Thierry Henry Destroyed PSG Ultras: || The problem is not Messi.

Thierry Henry Destroyed PSG Ultras: || The problem is not Messi. Camisetas de futbol baratas. Comprar camisetas de futbol baratas Para Hombre, Mujer y Nios, camisetas de futbol Lorient. Equipaciones de futbol baratas 2023-2024.

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78 comentario en “Thierry Henry Destroyed PSG Ultras: || The problem is not Messi.”
  1. Ultras were known to the world coz of Messi…They had to cut short his suspension coz of reduced viewership by half 😂. In fact Messi played à volunteer exhibition match coz he was not pain for that match n ppl still booed him..No worries the 🐐 is going back n leaving PSG irrelevant once again😂

  2. Messi being a PROFESSIONAL knows his task at hand and is well aware that the Ultras need Psychological Treatment so he never took it seriously. Performers know their strength and do not get distracted instead they respond with results.If he can calmly handle his world Success, he can handle few morons. Even his kids would be laughing at the immaturity of the few.

  3. The biggest problem of PSG is, that they think they can buy a victory or a successful team by buying the most expensive players. If they could, they would buy Haaland too and dont win the CL. Most of these expensive players are narcissists and egomaniacs. Its hard to work with them. Neymar moved to PSG to be bigger than Leo, Mbappe stayed on PSG for money and power, many other players did the same… Leo moved to PSG because he had no other choice. Now, if Laporta really can fix the FFP problem, Leo can come back to Barca, come back home.
    And another big problem is, you can only play successful if you play in a club, you love, in a team you love and with a plan you believe in. And nothing of this has PSG. PSG's plan is money, a typical arabic strategy, buy, what I want or what I miss, but no one cant buy love.

  4. Let's be honest Messi tried but they kept blaming him so no wonder he doesn't go and applauded them they will just blame those 2 seasons on him anyway

  5. very surprised by the tolerance to those so-call fans, some of them can hardly be called fans, they are low-life and come to disrupt the matches regardless of playing quality, they should be banned for life

  6. These losers are upset that Messi dunked on their national team to win the World Cup. He is not even the one responsible for PSG’s elimination from the UCL. If we are to point fingers, Marquinhos and Veratti caused both defeats in the 2 legs against Bayern. These MFkrs don’t deserve Messi.

  7. Messi i wish things work out if u could go back to barca ……if not…man city……or play in america bro……if u chose to go saudi ….its fine…messi finish your carreer in europe bro……i believe another champions league coming your way

  8. I wonder who is the next victim that these so call ultra losers will booed. Even Henry a French legend insist Messi should go elsewhere instead of sticking around with a bunch of pathetic loser fans.

  9. Messi thinks about his family first. They don't like Paris, the cold weather, and seem to really miss Barca & Spain, both the culture and the people. PSG needs Messi, but he doesn't need them. Time for Messi to make a change. PSG fans can find someone else to taunt, ridicule, and hate. Standing in front of a mirror would be a more appropriate place for them to do what they're doing…

  10. PSG was destroyed by the ultras and is still destroyed by the ultras. Henry is damn right. Qataris owner and ultras have something unresolved issues. They need to resolve this before they turn PSG into dust

  11. Who are these lowlife people booing Messi, the GOAT! The so-called ultra fans have very limited football knowledge… I've never found fault in Lionel Messi… PSG should just sort its issues and not put the blame on its best player (Messi)…

  12. PSG was created "manufactured" to represent France. It has no soul and no heart. Yo can verify that when France president is working very hard to retain players and other tasks. On top of it they have the "Ultras" better called "Ultra loser" as they feel entitled to reign and win big things like if winning is their destiny but for a weird reason it does not happen…

  13. Everyday I pray 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏for Messi to leave PSG, so I can get rid of the Messi jersey I only bought because of Messi.

  14. The legend Henry is completely right about his opinion regarding this bad relationship between the GOAT MESSI and the ultras fans, they started booing him after the World Cup even if he plays well, they don’t put in consideration that he is the only GOAT
    to be honest PSG doesn’t deserve MESSI

  15. How does he aspect messi to go and greet the same fans booing him after a game?? Thats a flimsy way to justify their actions. Point out major reasons why not that!!
    They have no regards and respect for their players thats all . Y'all on the other hand should make your ultras see reasons not support whats evil for your selfishness

  16. PSG is a Team that lacks a culture, lacks a fanbase with humility, lacks a philosophy, lacks a strategy and a system! You have full-backs and a goalkeeper who can't keep a cleansheet, you have Ekitike for a number 9 against the likes of Haaland, Benzema and Martinez, stupid club!

  17. I'm always dubious of a football channel which can't even pronounce the name of a star as HUGE as Thierry Henry, I mean how can any football fan not know how to pronounce his name???

  18. That French coach is delusional.
    It's like Messi is being abused in a relationship and he's like 'Why aren't you more affectionate and loving towards the people who boo, humiliate and threaten you and your friends? Just bend over and take it that's what you're here for right?
    Seriously Real Madrid shows more respect to Messi than the PSG Ultras do.

  19. Imagine Being a farmer league yet complaint to greatest of all time that winning more championship than the whole club history. Lol PSG will keep being a small club for Champions League. Keep mbappe boy ass on your league safe.

  20. Messi is the best player before and after psg . They are just psg and now nobody cares because there disrespectful and nasty

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