«Mbappe Will Surpass Messi» 🤡

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  1. The word goat is seriously being overused by today's generation. They also use the term "Goats" which is an oxymoron.
    But because the language evolves as users use it, the word goat will mean nothing more than – "greatest of all time for the time being, in my narcissistic opinion, because I am a pin-headed fanboy who has been watching sports for 2 days."

  2. Bro is stupid as freak who ever made the video first of all they said in like seven or six years they still did not say he’s the goat so why u comparing him at 23 compare him with Messi when he’s 29 of thirty then we could see who’s the goat

  3. Mbappe wants to make history with PSG
    ,that team can't even win a single champion league trophy after spending a ton of money on the players if there will be a prime ronaldo or messi they still can't even win it because it is a fucking cursed team on the planet

  4. Hahaha history repeats itself
    “Messi/Ronaldo will never surpass pele/maradona”
    In 15 years we’ll have
    “Ronaldo Jr./Thiago Messi Will never surpass Mbappe”
    And we’ll be saying “Mbappe never surpassed Messi/Ronaldo”

  5. We get that Messi is the goat and whatever but that doesn't mean we have to hate mbappe there might be new goats who might surpass Messi and Ronaldo no need to hate them and want Messi and cr7 to be the greatest for all of existence.😂 I hope mbappe dose surpasses Messi the way Messi surpassed Maradona and I hope future players surpass mbappe and Messi and become the new goat.😊

  6. france or portugal will win the 2026 World Cup I know it, sorry Argentina and Brazil not enough future stars


    PORTUGAL FUTURE STARS: João Felix, Goncalo Ramos, Rafael Leão

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