Is Lionel Messi Actually Autistic?

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100 comentario en “Is Lionel Messi Actually Autistic?”
  1. Wtf is with these armchair psychologists these days? Can’t people have different personalities without being diagnosed with some condition?

  2. Funny how the most marketable players usually are more inclined to having strange behavior lapses. Tiger famously didn't know shit about any holes he magically sank. Coincidentally Leo, Roger, Usain, Phelps, Serena, Rafa, Nole, Lewis, etc. all apeared on trans world sport.

  3. The one with taking the photo with the gorgeous lady is something that he has always done out of tremendous love and respect for his wife. He knows how photos can be tremendously misinterpreted and he doesn’t even open himself up to that type of scrutiny. He takes that approach to photographs with the majority females that ask him

  4. He is a greedy cheater and really nothing special. There are many other short legged players that are better than this hyped can of pepsi.

  5. messi might have a higher iq, he manages to solve complicated problems with the easiest move sometimes. maybe a hidden genius, someone should find out how he did in school.

  6. Would autism make someones achievements less legitimate, or make someone bad as a person?!

    I feel sorry for how people with autism seems to be stigmatized.

    As for Messi… he is the goat of football/soccer. And that’s the one thing that really matters about him.

  7. ‼️‼️Make this top comment please and thank you ‼️🙏🏼😌

    Bruh these videos crack me up because first of all they don’t even have evidence to back up of what they’re saying, and they get clips from the goals that they made and the poor defending that they do and they make them look bad I really hate these videos 😤🙄 and now they’re trying to say Messi is artistic come on brother get back into reality The first video of him flipping was because he was pissed that it didn’t go in that’s why he did that stop calling him artistic it’s not my fault that Crystal Ronaldo couldn’t live up to the World Cup so stop being salty that he won and give him ownership of what he accomplished last year

  8. There’s a lot of people who don’t land anywhere in the autism spectrum, but they act awkward… on purpose. For their own attention, to aggravate others, etc. Lots of videos on this.

  9. I’d 100%say he retarded who goes to psg and then America like you’re an aledged great of football and you end up in those joke leagues

  10. Shows 20 seconds of evidence for Autism
    7 seconds later “there’s no evidence of Messi being autistic” 🤣🤣

  11. No, he's a genius. And like all geniuses they think on a different level. And as far as the roll in the box, cmon ma, we all show disappointment in different ways. I've seen way more outlandish reaction from players that are barley a fraction of his skill.

  12. As a Ronaldo fan, it’s super uncomfortable watching people talk about Messi like this. Yeah he does awkward things, but so what? If a normal person does this people would probably chuckle and move on. But because a famous footballer does it, it’s automatically associated with a mental syndrome. Like stfu Apu from Simpsons

  13. I think if you had a camera on your face every day, at one point you would just give up and stop caring. He literally only cares about his family and doing his job, so he can go to his family

  14. He has Asperger’s. People with this syndrome are considered to be geniuses in what they focus on the most or what they love to do. In Leo’s case, it’s football.

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