Lionel Messi Is Playing On Easy Mode In MLS | Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz

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The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz talk about Lionel Messi‘s first start at Inter Miami with him scoring a brace in 22 minutes and how the game has looked ridiculously easy to him.

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25 comentario en “Lionel Messi Is Playing On Easy Mode In MLS | Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz”
  1. He hasn’t even played an MLS regular season match yet… and has only faced one MLS team… First game was vs. a Liga MX club…

  2. Wow… never played in MLS yet…he is playing leagues cup…and atlanta was gasping for air because of the temperature/humidity…

  3. It is needless to say that the eyes of the world is on the MLS now. All we need is that Ronaldo wants to join also with mbappe, zatlan and etc to make MLS even more popular world wide!!!

  4. Goes without saying how much value Messi has added to this league. I made a video comparing values of MLS teams and cannot believe what Messi has done for Inter Miami! I will definitely by paying closer attention to Inter Miami from now on. I might even buy a shirt!

  5. I believe that Messi was instructed not to overheat in order to keep the integrity of MLS and it’s level of play. Not to kiss ass and say Messi is the best and that he will dominate in this sport since I am a Messi fan, but he is actually that good and we see that in the later part of the game he decided to play more of a supporting player rather than the killer striker, making passes to Taylor and Martinez for them to make the goals.

    This way, it doesn’t seem like that MLS doesn’t have credibility for it’s difficulty. Then again, that’s just my opinion

  6. Nobody has been this good in this sport. Ever and in the whole world. So don't say "in America", that's riduculous. What u call "America" (USA) is absolutely nothing in this sport. U just still starting to learn, starting to comprehend.

  7. And the thing is that Messi is not yet 100%… he came from vacation and trained just for a couple of days with the new team… wait til is ready and the MAGIC will increase dramatically!!!!! MESSI G.O.A.T.

  8. So what you saying is that Messi wasn't dominating in PSG or La Liga he only dominating in Major League Soccer. Interesting! Wow, what an assassin thing to say.

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