Stephen A. was SHOCKED to hear this about Messi 😂 #shorts

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Stephen A. was SHOCKED to hear this about Messi #shorts

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98 comentario en “Stephen A. was SHOCKED to hear this about Messi 😂 #shorts”
  1. Lmao he thought he had more ig followers than Messi ? And he believed that, this really show how Americans have zero knowledge about anything outside country 🤦🏾‍♂️😂

  2. I still find it absolutely hilarious how ignorant Americans are about the rest of the world. No offense btw to any Americans who might read my comment.
    Still, the US only has 329 million inhabitants, while the entire planet consists of 8 billion people. The world simply does NOT revolve around the US like Americans seem to assume.
    Messi is legit the most popular person alive right now (with Ronaldo), and every single celebrity you can think of isn't even in the same planet. SAS brought up how Messi is a superstar in "Europe". No, man. He's THE superstar (with Ronaldo) in the WORLD. Look at how the Chinese welcomed him recently in Beijing. The entire city was swarmed with millions of people dressed in Messi jerseys. Likewise, when he won the World Cup, dozens of cities around the world went nuts during public viewings (there is a nice video here on YouTube that has a compilation of all the worldwide celebrations). Then there's his gigantic fanbase in India (and cricket is their #1 sport, mind you), Bangladesh, Indonesia, parts of Africa, all of South America… it simply isn't just Europe at all. Messi is so famous that you can literally ask who he is to an Arab camel herder, a Nepali farmer, a villager from Papua New Guinea or a Thai fisherman, and they WILL know (meanwhile, they won't know Kylie Jenner, Rhianna, Tom Brady and so on).
    Again, it's hilarious how unaware many Americans are. Football/soccer is the world sport and sits at 4 – 5 billion followers. It's almost as big as cricket (#2), basketball (#3) and hockey (#4) combined. Messi has ruled that sport for almost 20 years. It really is no wonder that he's as popular as he is (same with Ronaldo). It wouldn't be an exaggeration at all to call him the modern-day equivalent of the Beatles or Michael Jackson when it comes to popularity. Heck, he might be bigger than they ever were.
    I can't get over how SAS seriously thought that Messi has only 5 million followers on IG 😂…

  3. How is still america not understanding that their sports are NOT amywhere near as popular in the world compared to european football? And that is FOOTball, not the american rugby wanna be thing…

  4. Over 5 millon people asisted just for the celebration of the world cup in Buenos Aires 😂😂😂😂. Messi is known in over 200 countries

  5. MLS isn’t G League. It was 5 years ago, but Soccer has and is becoming severely popular and more money going into especially with more Teams and players from South, Central, Northern American Countries.

  6. Great to see screaming race smith get humbled like he should be. Race baiting wanker. Messis great great great grandkids are more famous than screaming race smith is, and they won’t be born for years.

    Also, in 6 weeks we all know this idiot will be claiming to be messis best friends

    ‘I know Leo very very very well, he walked past me once and stared at my hairline, so that means we are very close friends, I am so so so proud of this brother’

  7. Lol. The almost universally acclaimed GOAT of football.. do you know how hard that is? Given how many people and countries play football. Yes it’s a big deal.

  8. Steven A you're a few years older than me I've been following you since your early years as time went on with popularity you're obviously your head got big… And don't get me wrong in the US you're very popular but internationally come on man….i mean….. C'MON MAN !!!

  9. Bro these American analysts need to stop commenting and talking about football (soccer). Those guys (Messi and Ronaldo) are on a league of their own and no American athlete comes anywhere near them.

  10. 😂😂😂 becareful when talking about the goat. US is just a small fraction of the world. Here in Ghana as in the case of most African countries, football as you call it soccer is on top of all the sports. I got to know about you after I started following the NBA for about some few years now. Messi is a global icon and also mostly considered the 🐐. MJ is the only NBA player who MIGHT come close to his fame.

  11. There’s no way he knows much about Messi if he though he would only have 5-6m followers, what sport does he even cover lol. From the uk watching him just seems like he chats 💩 about some of the best athletes there is in every sport lol

  12. Americans are stupid thinking Mj is more known than Messi and Ronaldo. America is the only legitimate country that they aren’t the most popular

  13. SAS shouldn't be surprised haha Football is more popular in the rest of the world, so of course Messi and Ronaldo all have a crazy amount of followers on SM

  14. Stephen a Smith is the most overrated broadcaster in the entire world I can't believe ESPN give him such a platform considering he has never played a sport in his life and is close to being the biggest narcissistic fool on the planet. But lucky for him that spots reserved by his good friend skip Bayless💯😂

  15. The fact that he thought Messi only had a million more followers than him really shows how little he truly understands about the immensity of football. That’s why he stopped covering it. But now he will cover it again with Messi’s arrival and act like he knows it all, acting so superior towards his audience, which he regards as even more clueless than himself.

  16. you know in Argentina they started to name streets after that mans name…football/soccer is religion in south america,leo messi is kinda the goat

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