Lionel Messi Crazy Assist | PSG vs Angers 2-1 ( All Goals  Highlights 2023 )

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This video shows the highlight of the PSG vs Angers 2-1 match as Lionel Messi‘s crazy assist caused Kylian Mbappe to score a brace leading PSG one step closer to securing their 11th title. Kylian Mbappe and Lionel Messi were instrumental in Paris Saint-Germain’s grueling 2-1 victory over Angers on Friday. Here you will find all goals and highlights of 2023.

In the first half of the PSG vs Angers 2-1 match, the former’s two goals and the latter’s brilliant playmaking did the trick, but Angers caused a lot of issues after the interval and scored the tying goal they merited late on from Sada Thioub. PSG rapidly gained possession, and it took them just nine minutes to score their first goal. Juan Bernat was brought in behind on the left after a deep play from Messi, and Mbappe completed his cut-back at the second attempt. Angers did get going and create some issues along the other end, but a second Mbappe goal left them trailing 2-0 after 26 minutes. Later in the half, the pair exchanged roles when Mbappe sought Messi, but Paul Bernardoni successfully blocked the Argentine’s attempt.

The second half got off to an exciting start thanks to Jean Bahoya’s overhead kick. Before Himad Abdelli’s backheeled attempt was called back for offside, Achraf Hakimi blocked the attempt. Mbappe’s shot from outside the area appeared to be destined to dip past Bernardoni, but the Angers goalkeeper was able to tip the ball away against the run of play. With only a few seconds left, Angers scored the goal they deserved when Abdallah Sima nodded back toward fellow replacement Thioub, who was left unguarded in the area and powered home. This goal set up a tense last few seconds, but PSG eventually managed to hold on for the victory.

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  1. I can’t believe psg cannot form the tram to give Messi free reign. He showed them what it’s like to have free reign in the World Cup, yet they don’t still seem to get it. They locked him down and wasting his talents. Well Barcelona will take him and show them the real Messi

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