Lionel Messi is NOT HUMAN

Lionel Messi is NOT HUMAN Castore se ha dado a conocer en el mundo del ftbol trabajando con el Rangers, el Wolves y el Newcastle. camisetas de futbol Panama Castore se ha comprometido a utilizar sus innovadores diseos para proporcionar a los futbolistas la ropa necesaria para alcanzar su mejor nivel.

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48 comentario en “Lionel Messi is NOT HUMAN”
  1. I've seen Maradona, Romário, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo Nazário, Cristiano Ronaldo, Michael Laudrup, Zidane, Totti, Henry, Baggio, among many other geniuses. But Messi is without a doubt the most unpredictable of them. Definitely the greatest genius in football history! Real and absolute GOAT!

  2. I don't know bout you all but i think messi has to be at least in the top 5 list of the greatest athletes of all time maybe am wrong coz i know that list has to have some pretty badass sportspeople, but this guy deserves to be in it in my opinion.

  3. One thing never changes, I never get tired of watching Messi. I've been lucky enough to see him throughout his career (I'm 38), but every single time I watch him play, I just think, how is that possible.

  4. Broooo this has to be the best video of Messi dribbling no cape , with the back sound and the commentator speaking about it it’s juste crazy this made me remember how godly he use to be .

  5. Messi is the best thing that has happened in the beautiful game of football. His slightest touch on the ball, visuospatial processing, and close control of the ball are simply out of the world. Everything Messi does could be a highlight.

  6. Realize how Messi makes most goalkeepers look like clowns cos some of his balls are just simple but cos of the dribbling he does to the defenders, by the time he gets to the keeper the keeper is already confused and a simple touch by Messi is even hard for the keeper to stop. 🐐

  7. Messi is big player like others bigs players but not in the world and he don't deserve is last ballon d'or for many raisons including the last revelations of Landauwski ! ? And some years ago INIESTA who deserve le ballon d'or not Messi ! ? And the MYSTERIOUS transfere of Neymar from BARCELONA TO PSG ! ? Even Neymar was shining in Barcelona ! ? Maybe for to leaving the space of Messi in Barcelona ! ? Or maybe to DEPRIVED Neymar to SHARED the NUMBER of the TROPHY with Messi ! ? And the revelations of Zlatan Ibrahimovich when he played with Messi in Barcelona and Guardiola was the coach that time in Barcelona : Zlatan Ibrahimovich said he scored more goals than Messi and suddly they change Zlatan Ibrahimovich from is place and later Zlatan Ibrahimovich was transferred from BARCELONA TO the Calcio in Italy ! ? One big coach said : we can discover the reel Messi when Messi play Abroad so is DONE : with Messi le PSG was beaten and eliminated by Nice in the French Cup ! ? With Messi le PSG was beaten and eliminated by the Real Madrid in champion league last season ! ? With Messi le PSG was beaten and eliminated by the Bayern Munich last days ago ! ? So Messi is big player like others bigs players but not in the world and Messi is Struggling in the French leagues number five of the clasment of the European leagues ! ? So Messi is human being like any human beings ! ? We are more fan about the REALITY than the player or the person or the illusion ! ?

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