Lionel Messi moves CLOSER to returning to Barcelona | Contract Details & Barça’s Plan

Lionel Messi moves CLOSER to returning to Barcelona | Contract Details & Bara’s Plan Jugar al ftbol nunca ha resultado tan fcil gracias a la coleccin de camisetas deportivas de adidas para hombre. camisetas de futbol Manchester City Su comodidad y su rendimiento harn destacar a todos los jugadores sobre cualquier tipo de terreno de juego.

The very latest on Lionel Messi’s return to Barcelona this summer, as Bara take important steps with La Liga to make the signing possible in the upcoming transfer window!




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Jugar al ftbol nunca ha resultado tan fcil gracias a la coleccin de camisetas deportivas de adidas para hombre. SC Internacional Camiseta de la 1 equipacin 2022/2023 Su comodidad y su rendimiento harn destacar a todos los jugadores sobre cualquier tipo de terreno de juego.

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  1. Toress is the first to go then ansu fati and raphina if no change attitude and improve more n more in pitch then he will go too we need James we need right back we need right back with quality then tough midfielders quality n then one front line the the king back Leo messi

  2. If barca really want to make this barca team competitive and UCL challengers we need to get rid of ferran and dumbele and bring in leao who would do lots of the running for Messi same as raphinha. Sell Roberto eric Alonso as well cuz they’re trash and bring nothing to the team. Forget about gunduan or whatever cuz he isn’t going to make no difference at barca

  3. In as much as I want Messi to return. I can't afford to lose Ansu. We can't offload our future players just to satisfy our consent in one or two seasons. Just my opinion is Ansu should stay no matter the condition of Messi. Messi my G.O.A.T 🇬🇲 🇬🇲 🇬🇲

  4. The real beneficiary of return Lionel Messi will be Lewandoski. I think it will be a dangerous combination for other teams. He admires Messi passes so much. More goals for Lewandoski next season.

  5. What do you think about Dumfries ?? He has been in great form since the world cup. Also if messi returns is there any way we can get Bernardo silva too?? That man is amazing this season. Messi, Martinez, Gundogan, Dumfries, and Silva 😮 what a summer that would be 👀😏

  6. sorry but that’s way too much money for Messi. If he really loves the club, he can play for free. If not, I wish him the best of luck wherever he goes

  7. According to my father, Messi wants the #10 if he comes back and Dembélé also says that if Ansu stays he doesn't sign. I don't know WTH kind of mock they are all running over there but things have to be tense in the locker room then. So Ansu could be one (I just hope that we are not going to regret this later but it seems to be well document thing of Barca).
    I know for a fact that it can't be Ferran Torres because no one in their right mind would pay more than 10M for him. I would love it and wish they would just give him out for free. Whatever it is, Xavi not utilizing in the position he likes, him not wanting to play, whatever, he adds nothing to the team. Absolutely nothing

  8. If we are selling all most all of our Left-wingers, we need wingers primarily on our left flank. Abde can't come and own that left-wing effectively. Viewing how Kingsley Coman was electric in this Bayern-Man City game, and how Xavi rates him highly; he could be a good option but a similar option to Dembele because of injury records but we surely need a threatening winger.

  9. I'd get rid of Raphina if we can get 70million+, I don't see him getting any better than what he already gives. Get rid of Alonso also. Give Ferran and Fati one more season. Fati basically missed 1 1/2 years of football and he deserves a chance of being full strength in a fresh season. Messi will take the pressure off his shoulders too.

  10. One thing I want to say. Between Raphinha, Ferran, and Ansu, Raphinha should stay. If he leaves I will be furious. Ferran has had more time than him and had done less.

  11. I hope we sell raphinha and ferran. That would be ideal as both are decent young players, but have not really added any value to our team. The fact that we have scored ZERO goals in the past 3 games just highlights this fact. They work hard and make decent runs but lack the killer instinct and the finished product that past barca wingers have demonstrated. Kessie is another option especially if Garcia is able to adapt to the busquets roles. But I would rather keep him than the first two since he is a profile we don't have on the team and he has played quite well in the chances he's been given.

