Lionel Messi – The King of Dribbling – HD

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Lionel Messi – The King of Dribbling – HD


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Lionel Messi – the best skills, dribbles, runs, tricks, nutmegs, the king of dribbling.

Music: Machinimasound – Battle of the Titans Extended

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  1. There must be a magnetic area on his feet. Otherwise, how can it be possible to keep the ball? I really cant understand that. The ball is sticked to him.

  2. Neymar dribbling against 6 Juventus players in tight spaces in one go and then scoring goal and to more 5 player in one go dribble of neymar i don't remember are so underrated those were actually amazing

  3. I understand now why Messi is the king, the Goat of Football, when Ronaldo or Mbappe are strong in 1V1, Messi can only be stopped in 1V5, and I like so much his simple dribbling skills… His the best, the first, the 🐐

  4. Messi is so good at dribbling cus of his control over the ball and body fainting, he mastered both of these to an alien level thats why he can do that

  5. Messi did so many combination drills taught in Ball Mastery programs, it just a matter of identifying the moves and tricks. He just has a different repertoire of compared to Neymar, Ronaldinho CR7..
    He did the "Maradonna Turn", "The Cruyff", his favorite combos are croquette slides with sidestep pushout, which are precursor pattern moves to the scissors and step overs..
    He did L moves, pull push, pull-in pushout, double sidestep pushout, and does lots of cut in then push forward, or combo of a cut in, sidestep feint then croquette slide..
    There's nothing simple in those, these type of moves require tons of repetition to master, as individual moves, then to creating combination moves of his choice. And combined with running, sprinting, lateral agility, quick stops, hops, quick change of direction and timing of his passes as well as parrying the opponents and arm control as he puts opponent at arms length away to create space..

  6. Miglior dribblatore?
    Si vede che guardate il calcio da meno di 10 anni.
    Migliori di Messi ci sono stati, senza dubbio:
    George Best
    Fatevi una cultura

  7. who comes up with that he dribbles against 11 lol , v4 s barely happen thats why you have like 4 of them only throughtout 1000 games so dont post garbage like that cuz thats not true . in fact he has like 2 solo goals against 5 players only 2 in 1000 games goes to show that what you re saying is retarded and also that is very difficult to do is not like he dribbles 11 players every game when is2 or 3 but not even the 2 or 3 happen all the time , theres games where he dribbles past 1 a few times example france in the final it wasnt until the 90 th min that he dribbled past 2 but this ppl talk garbgage like every ball he grabs he dribbles past 11 lool

  8. I watched first 5 minutes. Didn't see much great dribbling. Some dribbling of 1 or 2 opponents but then the ball is lost or fouled. BTW, beating an opponent by speed is NOT dribbling to me (this video has those moments). I don't see where he dribbles 3 or 4 opponents. The video claimes Messi dribbles all 11! If this is Messi's best, then I must say Ronaldinho was much better dribbler. And I have seen even better players.

    No need to reply. I like Messi, CR7 and watching football for long time. So, especally if you are below 30 please refrain from responding. After all, opinion is like asshole – everyone got one – right?

  9. Messi the best dribbler because he never give up he just goes after the ball and continue even when u think he’s can’t get out that situation

  10. Sorry bin messi Fan aber muss zugeben im Vergleich der bekanntesten viedeos über das dribbiling von mess und Ronaldo ist Cristiano Ronaldo deutlich besser was mich verwundert ich weiß das mir hier keiner zustimmen wird aber in diesem Video habe ich messi ungefähr 20 mal denn Ball verlieren gesehen mit unnötigen dribblings sorry aber selbst als Messi Ultra muss schon sagen das die got Debatte schon seit einigen Jahren sinnlos ist ungefähr seit 2009 naja dafür ist unser Liebling Mess wenigstens die Nummer 3 es gibt ja noch den Tomas so ich möchte bitten das man mit ernstzunemenden Kommentaren oder Kritiken mir antwortet eurer Nico Lmessi 10

  11. As a ronaldo fan, Messi has a great technique and explodes when running, the cut and turn, the v move, the body feint,is perfect in a 2v1 or 1v1 situation!!

  12. People think that Messi just runs with the ball, that's easy, etc. Actually Messi mastered the basics of football at such a level the basics are just enough. And this is what legends do. They don't use hundreds of dazzling skills. They just master the basics. Pele, Maradona, Best, Cruyff, you can watch the dribbling of these players and you will see they don't use any skill moves just the basics of dribbling.

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