Lionel Messi 2024 vs 2040… #shorts

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Lionel Messi 2024 vs 2040! Messi is the greatest footballer of all time. The GOAT. he won 8 ballon d’ors and numerous FIFA best men’s player of the years. He also won the World Cup with Argentina in 2022….

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  1. Ballondor sure deserved it but fifa player of the year? Not sure because if we look at the stats (only stats dont bring awards here) , Haaland , Mbappe , Kane and Ronaldo (people are gping to bring saudi so) – his stats were in MLS for 24-25 goals and 21 assist , stats of Haaland in terms of goal were double , he broke lot of records and what not in 2023. And Messi gets fifa player of the year award (i like messi but this award not sure it was his.)

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  3. I understand this way of doing things may feel like you have sacrificed some perfection in your pronunciation etc however the essence of "English" which is what you are trying to embody is more felt in this video even if the specific pronunciation are quote on quote less correct remember authenticity and it feeling "English" are more important than how perfect it is literally because being perfect can come across as forced or fake so speak English and act English however dont force it and dont try to force the observer to feel the englishness just speak and act it at a level that you feel COMFORTABLE with and BELEIVE IT INWARDLY dont try to make other beleive it it's up to them whether they get the message or not just TRUST they do get the message and I am very proud of you I see your improvement every video brother ❤

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  6. Stay Relaxed, do it at your own comfort level, feel like you are of that background in the moment and trust the audience get the message. When you do all these things at a very good level I will tell you a trick to make your accent sound White English too but do not worry about that yet

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  8. He was never a goat. His 91 goals in a year helped him to get that title which he gained by stealing his teammates goals or bribing the referee and the opposite team

  9. Man 1st guy who impartially gave his review on this bs instead of those mf youtubers who changed sides as soon as players like Muller made a video in support of Messi.
    Despite hating Man City, Nathan is honest and I respect that.

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