‘I’d never seen anything like Lionel Messi’ – Fabregas relives rare clips from Barca academy | MESSI

‘I’d never seen anything like Lionel Messi‘ – Fabregas relives rare clips from Barca academy | MESSI Lisas, estampadas, con personajes… No sabemos cules son sus preferidas, pero en Sprinter te ofrecemos la mejor seleccin de camisetas para nio: camisetas de futbol Eslovaquia un comodn imprescindible para el armario de los ms pequeos de la casa en sus das de colegio, deporte o de planes divertidos con amigos.

Former Spain international Cesc Fabregas describes being out-skilled by a young Lionel Messi when the pair met for the first time at Barcelona’s youth academy ‘La Masia’.

The BBC‘s new Lionel Messi documentary ‘Messi’ is streaming now on iPlayer: i


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‘I’d never seen anything like Lionel Messi’ – Fabregas relives rare clips from Barca academy | MESSI
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100 comentario en “‘I’d never seen anything like Lionel Messi’ – Fabregas relives rare clips from Barca academy | MESSI”
  1. artist and magician and effective to, assister, dribbler, brilliant touch, goal scorer , freekick scorer, game generator, plyamaker does it all. Really Good to live in the day and age that I got to see Lionel Messi, play for 12 years. And hes something else theres no doubt about it. Thank God for the players that still play this beautfiul game the way it should be and also effectively. Lets love honor and protect our inner child and express our true self authentically thats who I am and I love futbol , and futbol is game, that were suppose to win, and being good at it and skilled at it, and technical at it, and reading it well will help us be better… Yes to art and effectivity…. no to cherry picking and penalty tap ins …. Wohooo Joga bonito

  2. 2:14 this is something I feel is never talked about. NO PLAYER IN HISTORY has been fouled, kicked, attempted to kill as much as Messi. And now People want to act surprised he isn't as fast anymore and has clearly shown down???lol. I'm surprised he wasn't done by 30 years old with the way they been kicking since he was still a little teenager….

  3. I remember seeing him play in the U21 Argentina in Holland. I’m his age so I remember seeing him play for the first time and thought who is this kid. Unbelievable. He wasn’t even that known internationally I think or maybe I wasn’t aware but what an incredible moment. I knew that kid was special. I remember it like yesterday

  4. I’m a huge Man Utd fan and a huge CR7 fan. So of course I love Ronaldo more than Messi. But deep down I always knew Messi is the best.

  5. I live in Barcelona and happy to say I went to see him play a few times and pretty much saw most matches during that period because I worked in a sports bar. Phenomenal talent. To be at that level of quality, way above everyone in a team of excellent players and week in week out do the business on the pitch. Amazing.

  6. I see alot people play ball like messi in my place where they drible pass the other without derection within 20 mins they will stop and take a rest with a pack of cigarrate 😅 and a bottle of cold coke or fanta 😅 i guess that better than messi

  7. Greatest of all time. He isn't just a great scorer like CR7 but a great playmaker, passer of the ball and team player. He is a beast with a mamba mentality but that side isn't seen coz he isn't as vocal and a PR person

  8. Regardless of the debate of who is the GOAT, can we just got a moment celebrate the consistency of both Messi and Ronaldo. They have done something that has never been seen in world football, other greats came and went, peaked for a couple of years and faded. These two were week in, week out, year in year out for well over 10 years, it's unheard of.

  9. Talking about stats you can bring ronaldo in this conversation.
    Otherwise if we are talking about pure natural talent messi is lightyears ahead.
    Coming from a guy that admire both of them.

  10. And yet on the world stage when facing real teams and real players (not kids , or in some short video well edited to make him look more talented than he is ), in every world cup he has been pathetically bad, uninspiring,and boring …overrated? Yes absolutely..he will never come close to Maradona ..ever

  11. He is good, even a contender as the best ever, but he's not so much better than all the other greats, in fact I don't think he's better than Pele or Maradona, and Ronaldo gives him a run for his money. But what surprises me the most is the herd like nature of people, their adulation in the comment section is just ridiculous.

  12. One simple method he applies is that he doesn't fall in a heap the first time someone touches him.
    Defender and gialie thinks the play will stop with the committed tackle and it doesn't.

  13. since these past months the British media started this shit against Cristiano and tried to wipe out his career, they’re so clever and are moving focus towards Messi, and the sad thing is that Messi didn’t do shit for British sport Ronaldo did, but now the media hate him and want to tarnish his legacy!!! of course Favrigas is going to applaud Messi cause he was at Barcelona, wtf is wrong with media why are they so keen to ruin Ronaldo!??? that’s my question!! at the end of the day they can’t do shit but this shows how corrupt the media is

  14. The biggest difference you see with 95% of players is that with age and experience their playstyle changes a lot depending on the team and league etc but Leo when he was 14-15 in those clips and now at 35 play almost identical and people still can’t stop him. Ofc he is slower now so can’t outrun defenders like the old days but he’s able to use his deadly passing to help others more. This is the definition of just unreal god given pure talent where he hasn’t really adapted his game at all, it’s the exact same and just altered it now due to physical limitations. That’s my GOAT 🐐

  15. Undoubtedly among the three best players of all time, but, yep, there's always a but, as a treatment for hgd, he received HTH a treatment that is banned from sports unless really needed by the athlete, the question is, how much does that treatment help messi to perform the way he does?? Hmmmm

  16. 2:21 (looks so much stronger) LOL Its called Prototype HGH Project Barcelona ! i know how HGH works YOU DONT ! so its basicly like a CHEAT CODE its no skill all HGH the END most athletes elite athletes is ON SOMETHING thats why they are where they are ! BUT not all use so its just fair if Messi is injected with kilos of HGH through his career that everyone else has the same opertunity, = allow steroids/hgh/drugs and lets see what the quicker bigger guys will do , there would be no MESSI, they would DEMOLISH him, PS HGH does WONDERS TO YOU MIND ALSO, its like heroine with out the side affects , lmfao who misses family or friends in that state ? U NO ONE, why does no one tell the TRUTH ? seems ppl hate truth today and love IDOLOTRY BIG TIME and of course that mother fucker needed to increase the idolotry by SLEEPING with his Golden Calf and then he is always talking to that Catholic Pagan god wich is in reality SATAN , Messi is NOT CHRISTIAN ! , Get saved 1 cor 15 1-4 kjv accepted by faith alone to get saved ,GOD doesent want your shjitty works he did it all for you on the cross = Blood sacrifiece plus ressurection its a gift you need to accept it by faith or you will perish (jesus is GOD in the flesh)

  17. I hate to be melodramatic, but anyone who argues against Messi being the greatest player of all time – the greatest all-around talent (especially considering his level of competition!) – is out of their minds or just doesn't understand soccer. Sorry, football.

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