Leo Messi | Dribbling Skills In Slow Motion

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Here’s some of Messi’s breathtaking skills in slow motion
Headphones are highly recommended for a better experience

Enjoy 🙂

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  1. Those who have played the sport in the streets, a club, a league, and the like, know very well that Grand Entity Messi is doing many, many things at the same time, preparing to trick, unbalance, outrun, and some times, just PRETEND you would use any of those, to later move light a lightning to another direction. It's comparable, saving the differences, to a Bach fuge. There's many tunes being played at the same time, intermixed, one finishing the other's phrases and complementing. All done with 10 fingers and two feet. Messi is the same. Everything he does with his body is to allow himself, at least, one clear path out of any situation. A true MASTER!

  2. Leo’s dribbling unfolds like an intricate symphony, his every touch a crescendo of unparalleled harmony, weaving a tapestry of motion so sublime it transcends the boundaries of earthly perception. As he glides across the field, he embodies the spirit of the ocean, ebbing and flowing like the tide, his movements a breathtaking ballet of fluidity and grace.

    His feet are the keys of a celestial piano, playing an ethereal melody that resonates through the very core of existence. Each step is a masterstroke, a delicate brush on the canvas of time, painting an indelible portrait of artistic genius that transcends the ephemeral realm of the mortal coil.

    The defenders who dare challenge him are like leaves caught in the tempest of his talent, swirling and tumbling, powerless to resist the maelstrom of brilliance that surrounds him. He navigates the labyrinth of their futile attempts with the finesse of a seasoned cartographer, charting a transcendent path through the chaos of their disarray.

  3. The thing about him is that he is such an aggressive dribbler he is really gifted of course but he really doesn’t do anything over the top he simply dribbles with the intent to pass you he dictates the defender thus he always ask the defender to challenge him not the other way around.

  4. I didn't watch "soccer" football until the last couple of years. Messi's best trick is his ability to meld the "wow" skills with his knowledge of the game and where all the players are on the pitch. He'll come up with moments like we see here but he can also slot with simple positioning and anticipation and tear teams apart that way.

  5. At this point, it is impossible to debate who has been the greatest player of all time. All that's left is to admire Messi and enjoy watching him play his final years. He has earned our respect on and off the field. It's a true real-life story that feels like a movie.

  6. I love how his teammates just look on in awe. They know when he’s about to go on one of his runs. Barca will never be the same without him

  7. I love both Ronaldo and Messi almost equally…but though Ronaldo has flashes of brilliance, Messi consistently outshines his opponents 95% of the time….Maybe the fact that he is shorter, has a closer center of gravity…or just the muscle memory of looking at his tackling opponents' feet since he was a kid…all this must've helped him analyse each and every foot movement of his opponent and how to dribble his way out of it…who knows…but he's a legend….! And I do feel sad when opponents who can't take the ball from him bring him down in a foul….! 😮‍💨

  8. This not only shows how effortlessly he dribbles the ball but also how many times he could of easily got a foul which most other's would but instead shrugs the challenges off and keeps going.

  9. Several observations: (1) his entire body is dribbling, not just the feet, (2) he body fakes a lot, throwing the opponent off, (3) he doesn't use the "falling-down" drama, though he's often pushed around, (4) his speed is crazy, even passing the ball through others' legs, (5) the other men really respect him and aren't trying to destroy him either.

  10. When Messi plays ,he does simple things in perfection and players around him just can’t do anything , some people can’t resist to say it’s none other than rigged.

  11. This makes me full of tears how beautifully and gracefully he carries the ball. Its just divine! There will never be any player like this ever not atleast in many generations. ❤

  12. @4:25 No. 4 – watch him try to clip messi's leg with his hand, and then, this FULLY GROWN MAN self-induces his own trip. LOL.
    There are few true football heros. Soccer is sadly just a huge pond of mostly desperate , undignified fish.

  13. Excellent video. This is what I’ve been searching for. Beautiful ballet . He is always, literally, one step ahead of his opponents, because he is always one step ahead mentally. And to add to it, this has to be split second , mental decision making and anticipation at the highest level. Truly remarkable. Like a chess player sped up to the inth power. Players like this are born once in a blue moon. You can have a physically gifted player with perfect form and perfect skill, but if your mental agility isn’t ahead of your skill level, then you’ll just be a good player. Messi has the mental quickness, ability to anticipate, adjust his decision making in a split second, all with the patience and confidence needed to reach the net. Truly a gift from God. We have to always have on our radar a young Messi. Maybe his sons will have his genetics to perform at this level. Once he retires, I hope he has his own football clinic so he can try to instill his philosophy in young players. What a gifted player. Wow.

  14. The USA Men's National Team needs to watch these videos. And the thing is, he's here in Miami. They all need to come to the practices and dribble with him. The thing about Messi and Wayne Gretzky in hockey, is they don't get hit.

  15. at 3.15 u see… thats some wizard shit….ball bounces back from opponents head….messi waits calmly expecting it….this is not normal believe me….he is the son of god

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