Mateo Messi Copies Lionel Messi  Skills In Viral Video

Mateo Messi Copies Lionel Messi Skills In Viral Video Entre las tecnologas que destacan en nuestra tienda de camisetas de ftbol est la VaporKnit de Nike, utilizada en las camisetas del FC Barcelona, camisetas de futbol Tottenham Hotspur que ha sustituido a la emblemtica Dri-Fit, presente en las que ya son consideradas camisetas de ftbol vintage del Bara. Tambin podrs descubrir la tecnologa Heat.Rdy de adidas, o la Drycell de Puma, que combina con su Formstrip para conseguir el ajuste ideal.

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88 comentario en “Mateo Messi Copies Lionel Messi Skills In Viral Video”
  1. This child will do lots better if he does not get the attention that he is getting . To much fame leads to too much expectation , which in turn may lead to a burn out . Let him be , let him enjoy his childhood .
    Did we know Messi when he was this young !

  2. Thiago never really had that Passion for football but Mateo looks forward to it.. though I don't wanna create no hype.. I'm happy with Leo Messi.. the greatest of all time.. after his retirement I'll enjoy football without expectations.. since Leo has completed football

  3. This kid is amazing but please, comparing Messi to others is a curse. You can see what happened to those that have been compared to Messi. They didn't go anywhere. Just let Messi alone above everyone ❤

  4. This comment section are pretty chill then the video before because
    1.Good thing about Messi ✔️
    2.Not toxicity about Ronaldo ✔️
    3.related to this video ✔️
    W comment section
    Lemme tell u guys I'm Messi fan
    Ronaldo fan might be worse but the different video i watched about Mateo dribbling in the comments section our community don't say about Mateo they are just roasting Ronaldo even for Messi fan is hard for them to read the comment section without losing brain cells if u don't believe me here's the links

  5. It is a natural truth that a lion is born from a lion. But that lion was a lion that comes only once in 100 years. Don't expect too much from the child.

  6. Our Generation will take Messi as the greatest ❤
    But the following might get another influential. Those who were Pele's and Maradona's contemporary, they don't get influenced by CR7 or Messi. You know, it's about the contemporary…

  7. Honestly I'm not fond of these clips of little kids comparing them to other football players in general coz it puts alot of pressure in them, it's better to just let them grow and figure out what they want for themselves in the future rather than just forcing it on them.(This is my opinion so plz don't attack me on comments section)

  8. Ese niño no es Mateo Messi ya lo aclararon en otro video por favor no mientan así como hubo un solo Pele y un solo Maradona también hay un sólo Messi ❤

  9. The robot said "Ronaldo and Messi are two of the best players of all time". Please for love of football don't mention Ronaldo and Messi in one sentence. It is a disgrace. There are many players who can be like or better than Ronaldo but there will only be one Messi. Haaland will put Ronaldo in dust.

  10. Why are so many ppl in the comments still thinking it’s Mateo Messi when the narration in the video clearly states that’s not Mateo Messi?😂😂

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