Lionel Messi and Lewandowski Talking at Laureus Sports Awards

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Lionel Messi and Robert Lewandowski at the Laureus World Sports Awards.

Lewandowski to Messi : » At Camp Nou they’re chanting your name at 10″ in every game. I have never seen this mad respect anywhere else. Are you coming back ? «

My guess!
Muchas gracias por ver el vdeo!
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  1. he is saying you need to come back to barcelona fast because those guys don't know how to assist at all please i am begging you come back and i am sorry about the 8-2

  2. So was Rafa not there? I was hoping he would be there even though he was nominated and wanted Messi to win the award anyway. However, France is his place and they love him there and i would have loved to see him make an appearance before the FRENCH OPEN..

  3. Lewandowski: Messi we need you to win every possible trophies….Barca is your actual home
    Messi: I want to help you Lewa, let's see what Barca can do to sign me,i am happy with less salary
    Lewandowski: Just come to Barca ,for you i can do salary cut, but less ..😂 ha,ha
    Messi: Don't forget about my assist record,if i come you will get ton of chances to score..😅
    Lewandowski: Ok Mate.. Anything for you ❤
    Leo one more thing…
    Messi : What Lewa
    Lewandowski: " Que Mira Bobo"
    Messi : One assist cut down
    Lewandowski: Sorry Leo

  4. Orgullosa y feliz por nuestros jugadores
    Premio a la mejor selección ❤
    Feliz por Leo vamos capitán, vamos campeón del mundo 🌍❤❤
    El mejor de la historia

  5. Peace be upon you.
    Believe in ALLAH (GOD) and the judgment day and do good deeds.
    Don't show non well covered women that will be better for you in this life and the hereafter.

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