Lionel Messi can’t enjoy his dinner in peace as locals surround the restaurant in Argentina

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99 comentario en “Lionel Messi can’t enjoy his dinner in peace as locals surround the restaurant in Argentina”
  1. Messi needs to be more careful (few weeks ago I wouldn't have said this) but now he definitely needs to. He just needs to be bc these ppl are just something else plus the other incident few weeks back. Am glad he's out of France though and smiling. Am sure he can't wait to see his teammates

  2. Couldn't find any reason not to leave PSG, he deserve better like Ronaldo, hope to see Messi sign with Man City 😂 but I don't think is possible. Pls leave PSG

  3. PSG fans must be scratching their heads right now 😳 knowing how well Leo Messi, the genius one, is being loved in Argentina 🇦🇷 and across the globe 🌎. PSG fans and French soccer fans turned on Mbappe and Benzema before. They don't seem to appreciate glorious people 😕

  4. Messi only have one thing to have achieved everything in this life
    He has money, family,fame,every football throphy it's just left for him to make heaven and he will certainly be the most successful human to ever lived

  5. This country is doomed, when a person who kicks the ball is treated this way but a person who makes life saving drugs and vaccines are unknown then we know what the society really is

  6. Even though that looked like a scary situation,I mean he could have got poked in the eye or hurt in some sense or annoyed by too much crowd but he was all smiles.He knows they love him and he loves them too.PSG fans,be patient a little guys this is the GOAT 🐐 u have at your club.

  7. at least is pure love … contrary of what him and his family are currently experiencing in Paris… if Mappe misses 4 goals is messi’s fault … if PSG defense sucks … ir is messi’s fault as well… Messi needs to retire with Guardiola in Manchester City….

  8. Omygod so scary. I was not suprised. In that case, Messi would never stay in Argentina. They should give him respect and privacy. I couldn't blame Messi for staying in Europe after retirement. I remember when Cristiano went to a restaurant when he was in Real madrid. Everybody was paying respect and even ask for permession before taking a picture. Even to Messi. No wonder most celebrities choose to take a vacation in European countries.

  9. He truly deserves all this love he is not only the goat but he is also a fantastic person and incredibly humble and respectful ❤❤❤🐐🐐🐐. P$G fans thats how you treat leo you dont deserve him

  10. Man, you can see that he actually enjoys interacting with the fans. If the fans were more courteous and formed a well organized line to talk to him, I’m sure he would be happy to talk for hours

  11. Messi iz a gem ummm…Herow 4 argentina….tey ador him…..Dnt tink so….we should say or speak bout him…..
    Ofcors…..Messi is messi👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍⚽️🏆🏆⚽️🏆🏆

  12. for those ignorants who are criticizing the people from argentina for this, the restaurant offer to Messi exit from the backdoor and he insists to go from the front with all these people, and this scene's are seeing in the whole world with other celebrities, in USA, in Asia, in Europe, in Africa, etc etc. MESSI = GOD

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