馃毃 FULL REACTION 馃毃 Lionel Messi is set to join Inter Miami CF in the MLS 馃槺 | ESPN FC

FULL REACTION Lionel Messi is set to join Inter Miami CF in the MLS | ESPN FC Encuentra la mejor seleccin de camisetas de ftbol y camisetas de futbol Napoli de los equipos en Sprinter y disfruta ms que nunca de tus partidos y entrenos.

The ESPN FC crew reacts to Lionel Messi officially announcing that he has decided to move on to Inter Miami in the MLS after spending 2 years with Paris Saint-Germain.

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  1. This is HUGE for soccer fans in the USA and for the Latino community in Florida. Moreover, this is a BIG win for North America and South America 馃帀

  2. this is the end of MLS…
    Beckham is so win-greedy that he will bring 4 former Barca players with multiples of silverware to Miami to just slaughter the league, raise rates, payscales and prices, and put pro soccer out of reach.
    Congrats David Beckham.
    Guess I'll start watching bassmasters.

  3. Personally I agree with Messi's decition : I'd rather play in the USA and earn $5 than playing in saudi Arabia and earn $500

    Why play in a camel League among part time construction workers 馃し馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀

  4. I've noticed most sports programs don't really mention this: Inter Miami has the biggest futbol hinchada (ultras) in the USA, of course leaded by Argentines. So Messi will also have that feel of a crowd singing a bunch of Argentine songs that he already knows, just for him.



  6. Messi is clever, he knows the WC is in US, he will build a fan base for ARG and he will travel far less for WC qualification games

  7. This could be a huge deal for US soccer in the long run. The excitement for the sport in this country has been on a steady incline but messi being here will make it a must see for a lot of otherwise casuals

  8. Messi is in a moment of his life that he will not accept anymore haters. If he goes to Barcelona he will still having a lot of cules fan hating him if Barca do not win every match it play. Same happened in PSG

  9. PSG fans in France are french people. Messi presence is the reminder that they've lost world cup last year. There's no better explanation to treat Messi the way they did. I can't say french people and psg fans don't like football so this is my point about Messi time in France. Definitely a waste of Messi's time in France.

  10. This is totally a marketing/branding move and it鈥檚 a smart one that works mutually for all parties involved. The US has more sponsors and a 鈥渄eeper鈥 market than Saudi Arabia. Beckham鈥檚 move to LA Galaxy secured his spot in American pop culture, and he has remained a popular icon still to this day.

    The Saudis may have offered him an extraordinary lump sum to be apart of their vanity project, but the Americans are offering longevity and perpetual recognition鈥攚hich is an invaluable capital. This will also boost the popularity of football in America significantly.

  11. It's about family, hardware, relevancy, and legacy. He's making a Beckham move. MLS is the fastest growing soccer league in the world. He has a percentage of ownership in Inter Miami and has a chance to start his own MLS team. Everyone's talking checkers while Messi is playing chess. He'll go back and retire at Barca like Henry did at Arsenal.

  12. QUALITY OF LIFE! I guess he never visited Saudi are you out of your mind you can talk about everything except quality of life.

  13. My hope is Messi will see this as a 4 year project where he puts a finishing touch on his legacy as the goat by somehow bringing up MLS to a top 5 league level and a curtain call during the next world cup

  14. Lionel Messi is the greatest to ever play the beautiful game he has the awards all of them has the money hes here for the large amount of Argentina and hispan铆c culture that Miami also has to offer, he never learned French at this point he just want to live life with his family and play football not the other way around. Cannot wait for him to arrive!馃悙

  15. LETS NOT FORGET ZLATAN!!!! Zlatan was killin the MLS and i bet if he came back now he would do the same, but Messi will be huge no doubt!! Renaldo should have made this move!!!

  16. He is 35 and a smaller player and he is playing against better athletes on the average. He isn't Zlatan who is a giant who was physically to much for even MLS players to handle!!! Plus one of the weaknesses of MLS is passing and he is going to have to do a lot more of the heavily lifting to score.

  17. It's funny when you consider that the seria A POTY(player of the year) only managed half of Messi stats for the season in terms of goals and assists. And he is being praised for his impact but Messi is being criticized for not showing his best level. That's standards right there

  18. People have no idea how big the US market is and can be for the football world..Saudi Arabia don鈥檛 have the market, they just have filthy rich billionaires playing with their money

  19. They didn鈥檛 get global media attention. But Giovinco in 2015 with Toronto and Almiron in 2017 with Atlanta are in my opinion much bigger signings. Messi is still unbelievably great at 35. But Giovinco showed MLS could sign good international players in their prime (Dos Santos brothers, Lodeiro, Ruidiaz, etc.). Bradley started this before Giovinco, but as an American coming back to his country鈥檚 shared home league, doesn鈥檛 have the same impact as an in prime Italian international Juventus player. Almiron, now in Champions League, lead to young profit-making players like current World Cup winner Almada, plus Rossi with LAFC and Brenner in Cincinnati. We鈥檝e had Henry, Kaka, David Villa, Ibra, Beckham, Gerrard, Pirlo, etc. before. And while Messi is better, and has obvious name recognition, I don鈥檛 think it will change to the extent that Beckham did back when, Giovinco in 2015, or Almiron in 2017.

  20. This is the greatest football player of all time. Him coming to MLS will make MLS massive revenue. To every city he goes ( in N.America) that team and owners will make some serious cake, cause every seat will be sold out. They will all want to get a glimpse of him, cause matter how you slice it he still plays at the highest level and he will crash these G league players in the MLS.

  21. I'm from Europe and I'm very upset. Messi is the g.o.a.t. and he still has a lot in him at 35. He didn't deserve to go to MLS yet. It's a pity that he and CR7 became such ''products' of a system that couldn't handle them because of their greatness. In fact, it's not so hard to put together a team of good and supportive young players around Messi like Argentina did. Messi expected some healthy negotiations with FCB or PSG, but not to be disrespected like that. This is how he was forced to go to one of the worst teams in MLS and play in a 'pink' shirt. No offence, but do you know any 'pinky' men's team that has ever won a big title? Of course not!

  22. America must feel proud that a football legend stepped in their country. 馃槀 They can now get their head out of the gutter (basketball) and have a glimpse of the world outside.

  23. It is a blessing that Messi is joining Inter Miami. It is like loving a sick dog and doing your best to nurture and heal it. Give me a sick dog and I will heal it. I love the challenge and seriously I have helped a few stray fur kids. If Messi can helped Inter Miami to win some trophies then he will be more than a legend. 鉂

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