Messi Needs to Explain These Unreal Assists – 2023 Edition 😱

Messi Needs to Explain These Unreal Assists – 2023 Edition Despus de mis cinco aos de experiencias de compra, camisetas de futbol Hoffenheim tambin tendrn algunos problemas menores, pero estoy realmente satisfecho con la velocidad y los mtodos de procesamiento de sus servicios al cliente. Este sitio web es, sin duda, de camisetas de ftbol baratas y crebles para hombre, nios y mujer.

In this video , We have tried to cover Messi’s best assist since he joined PSG .
It includes all the Epic assists and passes that will impress you

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100 comentario en “Messi Needs to Explain These Unreal Assists – 2023 Edition 😱”
  1. That assist against Netherland is forever Goated it looks casual but what makes that assist phenomenal is the fact that he needed to pass the ball with perfect precision or else few inches away from the target and it would have gone to the opponent. And also the only possible path that the ball had to follow to get to Molina was blocked by an opponent that's why he had to pass the ball between his legs. 👽🐐

  2. When the night has come

    And the land is dark

    And the moon is the only light we'll see

    No, I won't be afraid

    No, I won't be afraid

    Just as long as you stand

    Stand by messi

  3. I dont knw why people look at these goals and praises mbappe mor becoz da assist from messi looks mor difficult to pool of then da gaols itslf believe me if messi would supply halaand it would be da same results or even greater

  4. Messi spoonfeeds with his assists. Absolutely incredible to watch. A man that understands his team mates. Let me explain. He literally sets up the ball for you with precise speed and distance, so without having to adjust much, all you need do is shoot or place the ball into the net. He makes the job super easier for whoever else when he's not the one scoring. Most players just pass the ball anyhow towards your direction with the expecting that you're good and should be able to control the ball or that you're very fast and should be able to catch up with the ball or that you're tall and should be able to reach the ball but you see Messi? Messi will put it at a very good distance to your feet, whether left or right footed, so you comfortably score the goal. A true genius. I'm a Ronaldo fan but I'm also a left footed player so I love Messi all the same and I must admit I belive Messi is the greatest to ever kick a football.

  5. Very very👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 nice. MashAllah 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  6. Messi is a unique player where he plays in a professional football field and reduce it to an indoor football match. He's got a very accurate assessment of his team players location on the field to perform the perfect goal assist.

  7. PSG don't know what to do with Messi and funny thing is.. It's so damn easy, give him the ball and let him lead. Not only he's a midfielder and goal scorer but also technically, tactics, strategically and got critical thinking skills in the field to top up with his experience.. Overall he's a genius and yet PSG don't recognize him as a leading man except investing major 2 Mbappe who is one of the best players, very talented and skillful definitely not taking that away from him but this is Messi we talking abt, he's ability and tactics prevailed him the World cup.

  8. MESSi, Simplemente una BESTIA, una capacidad de leer el campo y encontrar jugadas espectaculares. Gracias Dios por habernos dado a MESSI y MARADONA. Un argentino orgulloso de poder ver a estas BESTIAS del Futbol.

  9. Messi is plus 2 to a team of 11 players. Question is why is PSG so poor in the Champions League with all these exceptional talents: some team only dream to have just Naymar or Mbappe. But PSG has MNM. This PSG underwhelming performance in the Champions League is disturbing

  10. Un movimiento sin balón suficiente para que el emisor tire el pase al receptor.
    Hay ensayos previos en el entrenamiento , nada fuera de lo normal .

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