Argentina will be FINE! – Ale Moreno on their future without Lionel Messi | ESPN FC

Argentina will be FINE! – Ale Moreno on their future without Lionel Messi | ESPN FC Adems si eres un fantico de tu equipo de ftbol, camisetas de futbol Peru adquiere la camiseta o chndal oficial de cualquier equipo que compita en las ligas ms importantes de europa como es la liga de campeones o conocida histricamente como la Champions League. Este ao no dejes que te falte ningn detalle para animar a tu equipo favorito durante los partidos de liga o los partidos de la champions. Te lo ponemos muy fcil, en tn slo un click podrs elegir algunos de los modelos de los equipos que tenemos disponible en nuestra oferta, incluida la camiseta del Real Madrid (primera y segunda equipacin), del vigente campen de Liga y Champions,

The ESPN FC panel react to Argentina’s 1-0 win over Paraguay where Lionel Messi was subbed in at the 53rd minute. Then, Alejandro Moreno details what life will be like for Argentina in the «Post-Messi Era.»

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78 comentario en “Argentina will be FINE! – Ale Moreno on their future without Lionel Messi | ESPN FC”
  1. Post Messi in Argentina will be fine but at the same time WON'T BE!
    Messi makes everything look easier..You just have to run and he'll find you..He carries the ball and run games like something we've never seen before, freak in my opinion..

    They've got talents in the youngsters but they won't have Messi

  2. Even saudi game, they shouldn't have lost. Remember var official apologizing the next day for canceling lautaro s goal for offside…. fFIfa and their fifi penaldo tried their best 😂😂😂

  3. Lionel Messi is the best player in the history of the Argentina national team and after his shortcomings in major international tournaments since 2021 he won Copa America Finalissma and the holy grail of football which is the World Cup and in Copa America he was the best player in the tournament, Finalismma against Italy he was man of the match in that game, and at the World Cup once again best player in the tournament with the Golden Ball. For Argentina he’s responsible for scoring assisting and creating goals and has been doing that with consistency for 2 decades and while the team around him is very strong that allowed Lionel Messi to be at his absolute best and was able to express himself and carry his national team on his shoulders. Now that he’s won the World Cup his with the Argentina national team is coming to an end very soon and he’s 36 and not getting any younger while he remains their talisman and is the best player on the national team they’ll eventually have to deal with a future without him and I think next year’s Copa America will be his last ever major tournament for Argentina and he’ll go out with a bang.

  4. They'll be more than fine. Sure, they will need to adjust from what has been an extremely Messi-centric system but they have plenty of talent to choose from.

  5. Argentina have been absolutely flawless in recent years. They won Copa America in 2021 Finalissma in 2022 months later the World Cup and winning Copa America was critical for them and while they were one of the favorites to win the World Cup even if people saw either France or Brazil winning, they had momentum going into the tournament and literally lost their first group stage game against Saudi Arabia and then went on to win the tournament. It’s not even their success in recent international tournaments since 2019, Argentina have only lost 1 game in 4 years and since the World Cup final they haven’t conceded a single goal and have been playing very well in international football whether it’s friendlies qualifiers etc. They play with energy they play football often having to break down low block defenses play with purpose create chances and Lionel Scaloni has a well oriented team that has been impressive in the last couple of years. After Lionel Messi, the future of the Argentina national team is in safe hands. They boast some incredible players and young emerging talent Julian Alvarez Alejandro Garnacho Enzo Fernandez Alexis Mac Callister Lautaro Martinez Lisandro Martinez Cristian Romero Thiago Almida etc as they have a good core of players and young ones that have a lot of potential and Messi is obviously the most important player on the team without him in the future they have very good players and they have a cohesive unit that can cope without him.

  6. Argentina will be fine, they are one of the best teams in the world , but when games get stuck and you need someone to take you out of a complicated situation that is when Messi will be unequivocally needed. Yesterday they played very well but gainst Paraguay. When they come against a European giant or a Brazil who knows how this team will look without Messi 🐐.

  7. What i like with this Argentina team is they went to win and fight like their lives depend on it and if they win by 10 goals or 1 goal they do not care as long as they do not lose.

  8. Argentina is a great footballing nation who produce numerous elite footballers every year. Obviously they will be fine without Messi but the impact Messi had in their game will never be matched by another Argentine. There simply hasn't been another player of Messi's quality anywhere. It's just not possible for a player alone to do what he does regularly on field .

