Gab: Messi back to Barcelona would be ’10 steps backwards’ with his current contract | ESPN FC

Gab: Messi back to Barcelona would be ’10 steps backwards’ with his current contract | ESPN FC Deportes Moya es una empresa familiar fundada en 1981 por Elvira Moya. camisetas de futbol Southampton En 2020 celebramos 40 aos de historia como uno de los referentes de Madrid como tienda de deportes. Nuestra instalaciones ocupan ms de 2000 m2, somos la tienda con ms zapatillas de Madrid. Si vienes a nuestra tienda fsica tenemos parking concertado.

The ESPN FC crew reacts to the most recent comments from Joan Laporta saying that the «door is always open at Barca» for Lionel Messi.

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100 comentario en “Gab: Messi back to Barcelona would be ’10 steps backwards’ with his current contract | ESPN FC”
  1. And Ronaldo fans always try to act as if the ESPN panel are the biggest Messi fans… Stevie is acting like Messi has nothing to offer the team. This is someone who not only was crucial in his country winning a world cup, but has even more direct goal involvements for PSG in the league this season than Mbappe, despite not being the focal point of the side. He's also still an incredible dribbler, even at 35. I understand the financial aspect makes it difficult for a return to Barca, yet on the pitch he still has the quality to play for any team.

  2. When was the last time Messi played as a winger. We are talking about about the current version of Messi who is an CAM, we are already playing the perfect system that Messi needs. Just put Messi in as one of the 4 midfilders and watch him dominate the game like he always does and then you add to that this current version of pedri and dejong, and busquets, we are back to probably the most technical midfiled in the world like barca always had. Messi feeding Lewandowski will be absolutely insane and that duo of pedri and Messi is almost gonna be a throw back when Messi had Xavi or Iniesta alongside him.

  3. These stupid idiots don't know what are They talking about. Xavi always wanted messi from day 1. few months ago they were talking about Barca that Barca can't sign players. Can't survive this and that.

  4. ESPN FC is very disconnected, in Spain the word is completely opposite of what Gab is talking about. Everyone is looking forward to Messi rejoining Barca. The excitement is real.

  5. These guys NEVER have anything good to say about Barca. Do you really think it’s about money for Messi right now?? He recently won it all with the WC so now it’s about his heart and his family. Barcelona is the right thing to do… Xavi his old friend as coach, mending the relationship back with Laporta and HIS club. ESPN is the worst of the worst in terms of sport journalism ugh

  6. I understand Gab but in my opinion Messi wouldn't be a winger in barça. And you say Dembele and Raphinha but inconsistency is their bread and butter. Think about it Lewi and messi up front, gavi and Raphinha working in the wings. Pedri and De jong with Kessie, all high with intensity covering for the old guys😅.
    Ferran – Foward
    Fati/Dembele – Winger
    Sergi R./ Busquets/P. Torre – Midfield

    A lot of players can play different positions like gavi, Barça is flexible on the pitch but financially Messi will have to sacrifice if he wants to be back.

  7. Messi has been irrelevant for the last 4 years in Champions League, Messi moved on to PSG, Barca started the rebuild process and finally has build a post Messi team, possibly one the best defense in the world. All of a sudden, everyone wants to throw that away and destabilize the team for the goat, for what, maybe people realize Barca has won the league and possibly copa del rey. Just give Messi his ceremony and move on. All this is PR from the Club. This is like trying to get back with an ex-wife when the best years are gone. Why do people think it's going to be good or better. People get over and stop living in the past, for god sake.

  8. La Liga said they have to reduce their expenditure by 200 million before they can make any signings in the summer due to FFP. how can they possibly re-sign Messi? they're going to have to offload 4-5 players just to break even. and like Gab said, they already have Dembele and Raphinha in his position; unless one of them is sold, you don't need Messi. and trading a 25 year old for a 35 year old would be a mistake anyways. it's sad to say but players like Neymar, Messi, & Ronaldo no longer fit in the modern European game. the whole team needs to press. Benzema won the Ballon d'Or and he still runs and tracks back. you can't afford even 1 player walking around the pitch or you'll get dumped out of the Champions League by any top team, i.e. what happened to PSG.

