Messi reveals why he chose Inter Miami over Barcelona

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Lionel Messi spoke candidly about how his move to Inter Miami came about over a return to Barcelona.

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98 comentario en “Messi reveals why he chose Inter Miami over Barcelona”
  1. The difference between ronaldo and messi. Nobody wanted ronaldo anymore and messi people wanted him but he didn’t want to burden them

  2. A finished Aztec garden gnome midget who just wants easy money as he cannot perform in the worlds best leagues. Hence why the little midget was always scared to play in the Premier league, Serie A or Bundasliga

  3. In the USA, we are blessed then. § How though can Miami afford him?
    Maybe his family likes that Miami and Buenos Aires have 4x as many flights and at less cost than Barcelona. Slightly easier time zones too.

  4. People have a bad memory: Messi asked a huge impossible amount of money when he Left Barca, now he wanted more money like 50 millions/ year to return , with a 100 million cheque to leave Barcelona.

  5. Messi and his dad are not honest, they only want the highest offer matched by Barcelona ! They don't care about Barcelona! Miami did it ,he is going to Miami! It's all about $$$

  6. The positions he is talking is always about the money 💰.. Barcelona Lost too much money during Covid 19 and still never recovered fully

  7. I'm from Europe and I'm very upset. Messi is the g.o.a.t. and he still has a lot in him at 35. He didn't deserve to go to MLS yet. It's a pity that he and CR7 became such ''products' of a system that couldn't handle them because of their greatness. In fact, it's not so hard to put together a team of good and supportive young players around Messi like Argentina did. Messi expected some healthy negotiations with FCB or PSG, but not to be disrespected like that. This is how he was forced to go to one of the worst teams in MLS and play in a 'pink' shirt. No offence, but does anybody know any 'pinky' men's team that has ever won a big title? Of course not!

  8. As a Ronaldo fan I have this to say. Messi should do what makes him happy and gives him the life that he wants for him and his family. I wish him best of luck.

    Don’t listen to stupid kids. Real grown-ups respect both Ronaldo and Messi. They always respected eachother and pushed eachother to become the best version of themselves.

  9. I believe all his reasons are genuine but I also think deep down he is at a point in his career where he just wants to play in a league he is more comfortable with. Even the best player in the world wants to downgrade the competition at a certain age and I also think he’d hate being at Barcelona again, it’d be bittersweet and he’d miss the days of Ronaldinho, Xavi and Iniesta and co., it wouldn’t be the same.

  10. So for the money I guess. He took the right choice. He gets more money but doesnt get the hate which he wouldve gotten if he went to the Saudi league.

  11. This man will change USA football for generations to come watch kids in the USA now gone grow up to want to be soccer players watch….MLS gone be bigger any league in the future…

  12. His decision is really good for the promotion of football in america, i bet alot of americans would want to watch him play there. Great decision in my opinion of him to end his career in america and not in a middle eastern country where the leagues are way below his level. I wish him all the best even tho im still mad about the quarter finals🇳🇱🇦🇷 haha❤

  13. i personally live right outside maimi, there is a huge latin american population living in florida as well as the U.S is the best place to be if your rich with the quality of life.

  14. Who cares what you saying once you have sooooooo much money and poor asian and Africans don't have a soccer ball I don't like you Leo👎🏼👎🏼

  15. MLS is the best soccer in the world, that’s why. Better than Europe. The best player in the world should play in the best league in the world. How is this hard to understand?

  16. it's very simple:

    Because he is not cule. He just likes the club because he was there 17 years. But he doesn't feel himself attached to it.
    On the other hand dani alves came when we need him the most, earning the minimum barcelona wage, and doing everything he could to play.

    That's the difference between players who feel the club (like dani and puyol) and messi.
    Messi is not cule. He doesn't really care about barca's future. He just wants money.

  17. Coming to the US was a very smart option over the Middle East. He can grow the sport here as well as make more money on endorsements. When it’s all set and done he will be bigger star than Ronaldo for coming to the US.

  18. I'm personally glad Messi didn't went back to Barcelona. Spain along with Europe were such a DISGRACE this past world cup!! Europe def dont deserve attention for best football leagues in the world til at least next world cup!!! I really would've like to see Messi either play for River Plate or Newell's and compete in Copa Libertadores if he really is legit Argentine!!! But oh well!!

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