Miami needs to ATTACK!!!! .. and get some defense lol

  4. One thing I'm not sure many Americans noticed was that when Inter Miami scored the 2nd goal Messi didn't run to the goal celebration. He started calling the players celebrating in their team to the midfield so the game was restarted ASAP. That's the most telling thing you'll find. He wanted to win and he believed they could do it.

  5. He already proves that can score more goals than anyone in 2012 when he scored 91 goals in a calendar year, more than Pelé, more than Maradona or Ronaldo. People can argue but thats the record and nowadays no one is closer to break that, and his 2 last years at PSG he took the role of playmaker more than a striker 🤷🏻‍♂️

  6. It's so funny seeing Americans start to get crazy over Messi, yet the rest of the world has been like this for almost 20 years. If they got the Barcelona Messi, the whole country would shut down 😂

  7. The difference between Messi and other players is that he has LITERALLY completed football. He has left European football without any regrets havign won Ballon'dors(7), golden boots(6), CL, and the World Cup. Also, the way he is being recived everywhere he goes in America is not the same as the way other players have been received. He's name is being chanted like a roman emperor.

  8. Messi having fun, is easy for him now that his greatest achievement and goal was the World Cup. Now he's playing free spiritually and all the weight is off his shoulders. Now it was expected that until the next season the Miami organization would have put in the additional pieces around the HIM to make them Championship worthy. But he's changing the script game by game and now they are right there to win the entire thing. For Messi I think now his mind is set in doing it Now. Unbelievable 😮😮

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