  9. What are this guys talking about??? Messi this Messi that, Gab said 10 step backwards, if is for FFP he is talking about YES i can understand but with Steve point, counting players like Ferren, Ansu and Raphinha that plays the same role Messi play and xavi won't, like the idea, really? Who cares if he like it or not, that is nonsense. Messi home and club is Barcelona, coming back home will be a fantastic news for us. Of course other clubs and fans won't like it hahahahah😅

  10. Why this two Great players Messi and Ronaldo are turning into tje biggest clowns in history of football. Just retire .What a idiots this two are . I loosing any respect for this two persons .Disgusting people.

  11. Messi is not a Greedy Camel like Pendu… Now that Messi won everything, he can play in Barcelona with minimum wages or even free… Barca doesn't have a CAM currently… A position perfectly fitted for Messi…

  12. I'm sure they can figure some sort of finances out. maybe instead of cold hard cash they pay him in shares of barca or smth. either way ik the barca fans will b ecstatic like I am lol

  13. Just wait for 2 months and these guys are gonna be shocked🤣
    They are talking as if Xavi personally told them that he doesnt want Messi back🤣
    Xavi said in the press conference last week that he would be soo happy if Messi comes back. And even Messi wants to come back ..and Barcelona are already working on it..idk if the news i read was true..but they are planning to give Messi a low salary but he can receive a % of Barca's revenue..that's a good deal.

  14. Sorry as good as messi is, returning to Barca could be toxic due to wage demands and Barca awful situation with money. Messi should go to Saudi, MLS or Argentina. End off, 3-4 years ago I’d say Man City but the premier is way too physical for him and can’t see him liking the Uk weather/life style

  15. This is borderline hilarious. A secondary role? Do you see him play in PSG each week? Did you see him play the World Cup 3 months ago?
    It's not Messi's(or Mbappé's) fault if they have a horrible team that can't connect 2 passes in midfield and has a horrible defense with a GK that is a moron and pure smoke.
    Put this Messi behind Lewan and Dembele in a diamond with DeJong, Pedri and Gavi in a 4-3-1-2 and you'll see wonders.
    He doesn't need to run or anything, he mostly has to hold on to the ball and search for spaces to do a pass between lines for Dembelé to run at the space or a pass looking for Lewan in the small area.
    Barcelona hasn't compite in UCL for 2 years now, it's not like it's City.
    Would i like Messi in City? No. They have a system that works and they compite at the highest level. Messi wouldn't have room there, specially with Haaland doing nothing when he doesn't have the ball.
    Barcelona would benefit A LOT from Messi because they lack the creativity to generate chances in some rough games.

  16. Real Barcelona fans wouldn’t want Messi back and let me explain why; the day messi left Barca was forced to stop relying on a single player to carry the team and actually had to go out and build a sufficient squad that can compete for the future. The standards under Cavi have been much higher and they are moving in the right direction the way they are. Of course he’d improve the team he’d improve any team but it doesn’t make sense bringing him back as Barcelona can use that same money for transfers and have a much stronger squad for years to come. If Barca are really worried about his “farewell” then simply just do something for him at the stadium when his contract with PSG is over.

  17. So because Barcelona are winning just one nil in alot of matches dis season so they don't need player like messi u must be joking how many goals Barcelona score after dembele got injured just one nil they better get messi back next season😮

  18. Fati, torres 🗑🤦🏽‍♂️ Gab why even mention them, they are trash players. Messi is miles away in class now than those two will ever be. Stevie is even worse trying to say Messi will be a sub there is even more dumb. What a comedian 🤡 I swear ESPN has the worst analysts in all of futbol. So why does xavi want busquets another year or alonzo or roberto for that matter. I mean just look what Argentina has just accomplished with Messi playing with a bunch of young talented players. Now you are telling me that in one or two years Messi with the level of young talent at Barcelona right now cant compete for a Championa league. Cmon now, its the right moment for it.

