Messi vs Ronaldo – The Golden Rivalry | Film 2022

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Two legends. One golden rivalry. We only thank the stars for allowing us to exist in the same lifespan as these two icons.

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  1. Don't be a Clown and delete this sh*t.. a pathetic attempt trying to show penaldo equal to messi.. there's NO Rivalry.. MESSI has ALWAYS BEEN CLEAR… stop this shitty forced debate… Ppl like you n media have forced this "debate" .. fckoff there's NO debate and has never been.

  2. Messi sh*t on "MR. UCL" in UCL SF AND UCL FINAL. has more wins against him.. scored more goals against him. Was MOTM in humiliating pemaldo.
    There was NEVER A DEBATE.


  4. What a competition it was. The most beautiful in the history of football. They provided fans with great emotions. You just have to thank them for creating such emotions over these 10 years.

  5. the 2 GOATS but let's face it, Ronaldo was always chasing Messi. Messi was the ultimate reason Ronaldo decided to push and work even harden than he ever did to reach his otherworldly level. Ronaldo might be the better athlete but Messi is undoubtedly the better footballer out of the two.

  6. messi is great but don't forget xavi iniesta and busquets, i think mesi is only good playing at barca and at that time barca is in the best form, but ronaldo he is a true fighter doesn't need a solid team, he challenges himself to play at any club And in any league, even PSG is nobody. cr7 has always been my inspiration for football
    Love CR7 ❤

  7. I am a CR7 fan because I know Messi is technically more talented than Ronaldo, Messi's game is more beautiful than that of Ronaldo.Most people like the shy, introverted nature of Messi and almost hates Ronaldo's bold attitude. For most people it is a given that Messi is better than Ronaldo at any day irrespective of what happens. And yet Ronaldo managed to rival Messi for all these years, despite being two years older. He managed to outrun the incredible Messi at his peak, 5 times to win the ballondor.Ronaldo always had to prove himself every single day.He did it in Spain, England and Italy. Still the one moment he falls, the media is quick to pull him down. As Mourinho said, it is probably more difficult to be Cristiano than to be Messi. To believe in yourself and compete tooth and nail against a much more technically gifted rival, under much more scrutiny than the other.
    Messi is the all powerful hero of a happily ever after fairy tale. Ronaldo is the 'Joker' like villain who has a much more compelling and emotional story than the hero, and that makes the Hero's victory great.
    Forever CR7

  8. I was begging for a debate but tbh i never really saw it. That was until cr7 2016-2018. Those years you could say that there was a debate. The world cup hat trick vs spain. The bicycle kick goal vs juventus, clutch goals 3peat with RM. Even as a barca fan i have to admit cr7 is brilliant but why i choose Messi and why the general public will is because of the world cup and for me personally his brilliance with the ball and IQ. Another thing is u look at how Madrid did in the future without cr7 and they won a CL in 2022 but Barca are completely trash without Messi.

  9. Thank You For Creating This Masterpiece Of A Video! I Really Enjoyed It. I Personally Think That The More Skilled And Imaginative Player Is Lionel Messi, However, Ronaldo Was Just As Effective And Brilliant As Messi, Especially In His Prime Real Madrid Days. I Think That There Is Too Much Debate Over Who Is The Better Player, And We Should Just Be Thankful That We Got To Witness These Two Amazing Talents. Thanks, H Eagan.

  10. Now for those who say Ronaldo is a better football player!!!!!???. Messi from the age of 5 onwards had the same skills, flamboyance, focus ,passion up until the present day. Ronaldo says Messi hasn't achieved nothing compared to him. You got to remember Messi has stayed with Barca all those years. He only recently changed teams. Ronaldo has moved all over in search of success.. Ronaldo can't do half of what Messi does and that's on Ronaldos best day. Messi is modest its for the love of the game not for the love of fame like Ronaldo. Messi is the best player there has and will ever be.. Ronaldo has to really try BUT Messi does it with pure ease.. just accept it CR7 and pay your respects to the GOAT.LIONEL MESSI ….

  11. lets be honest here we all thought mbappe vs halaand will be the next big Rivalry but NOPE im sorry they can never compare to Messi vs Ronaldo and i dont think they will ever be considred better than them

  12. Messi & Ronaldo rivalry is like knowing that God exist but majority of people don't respect & worship him instead majority follow earthly & materialistic things of life & deny God.
    Ronaldo is good but messi is better.

  13. The only good thing about our generation is we grow up watching Football of Messi & Ronaldo. We know what really means the word Greatest of all time.

  14. Football is no longer the same.
    This previous generation overall was goated, we are lucky enough to see 2 goats on the football pitch.

    There were so many others like Lampard, gerrard, Rooney Thierry henry, Drogba,Muller, Modric,Iniesta i could go on forever.. It really was a magnificent era.

  15. Im no Messi or Cr7 fan boy but loved the rivalry. The biggest tragedy of one winning the wc means some fans will tarnish the accomplishments of the other. Messi is the goat but Ronaldo is not far off. What a journey, I will miss watching those so classicos as a neutral.

  16. One is above the other. As I always say, take the time to truly analyse. Is there any player that has been both the main goalscorer and main playmaker for his team? To put it into context, Having a Debruyne and CR7 in one player. Then, will you truly understand the genius called Messi.

    I don't see the rivalry here. I see one very good goalscorer and the greatest footballer of all time

  17. Ronaldo never needed Madrid, Madrid needed Ronaldo… Messi never needed Barcelona, Barcelona needed Messi … The two Greats ❤❤❤🏆☑️… that’s what football can offer. Appreciate them while their still here 🎊

  18. Bro this is the best movie i’ve seen, i have literally seen over 50 movie in cinemas but this one at hime is better than all of them❤❤❤ much love for this, keep up the work❤️❤️❤️

  19. Messi,magical, gifted, sublime, an imaginable perfect player you could put close to extraterrestrial. Ronaldo, diligent, obsessed, determined, animal instinct, an imaginable winning tool, you could put 1 to an extraordinary player. If Ronaldo chose not to play football, which player could've been put close to Messi in the peak of his powers?

  20. Ich bin weder Messi Fan noch Ronaldo Fan. Zurzeit ist Bellingham für mich der Weltbeste Fussballer. Jedoch finde ich, dass Massi der Beste Spieler der Geschichte ist.

  21. We need this video to be reach most watched video on YouTube, impressive Hard work ….. Small suggestion whenever watch this video must put your headphones it's really worth your 40 minutes

  22. Lionelmessi is a complete versatile unbeatable world best all time greatest football player in the world. As a football player & as a human being #LM10 is so far best & 10000 more better than #CR7 #Lionelmessi deserve all achievement because he is the best full package of versatile unbeatable talents showkeg he is always best he proved that day by day . #CR7 always show his aggressive , ego behavior against #LM10 he always say about himself he is the best football player in the world & better than #LM10 but #Lionelmessi never say about himself that like #CR7 .#LM10 never talk more & he never show aggressive , ego behavior against #CR7 he always show his humble down to earth nature behavior for every countries football player's, he proved himself in the play ground his skills, talents , play techniques , dribbling, peace petitions , assist score & he have very strong mentality just he always trying to go achieve his more goals in his play cereer now he is legendary world best all time greatest versatile football player in football history whole football world he still keep going top goal scorer #Intermaime never success in football play ground but when #LM10 join this team he totally change this team's graph & he go & go higher to achieve more goals that's why #LM10 is the best all in all he is.❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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