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Messi or Ronaldo: EVERYONE picks their GOAT! | You Have To Answer | ESPN FC Todas las Nuevas Camisetas de Futbol 2022/2023 Baratas, Calidad Tailandia, camisetas de futbol Tenerife, con el Mejor Precio, calidad y trato NO TE LO PIERDAS

Stars from the football world and beyond have their say on the Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo debate in ESPN FC‘s You Have To Answer challenge! Which GOAT will emerge victorious? Hear from Giorgio Chiellini, Alphonso Davies, Megan Rapinoe, Christian Pulisic, Andy Robertson, Tim Howard, Pierre Emerick-Aubameyang, Emma Hayes, Kevin De Bruyne, Romelu Lukaku, Leroy Sane, Reece James, Brendan Aaronson, Tyler Adams, Marco Reus, Thomas Muller, Craig Burley, Manuel Neuer, Jose Altidore, Kingsley Coman, Fernandinho, Jack Harrison, Josh Sargent, Granit Xhaka, Cedric Soares, Gio Reyna, Ryan Sessegnon, Aaron Mooy, Julie Ertz, Arnaut Danjuma, Trinity Rodman, Fran Kirby and more.

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100 comentario en “Messi or Ronaldo: EVERYONE picks their GOAT! | You Have To Answer | ESPN FC”
  1. Ronaldo is a fraud in World cups. He’s never even been to WC finals let alone a 3rd place.
    Let’s look at Ronaldo’s WCs
    2006 – 4th place
    2010 – first round exit
    2014 – didnt even qualify. The USA qualified instead….
    2018 – fist round exit
    2022 – 2nd round embarrassing exit.

    The debate is over
    Messi is the undisputed GOAT 🐐

    Ronaldo is a fraud in Word cups.
    Poor Ronaldo 😢

  2. Before watching yesterday final.. I see both as equal.. One is super talent and play with high class art and dribble everyone like he is showboating but he's actually not.. Another one is super machine and play with magnificent consistent scoring ability.. But after watching yesterday game.. I give salute to Messi and I have to admit he is the GOAT.. Just a level above Cristiano.. Let's be realistic.. Messi is number one.. Ronaldo is number two.. And then there is someone like Mbappe Lewandowski Haaland Banzema Neymar and so on.. And then there is Lingard Maguire Fred and so on..

  3. I don't know why people are now doing since the goat debate is basically over, that ronaldo was never close and other myths. Messi is the GOAT. For Ronaldo, He's the 2nd greatest player of all time and would have won 7+ballon d'Ors in any other era. People saying ronaldo is/was only a goalscorer in his career clearly don't know s!*t. We just can't forget everything that cr7 has done for football. He's the greatest athlete of all time (messi doesn't really has that much athlethism so he's out of that conversation). also when messi hit 91 goals a year. It was also one of ronaldo's best season but gets overshadowed by that of messi. And it was closer than you think. Messi that season was best but also with the best team of that time with Xavi and iniesta to back him up, the barca system was also pass the ball to messi, if messi pass to you pass back to messi inshalla. It was also a position based system messi played in. Barca also got a top 3 ballon d'Or players in the same team. Whereas ronaldo was a winger in madrid who weren't as good as barca. Madrid wasn't a possesion based team but more counterattacking. Messi at a barca system were the ball always went to messi scored 73goals a season and 20+assists(since they also had better finishers) as a striker. Ronaldo as a winger joined madrid when they were on decline and he dragged them up again while players like kaka were failing. Ronaldo passes were wasted so many times you forget the count of misses benzema and co got as strikers for madrid. While ronaldo was also the most complete attacker in history. He got it all. The finishing of ronaldo, the passing of him was great but people are ignorant since messi is much better at it, the crosses of ronaldo, the power, long shots of ronaldo, the variety in ronaldo's free kicks (he hit already 40+, this clearly shows that the injury affected him), footwork of ronaldo, dribbling despite being 185, physical of ronaldo, agility for that tall, right foot of ronaldo, left  foot of ronaldo, heading of ronaldo, positioning of ronaldo, basically, the hard work of ronaldo with the talent. Despite his misadvantage compared to messi, he still dragged a decent amount of assists and 60+goals. Ronaldo wasn't just a goalscorer but also a creator and entertainer. The fact that cr7 wasn't even a striker, he played same position as ribery by the way, this shows how good he was. Most of messi's goals around 30%were tap ins to make my argument stronger. But all of this wasn't enough since the numbers of messi blinded peoples eyes and he got the ballon d'Or. He(cr7) continue to drag 60+ goals and did this for freaking 4 CONSUTIVITE SEASONS. You see know that the gap was much closer between the players than the media ajust it is. Most complete attacker of all time. He would basically be the best in every other era but the close rivalry with messi got other plans and it lasted for over 15 YEARS, there are so many legendary players that played but this two were always the best except 2020 And after 2021. messi will surely go down as the greatest but if messi is the greatest then ronaldo is always the second greatest. No one in between! Cristiano Ronaldo, the boy from Madeira, inspiration and example for many generation in an outside football, the greatest athlete of all time.😉🇵🇹🐐💪🏃

