What would it be like to coach Lionel Messi? | ESPN FC Extra Time

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Welcome to ESPN FC Extra Time.

0:00 Extra Time
1:20 What would it be like to coach Lionel Messi?
1:50 How many Inter players could play for Manchester City?
2:45 What was the biggest match of your career?
7:45 Who is a better TV character?
10:10 Gab, how’s Istambul?
14:08 Will Haaland win the Ballon d’Or with a UCL title?

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40 comentario en “What would it be like to coach Lionel Messi? | ESPN FC Extra Time”
  1. Managing Messi : u are getting
    1. Unnatural talent unlike the fake pretense ones in the Shawarma league
    2. A humble person not tunnel-storming players and Instagram players
    3. A Total Team player not "It's mine! Mine! Mine! All mine! type of players"
    4. A Playmaker not a tap ins and god of penalties
    5. Unselfish player not "It's me or u are out of the club" type of player
    6. A world cup winner not ones with 0 World cup KO goals 😂😂😂

  2. Ballon d'or is dissapointing. Journalist are just after what would sell, not facts. Sad world we live in. Imagine scoring 50+ goals and how many assists, winning treble and lose a popularity contest to a guy that performs in 6 games only.

  3. Craig’s biggest game of his career is FA cup final for a mid table team and a World Cup match being trashed by Brazil but sitting here everyday hating on and slaughtering players like Lukaku, Neymar etc

  4. So basically Haaland will never win the balloon d’or because his country can’t win any major trophies and his future adversaries after Messi all come from elite nations

  5. "It is not the occasion that makes you nervous, it is the personal drive in yourself to do well, that is the pressure" – most profound thing said on extra time all year.

    Apply it to your life and your job/profession. I've given hundreds of presentations before. Its not the presentation that gets me, its the presentation in which I want to do well in for one reason or another.

  6. I used to say Halaand should win it.. but i realized that… What did he actually do in big games? against Real Madrid 0 Goals.. he scored fkin 5 goals against some other trash team… However, Messi should win it after wat he achieved with.. World cup…

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