Xabi Alonso on playing against Lionel Messi while at Real Madrid #Shorts

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In his masterclass, Xabi Alonso discussed his role at Real Madrid under Jos Mourinho, and how they planned to stop Lionel Messi when he played as a false nine.

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100 comentario en “Xabi Alonso on playing against Lionel Messi while at Real Madrid #Shorts”
  1. You gotta give credits to real madrid for winning against prime messi and barcelona. Playing against them was a nightmare for everyone. Imagine being forced to play against them 2 times, sometimes more every year.

  2. Ramos is a true gladiator who knows how to stop the mighty opponents. He is a fuckig warrior who knows the warfield and confont the opponents with his life. But you you know, there are Kings who are stubborn to admit defeat. That's why the world got King Leo

  3. Literally everyone using “messi is coming” sentence like footballers aren’t meant to talk and communicate with there teammates no more

  4. He's forgetting to mention the fact that Messi would take the ball past him, Ramos and the rest of the Madrid defense regardless of how they set up to try and deal with him.

  5. This goes to show the beauty of soccer.. its such a brain/mind oriented game to be able to assess the situation and the very next possible scenario .
    Thats where ronaldo and messi outshine others because their brain has been honed/gifted that level of extra insight that gives both the edge .

    As once The Great One ( Jose Mourninho ) said " its a pity because in 5 6 years time messi and ronaldo will retire , and WE ALL WILL BE CRYING😢"

  6. Try to choke him, he dribbles past you; try to block angles, he executes a precise pass that most players cant even think of; leave him alone, he just runs in and scores the goal. The greatest player of all time

  7. I did not think I'll end up laughing at this short video they way i did. "Xabi, Messi is coming"! Omg and both Ramos & Xabi are world class. Messi is truly terrifying 😅

  8. الصراحة واحد من أقود الفيديوهات فتاريخ الويب المغرب ، تحية ليكم و تحيو خاصة لواليديكم ❤❤❤❤

  9. I used watch a lot of Prime Barca and especially El Clasico. It was insane how much Messi and Barca dominated in those matches.

    Messi at his prime on the ball would just make his opponents insecure. Will he dribble? Will he pass? Will he turn? Will he go left? Right? Will he feint? Will he just take a long distance shot? Will he outpace someone on the ball? He could do it all and that made him so dangerous. You just couldn't predict what he's do.

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