  4. That one post from Ronaldo sister shows 🤡…💯 educated girl nd that too Ronaldo sister still don't know how to respect here it shows…Ronaldo is best human footballer nd family person a guy who really works hard but it doesn't make you better than Messi,but simply Messi is inhuman 👽…Messi is goat.. it's just that he's a pure God gift man…no hate to o anyone it's the fact… Ronaldo also deserved wht he's done to the game 🙌

  5. one thing i have noticed is that people who play or have played football and are neutrals (have not played with either or are not Argentinian nor Portuguese) seem to pick Messi more often

  6. Reality (League+International):
    Dribble: Messi 3019; R7 1646;
    Non-penalty Goal: Messi 686; R7: 673;
    Assist : Messi: 393; R7: 176;
    Key pass: Messi: 1325; R7: 890;
    THROUGHBALLS: Messi: 430; R7: 81;
    World Cup Best: Messi: 1 Champion 1 Runner-up; R7: Quarter-final

  7. Ronald is the best. Started as a midfielder; played as a midfielder most of his career and pulled ridiculous numbers.

    Messi is great, no doubt, but you just have to say that the Barca system helped him a lot. It fit him perfectly.

    Ronaldo would have done magical numbers if he was in that Barca team with Xavi & Iniesta.

    Great players. Legendary.

  8. The family tree of the G.O.A.TS: Pelé 🕊️🐐: Grandfather. Maradona 🕊️🐐: Father. Messi 👽🐐: Twin. Ronaldo 🐐 🔥: Another Twin. DO NOT compare a goat with another goat.

  9. Messi fans like : but Messi has more passes!
    Show them videos of Cristiano amazing passing in 3 top leagues ! Messi fans like : but Messi has better dribbling !
    Show them videos of Ronaldo’s unbelievable dribbling in 3 top leagues ! Messi fans like : but Messi has better free kicks ! Show them videos of Ronaldo awesome free kicks from all sides , and ranges in 3 top leagues ! Messi fans like : but Messi has more trophies in one single club and league ! Show them videos of how Barca has been paying the referees in Spain for the last 20 years and may be out of the next UEFA champions league for corruption ! Messi fans like : but Messi has a World Cup ! Show them videos of how the corruption goes from the Messi / Barca club all the way to ESPN sports FIFA and UNICEF and Qatar ! Messi fans like : but Messi is a nice guy , humble and Ronaldo just an arrogant robot !
    Show them videos of Ronaldo giving blood to sick children , money to charities around the world ! Messi fans like : But , but , but Messi is a better player Ronaldo is only a goal scorer ! 😂

  10. I love how guys in the comments want to pretend that there was no debate, yeah sure, that's why Cristiano has 5 ballon d'or in the same era with Messi, that's also why Messi himself consider him to be at the same level with him

  11. you can say you like Ronaldo but you can't say Ronaldo is better than Messi because Messi can win MOTM without scoring but Ronaldo can't and also Messi has won most MOTM in football history and has better average match rating tham Ronaldo.

  12. This debate is over, Messi is with out a doubt better than Ronaldo. The fact speaks for it self. Just look at the wining things, and goal and assist, and Messi has won the World Cup. Messi vs Ronaldo is over. Messi won that one.

  13. With increase in age both Messi n Ronaldo's speed will decline.
    But Messi's game will be almost same coz he relies his strength at techniques,assist,dribbling n play making n for that u don't have to run much.
    But Ronaldo's game will be completely change coz he relies on speed to reach the perfect spot to score.

  14. If i have to keep one in my team ill keep Messi.
    He can assist n he is the architect.
    For scoring Ronaldo no doubt is best but his speed will slow down slowly.
    But messi doesn't need to run.
    He just need to stay in the game n assist that's all

  15. Ronaldo is natural response for everyone that only watch football for highlight because on goal and skill only or people that doesn't know football and so only know Goalscorer. While Messi is watch by people who actually watch entire match…
    The World Cup 2022 Final is turning point where everyone rethink that Messi is the true Goat.. World Cup is most prestigious sport tournament in humanity with 5.4 Bilion or actually more watch the world cup 2022 and which Semifinal and Final is what most attend and waited by everyone in the world.. Bilion people watch together with family and they directly watch every football player performance.. Everyone that truly have watch or even neutral one will already impressed by Lionel Messi.. Lionel Messi dribbling,assist,accuracy insane ball control is directly show to Bilion people at one match.. Bilion people are suddenly impressed of how Messi God-dribbling and Playmaker capability are.. While true Fans or Football enthusiast already know Messi have done that for 17 years.. Meanwhile Ronaldo in the world Cup already known..

  16. Espn know cr7 is the goat
    Weak foot
    Pace is important messi is a slow loser
    Jump cr7
    Skill cr7
    Long range cr7
    Rockets 🚀 cr7
    Prime 2008 messi whole career
    Championship leageu goals and assists
    Puskas award.
    Primier league 3× messi is scard to play in prem.

    No debate. Subscribe.

  17. to all these people in the comments everytime I talk to a ronaldo fan that is like above the age of like 24-25 that has followed their whole career says that he loves ronaldo but that they are beeing realistic and know the spot as the best player leads to lionel messi

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