Ronaldo or Messi? | ft. Grealish, Neymar, Mbappe 2023

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Ronaldo or Messi? | ft. Grealish, Neymar, Mbappe 2023

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100 comentario en “Ronaldo or Messi? | ft. Grealish, Neymar, Mbappe 2023”
  1. it pisses me off when people just say messi is good because of his natural talent as if he doesnt work as hard as the next best players. Just because he doesnt pose for pictures of himself working in the gym for insta doesnt mean hes at home eating cheetos laying on his couch. He has great stamina and looks fit all the time. He shows up to nearly every single training session with his team and works out with his team as well. He works extremely hard to get where he is it isnt only talent.

  2. How can that even be a debate? Messi is the best scorer, assist provider and dribbler in the world, at the same time, for the past 15 years. I don't have words to express the way he handles the ball. Cristiano has been truly amazing throughout his career, but he is not as complete.

  3. You can put Messi at the top, being the best player of modern history. But, I would choose Cristiano for my team, because I know he will deliver every single time.

    Also, most people thinks Cristiano is arrogant, but he is very kind in real life. See how was the mentality and posture of Kobe Bryant, Senna, and all the greatest athlete.

  4. I am the fan of both! But as they say talent is waste without hardworking that's why I prefer messi! But as a boy without much talent and get success when I work hard, I prefer ronaldo! For me both are same!

  5. If you notice the people who said Ronaldo either played with him or we’re rivals of Messi’s nation/club

    The people who voted messy were mainly defenders, who played against him😂

  6. I swear it doesn't matter for me who choose Ronaldo I will always always support him he is my goat the reason to love real Madrid 😶‍🌫

  7. I sense that most people who would answer Ronaldo are those who have close ties to him – his manager Alex Ferguson with "he's my boy", close teammates like Sergio Ramos, and Rashford who grew up watching him as an idol "always Ronaldo". And that totally makes sense being so close to him and that translates with Messi's close ties too. But I feel as if most of the world would probably agree that Messi is the best ; either out of having played against him or having watched him, he's just impressive and the best words to put to his name are only the ones that can be put together by the sum of each individual speech on his football

  8. just a bernardo said ronaldo dosent need to prove tht he is GOAT , most of em who hv voted messi has played against ronaldo and has lost against him so ofc they hate him even the one of the greatest there is pele has also said ronaldo is j built different its clear y he gets so much hate , everyone has to accept the fact that ronaldo is the one and only greatest player to play football ever.

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