Why Lionel Messi don’t speak English 😆😂😂

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100 comentario en “Why Lionel Messi don’t speak English 😆😂😂”
  1. Why should Messi speak English? How many English players speak Argentinian, Spanish or French? Especially if they've not played football in those countries.

  2. Good for messi, he never wasted his talents by going to play in english premier league


    Messi found out that no matter how much money psg has, it will never be like the club who brought his name into peoples homes.

  3. Messi may know English, but he is seen to be quite shy and doesn't like to hear himself speak that language. He is not known for being very outgoing and sociable, so I think it is more a matter of self-esteem and insecurity.

  4. Some people just dont like speaking english so what? He speaks as it is comfortable for him, he doesn't have to brag about languages foreign to his native language, he is far to superior in sport and life style to do such silly things

  5. Even moving to the United States he doesn't really need to learn how to speak English. Spanish is the second most common language in the United States and is spoken by a lot of the Southern United States. Miami especially

  6. Messi is a clever player and probably clever too for other things but he hardly did regular studies in his life. I doubt he can write Spanish correctly. Messi spent 20 years in Barcelona and never saw him speaking Catalan. Learning languages requires you to sit down and study to at least getting the basis on the first place. Some people are very scare to try themselves to learn and might think of themselves as not intelligent enought. Leo could be one of them

  7. I think Messi could unlock a bigger market if he took up English more seriously. CR7 did it to aplomb and I think his new adventure to Inter Miami spells his internationalisation.

    Pele himself was a great ambassador and his English was really good. I think Messi should follow suit and not walk in Maradona’s footsteps of being isolationist

  8. Neither do you speak English. Lionel Messi DOESN'T speak English because he was born in Argentina, where people speak Spanish; the second language in the world in terms of native speakers, after Mandarin.

  9. Es curioso que Messi diga podría hablar a "lo indio" cuando algunos indigenas hablan inglés mejor que él, aclaro no estoy criticando a Messi cuestiono al español. Funnily enough Messi says he could speak English as a Native Latin american indigenous person, while some of them surely speak English better than him. It is a horrible classist expression from Spanish, not throwing dirt on him.

  10. What about the native English speakers?, When are they going to speak another language? Why do we HAVE TO speak English?, honestly, annoys me a lot when I read or see videos like this one.

  11. When it comes to learning a language, the left side of the brain has traditionally been considered the hub of language processing. But new research shows the right brain plays a critical early role in helping learners identify the basic sounds associated with a language and HGH abuse affects this

  12. Latin American just like regular "US" Americans tends to be monolingual bc our countries they mostly have only major language. US is English and Hispanic America is Spanish, obviously. This is not Europe or Africa or Asia that bilingualism and more is most common

  13. that's no true! i'm from a very humbe place in Tucuman, Argentina and I can speak English. i just learned it. it was easy for me. but in the other hand i never learned play football. that's way they are football players and I am a languages' lover.

  14. I wonder if he will try to speak English publicly now that he's playing soccer in Miami! We don't care, we are just thrilled to have him here in USA to grow the game And the American league (MLS)

  15. the problem is the accent. The Southermost you go the harder it becomes to speak it properly.
    Mexico and Central America have no problem. In fact, English is generally part of their School Curriculum, there's a lost the fact the USA has a lot of Companies in those countries from all types of levels.
    From Mining, Textiles, Manufacturing, Production or just Customer Service.
    The more South you go, the less American Companies have taken over the Job Sectors. So, the less need to develop English skills from a young age.
    But that is changing, newer generations in Argentina can speak English better. Because their country has come to rely far more on American Aid than in the past.

  16. Choosing not to speak English does save Messi from having to deal with English media and petty pundits which have a tendency to ask pointless questions in order to catch the public attention.

    Look at how the English media always ask Messi’s national teammates who play in the premier league about “what’s he like and such”. Thank god he doesn’t speak English in public.

    Imagine having to deal with Gary Neville or Graeme Souness.