  9. Oh no Argentina without messi will not be fine and if you think so you're delusional.
    They barely win a world cup in a penalty shootout against a France C team with some players who was sick and with a goalkeeper renowned for be one of the worst in penalty

  10. The final third prob still need somone but they find in middle defensively maybe more creative left back but about it . Attack is good but they need that guy who will create somthing out of knowhere .

  11. Smoothening the transition from Messi's Argentina to post Messi Argentina will ironically be Messi's greatest challenge at the end of his career. I hope he takes it up with gusto.

  12. This is a real World Champion team. When Messi came in, he got dispossessed three times immediately, and Argentina recovered the ball immediately.

  13. Sorry without Messi Argentina will be quite a bit poorer.

    France on the other hand has longevity and a pool of young talent always filling the roles of other talents moving away from international games

    Let’s be realistic, without Messi, Argentina has no chance against the top teams

  14. This guy Ale doesn’t know football! De Paul isn’t a pretty player? That’s ridiculous! De Paul is an amazing player as well as the whole midfield

  15. I'm sorry I watched the whole show and I can't defend what you're doing anymore, since the beginning of qualifications you've been butchering Ronaldo every game specially the last one when ge didn't score but today he made 200 caps, he was honored, he scored 2 goals, Portugal officially qualified, he's the 2nd top scorer with 7 goals and you totally ignored that and kept talking about a friendly or this spit incident??? At least do something so people don't say you're bias lol.

  16. Lot's of people dissing Argentina post-Messi. Keep talking, blokes. You all said the same things at the beginning of the WC. Now some of you are whining about penalties given freely. What are you going to whine about when you're left looking even more ridiculous than you look now.

  17. I think Brazil or France will be favourites for 2026.but Argentina will win Copa 2024
    By 2026 the confederation regional champions will be Argentina, France or England, Japan and Senegal and Mexico

  18. Argentina is good no doubt, they can win some without the goat, but when it comes to play some of the bigger teams they need a decision der n a magician to overcome. And that's were Messi comes. Scolini has to play Messi v carefully if he wants him till next WC

  19. ❌❌MacAllister❌❌is broken with Liverpool, but plays magnificently with Argentina🛑It seems he moves in fluid formation with DePaul & Enzo & not stuck in one position🤔

  20. Come on … Argentina biggest weapon and biggest fear factor is Messi. Without him Argentina will have no fear factor. Don't underestimate the presence of big players like Messi. His name and reputation has a big psychological advantage. It is not that long time ago Messi has toyed with the best Croatian defender in the world cup. Most defenders who faced Messi in the past have traumatic experience. They know he is the best they ever seen and they know what he is capable of. So that only with out even Messi touches he ball, his presence can play a big role in the minds of an opponent team. With Messi the opponent can build doubt and fear. Without Messi the opponent can build confidence. Argentina not only will lose what Messi can do in actual game with his magic,Gola's, assists and free kicks, they will also lose all the advantages of physiological and mental they had on their opponents. Without Messi Argentina will be an average national team. Time will tell but definitely Argentina will feel Messi absence at crucial and important matches. Honestly Portugal has a better promise after Ronaldo than Argentina after Messi.

  21. I'm very proud of this national team, I'm a 40 years old man and this is the best team I have ever seen of all the national teams, it really makes you proud to watch them. I will cry like a baby when messi gives up the national team … I love this guy.

  22. The Secret of Argentina is the Group. Lionel Scaloni made them understand that the strongest asset is the team and they are 23 machines that synchronize to perfection!!!!!

  23. Argentina needs a creative player mainly, someone that can dictate the game and score goals here and there. Iniesta type of player, score important goals and make plays at the same time. Doesn’t have to score crazy amount of goals like Messi did in his career.
    Dybala is kind of like that, but inconsistent and gets injured a lot. Also, he rarely plays great for National Team.

  24. There’s also a weakness when they play with Messi- they’ll feed him even if he’s not in the best position. When he’s not on the pitch they make smarter decisions.

  25. Neutral perspective here. I see Argentina play with every thing they have every game. They have heart and every touch has pride and character. glory in its purest form. I love watching this squad. More then I liked watching 2018 Portugal , or 2010 Spain.
    What a riot these boys are. De Paul for captain is my vote after Messi hangs up the boots

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