1 HOUR of Lionel Messi Being the GOAT

1 HOUR of Lionel Messi Being the GOAT Apoya a la Roja en todos sus partidos con una sudadera, una equipacin o una camiseta de la seleccin espaola. camisetas de futbol GALES Descubre toda la coleccin en adidas.

Check out this incredible video showcasing Lionel Messi‘s skills, goals, and passes that prove why he is widely considered the greatest of all time (GOAT). In just one hour, you’ll see his unmatched agility, speed, precision, and creativity on the field. From stunning free kicks to mesmerizing dribbling, this video captures it all. Don’t miss out on witnessing the brilliance of Messi in action!
Muchas gracias por ver el vdeo!
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65 comentario en “1 HOUR of Lionel Messi Being the GOAT”
  1. When he has the ball you are in great danger. He still has the best numbers, records and titles. The undisputed GOAT of football now that he is done competing against footballers he enters into comparisons with players from other sports😂
    The best in history🐐👏🐐

  2. In just one touch on the ball you can see that he's a genius; within an hour, you realize that Messi is the God of football himself! His unreal talent, extraordinary technique, endless IQ and infinite ability to improvise give him an immeasurable power to create unpredictable dribbling, passing and finishing solutions. Real and absolute GOAT!

  3. Messi sur le rectangle vert ballon au pied s'exprime comme le faisait Léonard de Vinci devant sa toile ou Mozart avec son instrument de musique. Un réel GÉNIE !❤

  4. It was satisfying to watch so many Classicos and see him excel against the best filthy club in my time, Real Madrid. They fouled fouled him so many times, so hard and with clear intentions; those players wanted not just to stop him, not just to win, but to injure and put him out of a career. That’s how it appeared to me.

    I never heard him say a word about it, so I have no idea how Messi felt about playing on the PSG squad alongside Sergio Ramos, the great filthy defender on RM, but Messi must have detested SR’s lack of sportsmanship. I have no business hating Ramos, but his game made me sick.

    Leo and Barça played some of their best football against RM. it was fantastic.

  5. Al minuto 8 y 40 segundos se quita a tres jugadores como que si fuera un súper héroe de un trancazo con el brazo derecho, claro que sucedió así pero pareciera, fíjense como Messi estira el brazo derecho y cae un jugador y luego estira el brazo derecho otra vez y otro jugador cae y luego estira el brazo derecho otra vez y otro jugador cae, pareciera como un súper héroe.

  6. why he is the only player that is alway man mark by two three and sometimes the entere team. why mr 7 is not getting the same type of heavy challenge , tacle, and brutal defending by opponents ??? he is not 30 % as good as Messi thats why.

  7. Again and again a proof of fallen HUMAN heart and brain ….
    Whatever it's taken ….soud horrible
    With all respect for TRUTH and KNOWLEDGE

  8. I watch Messi since 2005 and I've seen no one as crazy as him I got kick out my mom house because of Messi the joy he gives I kick down the glass table and broke it 😅😅 when he did chest and right foot volley vs one team in 5 am I call the teach a stupid bitch and my mom heard also and kick me out again 😅😅 Messi will come to Montreal my city Nxt year to play and I will finally get to see him I need see ronaldinho too the two best ever ❤

  9. Ok yes! this is funny as hell but let me point something out. Why would a defensive player rack a winger like that? Anyone who has played at a high level knows the answer. It’s bc Nani was breaking that English muffins ankles for years. Defenders get tired of stabbing and chasing and watching guys like Nani dance on the ball so they make a statement to settle shit down. Part of the game yes but Nani was working that ass. Also, this little nugget never gets brought up but it’s worth mentioning. Look at Nani’s footwork when he’s tricking. Who does it look exactly like? Not a little bit but a lot a bit! And!!!!! Nani was first to it btw and his copy cat came to Manchester as a youngen. Just saying!!

  10. Nu l mai comparati pe Ronaldo cu Messi batjocoriți fotbalul poate să dea c . Ronaldo 2000 de goluri si să câștige 100 de trofee si tot nu se poate. Compara cu l Messi

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