Reality check for Barcelona? ESPN FC discusses Lionel Messi choose MLS over Barca reunion

Reality check for Barcelona? ESPN FC discusses Lionel Messi choose MLS over Barca reunion Prueba nuestro nuevo diseador LITE, camisetas de futbol Serie A una forma ms rpida y sencilla de personalizar tus camisetas.

Alex Kirkland joins Dan Thomas, Craig Burley, Shaka Hislop, Frank Leboeuf and Sebastian Salazar to discuss Barcelona’s reaction to Lionel Messi announcing that he will sign with Inter Miami CF of Major League Soccer.

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100 comentario en “Reality check for Barcelona? ESPN FC discusses Lionel Messi choose MLS over Barca reunion”
  1. The shame was when Messi left Barca in the first place. Would have loved to have seen him play his entire career in that shirt. Returning? Probably not the best thing for him or the club. As the old novel says- "You can not go home again". The club is not the same and neither is he.

  2. As a Barce fan we love Messi for every thing he has done for the club . We the fans love him . We respect his dicisions and its the best choice for him

  3. R9onaldo left Barcelona in 1997 because they screwed him over financially. Barcelona have a habit of not being transparent. Messi made the right decision, there is no point to going back. Miami is massively Latin and Messi will be happier there. I personally hate Paris and French arrogance.

  4. Messi did the right thing for his Family and most importantly didn't trust these Barca snakes. Very humble and intelligent of him to not get into the ego of fame and money etc. He can always come back to Europe after maybe a season or 2 in America if he wants to, he's better than most at his age.

  5. As a Barcelona fan , I will always be sad for not giving our HERO and SON the send off he deserved. As a Barcelona fan I am heart broken he could not return either. But also as a Barcelona fan I want the best for him. This is the best for him. MLS is good place to hang up the joursey. Much better than Oil league

  6. Messi is stepping back and is set to retire. I think the choice of club is more down to living in the US in Miami with his family. Messi already own a home there, and he will probably continue to live in the US for the rest of his life.

  7. Shaka makes the right point: Messi didn't want his arrival to be conditional on other players being sold or having their salaries renegotiated. What most of the commentators are wrong about is their usual 'Barcelona's financial situation' stuff, which they never understood to begin with. FCB have just drawn down a loan for 1450 million euro to build a new stadium: access to funds is the last of their problems. The issue is La Liga's strictures, which have the effect of putting Spanish clubs at a huge disadvantage compared to their international rivals. It's hard to argue with the reason for the rules (sustainability) but they lack flexibility. Messi's return would have been a slamdunk from a business point of view and cost the club much less than nothing. Salazar is clueless on this question. Messi would have jumped at the chance to take his family home. But he wasn't going to wait around for two months or be left wondering if his arrival had messed up other players' chances of a future at the club.

  8. I guess everyone will start watching MLS burger & fries league now as if it was the best league in the world ! 😂

  9. So nobody talks about the fact no other European top team wanted Messi still at age 35 ? But everyone trashed Ronaldo when he was the top scorer and best player of série A with Juventus at 35 and then he still came to the Premier at 36 and still was top scorer for MU ! RESPN things ! 😂

  10. Barca is currupt! 20 years paying the refs ! If everything goes well , Barca will not be allowed to play in the next UEFA champions league! People outside of Spain have no idea ! Read Spanish papers people ! 😂

  11. Espn understands Messi and Criticises Ronaldo scoring 2 goals agains Luxembourg for no reason. Shame on the double standards of this channel.

  12. There's no reality check… He chose to stay in this club as long as he could. He didn't choose premier League when he had countless offers. At this stage of his life, he finds Inter Miami as his best option so don't drag Barca as if they are incapable. Big players still wanna join this club. Last summer was unbelievable for barca. This club is slowly dominating Spain and soon it will be at it's full potential again

  13. Laporta can't even register him even when Messi does play for free, so Laporta should just stop bullshitting that they do what they can to bring Messi back

  14. As a Barca fan and Messi fan I am happy knowing that Leo is Messi..I just hope and wish that Barca give Leo a grand farewell…a farewell that he deserves !! Thank You Leo for everything and good kuck for your future will always be my GOAT 🙏👑🐐💙❤️

  15. The movie and dream was to come back to barca one ladt time and win Trophies and win vs psg and show the worlf messi is back. Barca lost for me, not a fan anymore

  16. It's a no brainer decision. To protect his value as well is legacy putting football before money just increases the integrity of his brand even further. He already owns propery in Miami, and it's much more suitable demographic for his hispanic culture as well as the brand throughout the United States.

  17. Laugh out loud messes gonna go play with the little boys and people consider this guy a goat. This guy is not a goat Cristiano Ronaldo is people laughing at him when he went to Saudi Arabia but nobody’s laughing at him when he plays for MLS. Garbage sky sucks.

  18. Lets not forget La Liga (Tebas) held the confirmation for a month longer. I wonder why they kept saying they accepted it but with no official response. 😂😂😂 I guess more facts to add to the "weird" la liga decisions as craig said.

