Messi’s FIFA World Cup 2022 | Argentina beat Croatia | Pundits Gary Neville, Ian Wright & Roy Keane

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71 comentario en “Messi’s FIFA World Cup 2022 | Argentina beat Croatia | Pundits Gary Neville, Ian Wright & Roy Keane”
  1. Everybody has is own opinion.
    For me the most Complete and Spectacular football player of all time,is without a doubt Cristiano Ronaldo.
    PS: And"new" FIFA is showing her true colors again.
    Best player of Qatar world cup : by Far,Mbappe .Winner : messi. But again,history repeats itself. In the 2014 World Cup,Best player : by Far Muller. Winner,Messi.
    Its a trend that is very hard to miss.
    FIFA. Bad Deeds Die Hard.

  2. Only another question.
    Why Ronaldo his the most Recognizable Sportsman in the world,for many years now..???
    Can anyone tell me why…???
    I know,like everybody knows,but the truth sometimes its like a Pill hard to swalow.

  3. Messi’s physical strength is unmatched. He’s a small guy but if you see his game you cannot make him fall unless you hit him in his legs or hold him down tightly. Watch “physically the strongest player in the world” of Messi. You will have idea of his strength.

  4. "This has probably come as bit of a pleasant surprise" no not to people who watched him this season with both PSG and Argentina, we knew Messi was in a great form leading up to the WC and he just went on to another level and delivered the only trophy that alluded him for so many years.

  5. Messi gave his assist without looking here. And also in the best assist of the world cup (against the Netherlands). He is on an intuitive level. First he measured Guardiol and then he attacked him, he did the same thing with several defenders in other games. Of course he is superior to others and can be called a "genius". From 🇦🇷👍🏼🍻

  6. crazy thing is; Gvardiol is 20 yrs old, Messi was already playing at Barcelona when Gvardiol was born 😂, when Gvardiol was 2, Messi was playing in the first team😂

  7. I wish these so called pundits were not ex manU player so that they can openly admit Penaldo can’t do 10% of Messi. They spend hrs discussing about 1 man, Messi and says penaldo is better than Messi. I mean, is there no Shame in them

  8. I was able to witness this magical moment in person and only 3 rows away from it and what can I say it was beautiful! 🇦🇷⭐️⭐️⭐️

  9. Talent is nothing without hard work,and Messi has both!.While he is not like 12 years ago,his talent do helped him now.that why his acceleration still there.he maybe not like in 2009-2012 speed,but he still have it because he was born with it.when we aging our body will not the same,but someting that remain the same is the one thing taht we born with.Long Live the G.O.A.T

  10. ItS tHat aRm. The others are talking about the intelligent ways in which Messi unbalances defenders, draws them in, etc. Gary's football IQ (at least when he talks about it) is a joke lol.

  11. The one commentator said it’s a bit of a surprise that he would do this today, but hasn’t done it in champions league? Lol 😂 that’s because champions league teams don’t have the level of competition that the Argentinian national team have That’s where Messi shines his best and his true genius comes out. Messi is a magician wizard 🧙‍♀️🇦🇷⭐️⭐️⭐️

  12. Hope am never too late. But Psg didn’t get how potentially Messi can give all his got. Provided. :1) no ego should ever played among team member, stars included.
    2) team should admit that as soon they work around Messi, the better the outcome be.
    PSG should take the cue on this Argentina team and Barcelona team especially under Pep Guardiola. That is the key, IMHO!

  13. seems like no one noticed it but these move by messi reminded me of the old messi. that old barca 2010 messi where he wasnt a complete player but was able to do the simple things, the direct style of play and do it well. he used pace and agression which was the old messi. it always worked!

  14. Everytime i watch a messi game i always say just give it to messi, something always happens.. if every team played for messi like that Argentina team did god only knows how many trophies hed have… that Argentina team were like animals for him excellent brilliant team that fought for the best of all time

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