The Controversial Business of FC Barcelona

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00:00 The Business of Barcelona
00:56 The Rise
04:52 Elefant Blau
08:09 The Fall
13:13 Rise again?

Shout out to our friend Mario from The Generalist for letting us adapt his article for a video. If you enjoyed this story, make sure to check out the full written piece: a

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99 comentario en “The Controversial Business of FC Barcelona”
  1. Well it was to be expected….i knew it was gonna happen….anyone with economics background could see that the transfer fees from 2018 to 2021 were overpriced…..and that happened because of stupidity and some clubs overpricing the transfers so that they could go around ffp…..thats why you have bad players sold by juventus for 60-70-80 mil euros because they also bought another bad player for 50 so that they would move some cash around and make turnover:))) its a criminal offense guys…..those are fictional accounting registrations…..thats a direct translation from romanian…..i dont know the terma in english but over here you do some jail time for stuff like that(usually they use fictional expenses so they dont pay taxes but the principle is the same).Laporta is the man who made that unstoppable team happen…..these other guys managed to almost sink the ship….and Laporta came back and they won a title…..the man knows his stuff.Great players will play for great clubs for less money…..Zlatan at Milan and over time there were plenty of examples……when you love your club

  2. Compare Barca to Bayern München financial situation. They own their stadium, they own everything and they have 100% of their broadcasting rights.

    If Financial Fairplay would actually be strict… clubs like Barca, Man City, PSG would have no chance.

  3. I’m glad you guys did this video. I’ve been a cule for a long time now over a decade and I can genuinely admit that knowing our history like this helps understand the situation we are in today

  4. As a Barca fan, we trust in Laporta. I believe in him. A lot of impatient rival fans don't understand how good he is. Especially because of Tebas being a baby. Instead of being charged for paying refs, we are about to make money from it. Laporta has slammed and tried to expose Tebas a lot, and taught him a lesson. So as of recent, Tebas has been acting calm, and nice towards Barca to prevent being exposed. I trust Xavi, I trust Laporta. No matte how much rival fans cry, I love this club, especially when it's run by the right people. VISCA BARCA.

  5. I'm going to say this I don't watch a lot of European football but if Messi comes back to FC Barcelona it's going to be a wrong step for the club

  6. Guys, never believe Athletic. They let a bunch of Chelsea and Madrid based journos write articles about Barca. Stick to Chelsea United and Spurs you pseudo journalists.

  7. The only reason because Laporta left first is because he couldn't be president again after 2 mandates. That's a rule that he himself impose to the club to avoid situations like Nuñez being 20 years in charge. We would have voted him again though.

  8. Sin importar que le pueda llegar a pasar no creo que un club tan grande como el Barcelona algún día tenga tantos problemas financieros como para dejar de existir o algo así

  9. I have seen lots of comment requesting for this video about Barcelona transfer and now You guys Delivered. Like always another great video.

  10. This video looks like it was make using information posted by 12 year olds on twitter.
    First of all, barcelona's insane wage bill of over 700m/year was the biggest reason for the financial troubles, not coutinho, dembele's transfer money.
    Second, Its 25% of just La Liga TV rights which barely account for 5% of the club's total yearly income.

  11. 6:01 the Sopranos moving into the picture caught me off guard 😂.

    btw, I for sure thought there would be some kind of segue from Barcelona to a Squarespace ad 😀

  12. honestly, im a barca fan but i wasnt sure of the way we handled the finances and even then decided to spend 150 million euros (i wasnt a big fan of the raphinha transfer fee)

    yes, we won la liga but once again failed in european competition and failed to make a deep run in the champions league and then in the europa league. dont give me the injury excuse, squad was still decent enough to get out of the group

    and once again, heading into the summer with plans to sign more players and still uncertainty of the finances. i would just like the finances to not be shit 😅

    add to that the whole ref vp case (like seriously, wtf are we doing) i dont rlly know what to say of laporta

    i appreciate what he has done so far but im not entirely convince. better then bartomeu sure but that isnt a high bar to clear at all. im still gonna be wary of laporta and i feel like ppl should as well

  13. 1.45b + interest in debt….they are done. no real business man fucks up that bad to reach a point where he is forced to take a loan like that and almost sell everything of the club. every action they took is just one step closer to sell the club to some rich arab like the other clubs. even if they manage to win all titles in the next 3 seasons it will not save them because they still need to make transers and no player wants to go to barca unless they pay more than other clubs. just look at lewanscamski. He would've never moved to barca if he wasn't forced to. the downfall started when they made pep fraudiola coach. remember mourinho's words: "…football heritage….". When you treat your best players like cattle and kiss the ass of a child named pepsi and make everything evolve around him it can't work out on the long run. Eto'o, Henry, Ibrahimovic, Ronaldinho, Touré > Pepsi. the fans should enjoy the last seasons before their club turns completly into a slavery camp where fun and creativity is forbidden and it's only about money.

