Leo Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ronaldo Nazario || When they were young || Crazy numbers #shorts

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  1. Haaland gonna more worse than Ronaldo where he born in the kind of country where doesn't have world class players in their national team but Mbappe did and he won world cup in beginning of his career

  2. One day Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi will retire and normalcy will return to football. Records will then stay for years and not get broken every week.

    Hat-tricks will again become the highlight of a player's season, not an expectation every match. A half century of goals in a single season will be something to tell your grandchildren about, not just another seasonal target to be met.

    The Ballon d'Or will become a FIFA
    prize again. Rather than the personal property of two men. Until that day,lets stop comparing and enjoy

  3. The duration when Ronaldo and Messi played was filled with best defenders of all time having stats like that as a youngsters against the tremendous defenders is not at all easy and in case of R9 is goes beyond Ronaldo and Messi if young Ronaldo , Messi and R9 played as a youngsters in these duration of haaland and mbbape they would have scored more than our expectations

  4. No hate but Ronaldo was midfielder at prem league and halland and mbappe were strikers and that also in farmers league same for messi but R9 is a living legend he had those stats in italia which had great defenders back then

  5. Ronaldo fans messi fans jo bhi ho jaaye messi Ronaldo era best era haa aur rahega.. Koi haland mbappe jaga nehi ne paayegaa unke jaga

  6. Messi and Ronaldo are 🐐 🐐 but R9 was a fuckin BEAST . He was playing in Serie A the land of deadly defenders and on top of that he reached to 3 FIFA World Cup finals & Won 2 of them lost 1 due to his bad health & France was strong team to but that R9 1998 would've won if he wasn't sick that day .

  7. See I'm not disrespecting anyone
    But haaland and mbappe scoring in Bundesliga and ligue 1 Uber eats
    Whereas Messi and Ronaldo did in la liga which was very competitive that time also ronaldo and Messi used to play at wings whereas haaland and mbappe are pure strikers
    Even ronaldo used to play at rmf position when he was in man UTD if I'm not wrong

  8. Hello,,bro Leo Messi Started his carrier to very smartly age (21-24) and when he created a many huge records and achieve a many lot of trofy.😏 Its very haughtily you compare with Leo Messi ti others players "" mind it GOAT is one and he is only Leo Messi "" 👑

  9. Bro mbapee aur haaland na messi jese solo dribble goal kar sakte hai aur na ronaldo jese high power shot and long goals can't score so can't campare they are only tapin master

  10. Ronaldo and messi are the best youngsters ever 🐐 haaland and messi just did score easy goal but messi and ronaldo scored magic goals mbappe and haaland has no ballondor but messi and ronaldo won everything possible

  11. Mbappe halland scores just by tap in
    Ronaldo–don, t care he shoots from half
    Messi–just dribble full team
    Can they do this
    Will they replace them

  12. The fact is that ronaldo and messi were not a attacker or striker from the start of their career. Even Ronaldo played a lot as a midfielder in his starting days. And even in there prime they were Lw and Rw. And we all know strikers and central forward is always the highest scores maximum times.
    Whereas haaland and mbappé started their as strikers.

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