  19. No matter what , once you stop playing in the top 5 leagues, your basically retired. I seen plenty of stars come to the mls. It is not the same once they arrive. Beckham, blanco, Henry, vela, chicharito, Nani, higuain, Rooney, Marquez, and now Messi

  20. To me it was all about optics nothing more. If he wanted to return he and Barca would work closely on it for at least couple of years. But Messi was working with MLS for few years instead.

  21. His move has stopped FCB from selling off many players that have helped to build back the club. By getting the move done to Miama this soon, he has saved Barca's future.

  22. Messi is taking a wrong decision pushed by another person in the family. Why can't he wait until Barcelona comes up with something if not then you departure. Take it easy and not be impulsive like when joining PSG. MLS will wait for Messi until he is done in Europe no need to leave when you still can give more to the game at a high club level.

  23. My problem is this: were Barcelona serious about the Messi return? Who and what may have prevented his return. Who's going to interview Barcelona boss and Xavi? We need to know the truth.

  24. Where is Sid Lowe? 😢 We don't get enough of Sid, and, when the subject has something to do with Spain, we expect the great Sid Lowe. Come on, guys 🙏🏽

  25. people talk like this is like ''oh but ye that is the rule in la liga''. but no one challenge this rule? it is absurd. it is sawing off your own feet.

  26. All the good things that come out of this is, now, Messi won't ever play for Barcelona again because he won't be able to go on loan to Barcelona. Barcelona can now let the Messi situation rest and focus as a team in general.

  27. Messi is going for a reality check, doesn’t he realize playing in a skimpy league like the mls. Increase his chances of getting injured by 50%.

  28. I think as fans we should all b respectful of his decision and understand that in his head he was won it all so he just wants to set up for the rest of his life with his family

  29. It is more like Laporta saying, thanks but no thanks. There was never an intention. Just a PR Engine trying to prep up the possibility and media hype for marketing benefits. He was never going to return irrespective of what the publicity engine was screaming. This showcases his need to further his own family preference to play where conditions are more condusive for his kids and wife AND where he will be able to prep for the national tournaments better.

  30. Honestly the best decision for himself. Going back to Barca would have been poetic but if Barca didn’t succeed after all the pay-cuts and the sale of players people would be definitely pointing their fingers at him which would have only ruined his legacy and if had joined Saudi people would call him greedy. Inter Miami was the definitely the best decision.

  31. At the end of the day, more than anything else, this was about Messi and Laporta. Messi was not going to make concessions for Laporta and rightfully so. And Laporta doesn't want to make it look like he was turned down. Which, he was. So, he had to add rhetoric into the statement that reeks of typical Laporta BS. Which Messi saw coming and thus put out his own statement.

  32. I as a fan did want him to wait, he had nothing to loose. He could have vacations whole summer and then see the situation at the end of July and if not possible could have then joined inter Miami. It's not that he was missing onto something by not playing for Miami, they are dead last. I am heart broken cause in truth he is retired now. It's over we will never see the GOAT Leo Messi play at a competitive level again.

  33. Messi shouldn't listen to anyone but his family at this point. If his wife didn't want to live in the middle east and he didn't want to wait around. Good for him for making a decision that is best for them. The man has got everything at this point. Best to do what makes him happy.

  34. Every one knew he was not going to barca they never had the money to get him. Every report from la liga said they could not sign him. They neede to sell half there team.

  35. MESSI is from Argentina 🇦🇷 if he was born citizen in Spain 🇪🇸 things would be different FCBARCELONA did a clever move when he was a young teenage boy they signed him now he is at 35 they are making excuses to sign him. Barcelona betrayed him twice.

  36. Spot on hislop.Others getting pay cuts to accommodate him is ridiculous.A professional Wouldn't like that and even as a human as Messi is he Wouldn't like that.he is such a great human as a person.

  37. They can't sign Messi. They have dipped into future earnings to pay for the current squad… How will this club be able to pay 1.5 billion for the stadium rebuild??

  38. When this transfer rumour came up, I thought to myself that if Messi really loves FC Barcelona, he will not go to the club due to the amount of sacrifice the club will have to undertake to accommodate him. So when I heard his decision to go to Miami, my respect for him increased significantly.

  39. Barcelona fans have no right to say anything to Messi, the Barcelona management had two years to make space for Messi, and they have done nothing, they treated Messi like is nobody, like he is some insignificant average player, they have done the same thing to Ronaldinjo and Suarez. The truth is that Barcelona and Madrid' do not care for foreign players. The fan's care but the people on top do not give a f…k for foreigners,

  40. Barca and Laporta is a joke . Laporta never wanted Messi all noise without action. He used Messi and betrayed hin knowing very well the financial situation if the club.

  41. Barca are broke ,they cant afford him. Plus they need to build for the future. Barca are an average side , as shown by how poor they were in Europe last season , and how poor La Liga is at the moment,that a side like Barca could win La Liga.

  42. Barca is drowning in debt. They should fix their problems before looking to sign the best players of the world. Also, what they made Messi go through, I wouldn't have blamed Messi if he'd done worse to them. Messi is a legend of the game, more respect to him

  43. Laporta will do and say anything to save his skin. Barcelona is run by idiots. They destroyed the best club in the world. They never really intended to get Messi. If they did they wouldn’t have let him go in the first place.

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