  14. I have Incurred So Much Losses trading on my own in this. I’m now recovering with crypto trading. I was able to raise over 4 BTC when i started from 0.9BTC in just few weeks.

  15. Strong men create prosperous times, prosperous times create weak men, weak men create bad times, bad times create strong men. The same cycle happend here unfortunately

  16. Yes, Bartomeu was a disaster. His reign of criminal recklessness nearly destroyed the club. The return of Laporta was a needed hopeful moment. BUT after some initial very painful but necessary financial decisions (like letting Messi go) that signaled Barça was headed towards a more sane and solvent future—Laporta went nuts and took on massive new debt *while selling off priceless club assets and vital future earnings*.

    This long term impact of these decisions will be devastating and will bankrupt the club. Barça will be sold off to a corrupt billionaire or corrupt oil regime and will lose its soul and its independent Catalan identity.

    The fools on here praising and putting blind trust in Laporta because of the very minimal and very short term gain his decisions have brought, will come to deeply regret all of this in the long term. Mark my words. A measly league title this season is not worth the bankrupt future and the loss of Barça’s soul and independence.

  17. I read somewhere that 25% of the LaLiga television revenue represents only about 5% of total income for Barca.
    So if Barca are going to get bankrupt by having 5% less income,then we have no business running the club.
    Just shut down the business already.

  18. Great news. you've remind me of what someone once said❤ Making money is an Action, keeping money is behavior, Growing money is Knowledge. I once attended seminar and ever since then i been waxing strong financially, and i most tell you the truth.

  19. I was here with Barca in the best times ..
    I also have been with Barca in the worst times
    Now we will rise back to best again … powerful then ever 🙌💯🔥🔥
    Visca Barca 💙❤️

  20. Putting Laporta in the same picture as Bartomeu and Sandro is an insult to how much he has worked to bring this club back.

  21. No problem man .. the thing is that we are socios and love the club … From my my point of view if club need money we can play one time money to fill up all the debts …barca socios count is increasing day by day so it will not be that hard and also Messi is coming back so sponsor and money is coming back again 😴

  22. Barça has been doing what Manchester United has been doing for the last 10 years.

    Stupid transfers and salaries. Burning money. At least Barça had 5 La Liga titles and 1 UCL trophy.
    But financially they're both f***.

    So both need to tidy up their balances before trying to compete with the likes of Real Madrid, Manchester City and PSG.
    It's just business universal rules: you cannot spend more money than you make.

    I hope they go bankrupt. As a United fan I can't stand Barcelona FC after being humiliated in 2 UCL finals.

    Let's see what the future brings.

    It's just super funny that Barcelona dominates in Spain while Real Madrid dominates in UCL. It's just BANANAS that Benzema has more UCL than La Liga titles. hahaha

  23. Guys, you’re amazing!!! What a job! What a video, man!! Everything is perfect! Congratulations, really !!!! 👏👏

  24. This channel is criminally underrated. Great job, athletic interest! One last thing, please don't ever change your narrator. His voice is gold.

  25. The way you say Laporta its wrong.. you are saying laputa if we translate its literally "the bitxch" you need to open the O more not close it i know you dont have that sound in your language but do the things right. Next time maybe use google translate to give an ideia how it sounds because i cant laugh no more or i will die.. Keep the good work love your content❤

  26. Everything in the video is correct except bout the levers.

    That 25% of media rights is not so bad. What will drive Barca's future is their commercial growth. That has always been the difference in revenue growth between Barca and madrid et al in the past decades 💯

    Visca Barca ❤️💙

  27. If he looks like a crook, smells like a crook, acts like a crook, and walks like a crook he must be the president Barcelona.

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