  17. ¿Por qué tendría, Messi, aprender el inglés? No ha jugado en la Premier, sino en La Liga y posteriormente en la liga francesa. En todo caso se le podría reprochar no hablar francés, pero dado que la mayoría de su equipo, incluído el entrenador (Poccetino) hablaban español, no lo vio necesario. Ahora él se muda a Miami, ciudad llena de hispanoparlantes. Sus mejores amigos o son españoles o argentinos. ¿Para qué querria aprender inglés? A los anglos se les ha subido el ego y, igual que los rusos en las exrepublicas sovietivas, quieren imponer a todo el mundo su puta lengua.

  18. Messi will stay in Miami like forever, his american english will be developed.

    It is only about the accent of the people in your commnunity.
    Like it or not ameican english is the easiest english to hear

  19. Una suerte de entender a Messi todos los días, y estos pejes quejándose de que no habla inglés haha you should learn Spanish then fools, he doesn’t need that crap from you, messi’s doing very well already. 😊

  20. Football players are just usually not very smart people. A lot of them, including Messi himself, already barely speak spanish, they are really, really bad with words and have the vocabulary of a 10 years old.
    I myself am a poor south american 21 years old, and have been speaking english perfectly almost 4 years now, and i learned by exposure to the internet, never studied. Eduction and intelligence are two very different and mostly not even related things.

  21. kinda true what people says, why should they learn English and not people learning other languages to understand them? I'm not a native English speaker by the way.

  22. He understood the question when the interviewer asked in English. There probably was never a need for Messi to be fluent in English because he never played for an English club. Not knowing English is not really a big deal as some people make it out to be especially when you speak one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Only a minority of the English and American people are bilingual.

  23. He can speak and understand english, however, he just feels awkward speaking broken english. maybe just conscious that people will make fun of his accent and grammar. but whatever, he has everything so yeah.❤

  24. Theres absolutely no problem with speaking only 1 or 1 and a half language. The world is already very complicated we need to work so have to survive. And also english is not the main language of the world

  25. If you grow up speaking English it seems like a fine language, nothing complicated. But, once you try to teach it to someone else who grew up speaking a different language, you realize how ridiculous it is. Sometimes it feels like there are more exceptions to the grammatical, spelling, and pronunciation rules than there are ones that follow the rules. And when they ask you WHY that word doesn't follow the rule you realize you have no good explanation.

  26. It is widely known in Europe that people from the U.S. for the most part speak only one languague: English. Latin Americans similarly speak only one language for the most part: Spanish. We in the Americas do not have many neighbord countries that speak different languages as you Europeans do. So, it is not very common neither is it necessary to learn many other languages.

  27. Because is ignorant . Is a genius with a ball but in terms of lerninb a new language ( making an effort at least ). He doesnt gove a fuck. At the end spanish its like second international language . Even at florida he will jave mostly of his team mates speakig spanish …….

  28. Maybe instead of him having to learn. The people who don’t come from humble beginnings should learn Spanish since they have the resources to?

  29. SEE, Messi and Ronaldo are acquaintances and friends BUT lameass "fans" troll around hating on each of them and hell, even goes to comment sections trolling acting "cool" and even create FB and IG Pages about trolling these 2… you guys don't have a life???

  30. It tends to be players from South America rather than Spain or Portugal, I suppose they grow up in a very Latin world. I always wondered if there was a political reason for Messi however.

  31. Latin Americans aren't the only ones who struggle with second languages. A lot of the US education system doesn't have required second language courses in schools like how Europeans learn English. You can take an elective course, but they usually don't start until high school and it's harder to retain

  32. Arrogancia anglosajona en su maxima expresión…. Messi es el mejor del mundo y nunca habló inglés, eso es prueba suficiente de que no es necesario.

  33. Ronaldo lived and worked in England for several years. Messi has never lived or worked in an English speaking country. (until joining Inter Miami) So there’s been no reason for him to learn English.

  34. I think it has to do that no English speaking nation is near/in South America and that USA/UK are not popular there.

    A football player from South America mostly go to Portugal, Spain or maybe Italy.

  35. Messi grow up in Spain and in Spain English is dead not a single thing speaks English local tv everything is in Spanish till this past years English became a thing in France and Spain south America Also English is not a thing

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