Lionel Messi is The King of Football

Lionel Messi is The King of Football Comprar camisetas de futbol baratas tailandia 2022 2023, camisetas de futbol Pachuca venta de nuevo chandals de equipos de futbol.

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  1. People forget quickly. It's a long way for Haaland and Mbappè to reach Messi's level and personally I don't think they will ever reach it.

  2. Messi took home EVERY SINGLE TROPHY at EVERY TOURNAMENT he played in. What more is the to say aside from Him being the BEST & GREATEST PLAYER OF ALL TIME? 👑🐐🏆

  3. The "Anti-Messi", take advantage of any opportunity to defame Messi's masterpieces, now it turns out that Halland's goals are better than Messi's, one thing is to dribble around the entire defense and score a goal with a pipe against the goalkeeper and another thing is to simply push it.

  4. Este video ya lo vio pele(r.i.p.)..seria maravilloso q lo vieran ..lewandosky…halaand..benzema..mbpape..y solo puedan hacer el estas genialidades…!!!salve.salve REY LION.

  5. The diffrerence between Messi and all other great palyers (including Mbappe, Haaland adn Neymar) are not only the ability of scoring goal, but also how the goal is made. Messi makes it look so simple, so easy, effortless, very cool and stylish. Remember 5 goals he made to Bayern Leverkusen with very high quality finish, compulsory and beauty without any penalty Messi is once again truly greatest of all time both as footballer and footballing artist who treated field as his canvast. Messi el mejor futbolista de todos los tiempo .

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