  19. To Gab: logically, he makes sense. Messi right now isn't financially smart for Barca. Here's the kicker though, everyone, including Messi knows that if he's going to play for 10mil or less for any club, it's going to be Barcelona. It's his home, his children's and wife's home, a lot of his friends live there or in Spain. He still wants to play UCL football but not with PSG. I'm sure jersey sales and ticket sales are going to skyrocket with him there too.
    To Steve: Let's sweep what Xavi said about wanting Messi back. Modric still plays at the elite level at what? 37? Lewandowski still plays at 33? Barca's most creative players right now are Pedri and Dembele and both are injured. Why not bring Messi back for free and a low wage, knowing the creativity he brings to the table? Sure pressing wise he's lacking, but do Barca not have De Jong, Pedri, and Gavi for that in there 4 man midfield? Idk. Lots of people believe Messi to be a burden but he's proved at Barca, PSG, and Argentina that he's created a lot for his teams.

  20. Teams have adapted to Messi’s game look at Bayern rhy seem to have figured out his style of play years ago. Teams playing around Messi have to adapt a different style to play. To start off he has to be involved in defense, it’s like watching 11 vs 10 when he’s in the pitch. Barca need to stick with the players they are using now.

  21. Messi will add creativity at a level at barca that no one can. Lewandowski will be scoring bags of goals. They are dillusional to say Messi won't sleep walk into this team. He is still creating at an insane level. I think they just forgot the world cup he just had.

  22. I now get it why most pundits are not coaches – they are so stupid. As for Steve Nichols, who in Barcelona currently plays Messi's role better than he to even be able to bench him? In almost every match I have watched, Messi has been the best player on the pitch especially for his team. These guys talk as if we who watch them don't watch Messi play. They're talking about a player with 13goals and 13 assists in Ligue 1, the reigning Fifa Best winner, who has scored/assisted in like 6 of his last 8 Ligue 1 matches. When has Messi ever played a defensive role? I mean, these pundits are such terrible analysts. Sometimes it seems they talk just for the sake of it.

  23. messi can play for barcelona for minimum wages, so I don't see the issue with that I hope messi understands that and decides to play for barca for almost free , what a return that would be.

  24. It's up to Barcelona to make that decision. Obviously Messi would not be able to score many goals again. But he can still lead the midfield. He said it himself. He is open to play that role as he gets older. But with that said. He will need to take a pay cut to help Barcelona in any way.

  25. People have to understand that Messi coming back to Barca is not about him coming to perform the way he did time back, it's about him coming back home where he is appreciated… And giving him a farewell that he deserves

  26. People thinking Barcelona is doing well without Messi because we won the classico, apart from that Barcelona is playing for 1-0 scores and it's getting trashed simply because the man who provides those crucial passes is waiting time assisting Mbappe in an ungrateful Psg

  27. Messi is one of the best midfielders in the world now. No team spending so much on a midfielder who doesn't track back or building a team around a 36 yr old Messi. This isn't the World cup, top club teams build elite squads who pick apart teams who don't all defend.

  28. Messi literally accepted a 50% wage deduction to try and stay at the club but it got blocked bc of La Liga regulations. He knows he’s going to take a pay cut to rejoin but he’d do it happily so why is there a debate

  29. It's just unfortunate that a lot of these people get in these shows whereas they are all blockheads. Gab should not be a dunce. Laporta is the Barca presido, Messi is on his final contract. There have been links . What do you expect him to say? And don't tell me that these idiots believe that Xavi would not approve th signing of Messi before any move is made? Unbelievable clownery from this lot.

  30. I would have reported this vid but then I thought these English media and people only know finance and how to hide your jealousy and anger while acting upon them no wonder Britishers are colonisers once(some of them or maybe most of them)😂😂😂

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