Lionel Messi ● The Story of the GOAT – Official Movie

Lionel Messi The Story of the GOAT – Official Movie Da rienda suelta a tu pasin por la Roja y no dejes de animarla durante los noventa minutos del partido. Celebra las victorias de una generacin brillante con la camiseta de la seleccin espaola de ftbol, camisetas de futbol Ukraine el equipo que se llev a casa la Copa del Mundo de 2010 y la posterior Eurocopa de 2012. Djate llevar por la furia espaola y atrvete a lucir en el pecho la estrella que te acredita como fan de la mejor seleccin del mundo.

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The Story of the GOAT 2: s

See all magical moments, dribbling skills & goals in this video. The Story of the GOAT


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Lionel Messi The End of an Era: k
Messi – Neymar – Mbapp // The Best Trio Ever?: g

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  1. 2:14 Barca President commenting on Messi's first goal I swear he just read my mind, the 1st thing i noticed how he scored his 1st goal like he's been doing it forever. Unreal!

  2. Bro neymar throw balls above people heads,make people run into each and poles,score beautiful penalities but I don't hear anyone praising him like a god! Messi and Ronaldo is just white privilege, neymar plays the best football this generation has ever seen, PERIOD!😏

  3. I think there's a lot wrong in this video. Barcelona playing Real Madrid in UCL Semi final, when Messi dribbled Madrid from the centre to score that famous goal, was in 2011 not 2010. Two UCL finals, Barca vs Man U, were played in 2009 and 2011, not 2010 as this video shows. In 2011/12 season, Messi scored 73 goals, not 53 as shown in this video

  4. Messi is the raw example of Human beings are greatest creation of GOD.. The way Messi play this game is hard to repeat even on playstations😊😊 Messi make the insane things he do predictable:Roy Hudson

  5. Looked at the story of the goat and its messi!?? Ffs. Jeezus talk about wankfesti fantards!! Love the hifhlights from la liga when they had banned him from being tackled for tv coverage.😂. Like he could score those goals in the prem😂. Ronaldo by a mile the better player. 3 leagues, no team built around him or dictact from the league.

  6. Never been happier for an Individual to win a sports event than I was for Messi to win the World Cup. For the joy he's brought to the world for nearly two decades nobody deserved it more. Was too nervous to watch the final and I'm not even Argentine, but when I found out the result I screamed like a lunatic.

  7. Messi still your my ftbaal Goat, but you don't fotget who is your goat, Ronaldinho is your teacher Ronaldinho is your friend Ronaldinho is your goat Ronaldinho is for your everything

  8. "Messi's grandmother : ""One day you'll be the greatest football player in the world ""

    Little did she know that her grandson would become the greatest ever to grace the sport.

    Its actually sad that she couldn't witness her grandson achieve it all."

  9. Ronaldo said Messi is number 1 and if you my fans i want to tell you the debate is over ❤
    I am Cristiano Ronaldo is not better like Messi and this debate is over.

    Now Ronaldo said this on television ❤

  10. first thing this video needs an oscar for how much edit happened, I’m an editor and i understand how hard this is
    send thing is that you got so many clips from so many matches and chose the best of them
    i’m asking myself why do people say that messi is bad and all of those stuff even some people say that he’s bad with getting header goals the thing is that messi was born with problems so that’s why he’s not so tall and even that he still get headers i know it’s not like ronaldo’s headers because ronaldo is talker that him and actually messi runs faster than Ronaldo because he’s thinner and weights less than ronaldo
    I’m so happy for this man, he’s my idol in football and i wish him all the best❤️❤️

  11. Роналду и Месси оба круты. Не нужно их стравливать. Они на самом деле уважают друг друга 😮

  12. 16:10.. I have seen this so many time, even watching the game. It’s the first time that I’ve noticed that right after his pass Jordi Alba is already celebrating the goal. The trust, the confidence…

  13. Cristiano Ronaldo:

    Most goals in general

    Most UCL goals

    Most international goals

    Most UCL goals in a single season record

    Most hat-tricks

    Most header goals

    Most weak foot goals

    Achieved top scorer in the Premier League (best and hardest league)

    Achieved top scorer in La Liga multiple times

    Achieved top scorer in Serie A multiple times (We weren't in the MLS at 35 kiddo)

    Won a ballon d'or in the Premier League (Still the last one to do so)

    Real Madrid all-time top scorer (biggest and most historic club in the world)

    Pessi: Stat-padded against farmers while being in a powerful team in La Liga (pretty much 90% of his career), first season he gets 6 goals for the entirety of the season (while being in a super team again against farmers) second season he's very average, then runs away to the MLS 💀💀🍔🏳‍🌈🏳‍🌈

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