  12. Sell Raphinha for 50 mil 💶
    Sell Garcia for 10-20 mil 💶
    Sell Torres for 40 mil 💶

    Sell Ansu for 100 mil 💶 + only if (Chelsea pays for Mudryk 90+ Ansu is so worth it. Stop selling players for cheap 😡😡😡)

  13. Stop signing messi ….. its not good for the club financially again….

    Am barca fan but I feel we should really move on from messi

  14. I don’t understand this wage thing. It’s been going on forever now. Messi, Coutinho, Griezmann and Gerard Piqué left. Why do we still have high wages? It seems like it designed to hurt Barça. I don’t get it

  15. I haven't seen jamie talk objectively and without bias about this. Messi's return is going to hold us back more than it can propel us forward. What are we going to do ?? Start benching dembele again?? Ignore the glaring need of defensive reinforcement?? Sell our young and promising players of the Future to facilitate someone who's already done EVERYTHING for us. What else can he do that he hasn't already achieved??… I love messi but I love barca more, and I am tired of seeing it not improving, we're are way behind teams like bayern and city and we cant sacrifice a growth opportunity just to re sign Messi as if he will take us back to where we belong. Like he is some sort of a magic portion.

  16. I don’t recognise Ansu Fati as my no 10. So he’s out. Second would be Ferran Torres. I don’t know why but he annoys me every time he plays. Raphinha too but he drags defenders away at the very least. Ferran is just inconsistent in my opinion.

  17. Messi joins Barca I will name my unborn child after Messi be it a girl or boy my fiancee is pregnant we are expecting our child in the the of June God make it happen 🙏💙❤️🐐💯

  18. Surely selling Ansu would be a step in the wrong direction?

    A product of la masia, has the clubs DNA, and with Gavi and Pedri would surely be one of the successors to the current generation (including Messi?).

    Could it become a question of ‘miss out on the next generation’ for the current (and possibly ageing) generation?

  19. I don’t think Ansu Fati should leave , I think he should compete with Ez Abde for the left Wing. But it looks like his time at the club will come to an end 😢. Barça will regret this

  20. He should return,it's gud fr business bt very very bad on a balling sense Wil go years behind de big clubs in Europe like real Madrid,man city,bayern etc…we need young players and a good coach

  21. Ansu and Ferran are my best guesses given the return of Abde with Dembele and Raphina on the right

    However, with his recent behavior…Raphina is treading on thin ice

  22. Honestly, I under the sales. But why are we reinforcing with old players? This is a real concern of mine that hope to be disproven next season. Fielding old players not only takes away from potential growth from our youth, but it’s a risk in the champions league. Experience is valuable, but youth gives us a future.

  23. The squad for the season 23 / 24 should look something like this. Get rid of players like Ferran, Alonso and Kessie. Loan out Ansu, Torre, Nico and bring back Abde then sign Messi, Inigo, Gundagon, Vitor, Carrasco, Frimpong and Amrabat. Then the perfect line-up; 4-3-3
    – Ter Stegen
    – Jules Kounde
    – Ronald Araujo
    – Andreas Christensen
    – Alejandro Balde
    – Sofyan Amrabat
    – Frenkie de Jong
    – Lionel Messi
    – Ousmane Dembele
    – Pedri
    – Robert Lewandowski

  24. I feel like the two players that’s rw gonna be sold is either ferran and fati or lewandowski and fati cuz it won’t be good to play two old forwards who don’t press or help defend but imo fati shouldn’t be sold he should be loaned and maybe he can get his confidence back and come back to Barcelona and he can be an important player for them

  25. Messi, who left Barcelona after experiencing a business crisis due to the spread of the corona virus, returns after two years. The US must uncover the origins of the coronavirus and punish it publicly.

  26. Always wanted messi to come back and never wanted him to live, but how u are selling player to bring the wage bill down but want to buy players

  27. Man but 13 ml net per year I still think is still disrespectful of the player of Messi's calibre when we have other guys earning 100 ml,200ml yet messi is still easily the best player right now even at his age.Unless they will give him a percentage of the revenue he will generate from the club,that salary doesn't make any sense to me.And fr what reason??Just to have a romantic fairy tale ending?There is no guarantee that even if he joins barca that they will win the Ucl.This team in my view is still far behind in terms of competing at that level.

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