FULL MATCH: Real Madrid 2 – 3 Barça (2017) Messi grabs dramatic late win in #ElClásico!!

FULL MATCH: Real Madrid 2 – 3 Bara (2017) Messi grabs dramatic late win in #ElClsico!! Si buscas el mejor lugar para comprar rplicas de camisetas de ftbol, camisetas de futbol Chicago Fire acabas de llegar al sitio adecuado. En Futbolkit encontrars las mejores rplicas oficiales, licenciadas por los propios clubes, para lucir esa camiseta que tanto deseas con un ahorro considerable.

It was one of the most dramatic endings to #ElClsico ever! A hard fought game that left Bara’s number 10 battered and bruised came down to a moment of brilliance from the Bara team in the dying moments. Truly one of the greatest Clsico moments of all time!


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  1. It’s so weird to think how some of the children of these pro futbol players live their lives. Do they live like they have a giant reputation to uphold, or do they go about their own ideals?
    In any case, time to watch the match.

  2. You the narrator are so full of it Marcelo is and has been a scumbag ever since he played in Brazil, he intentionally and premeditated the hit on Leo I don't understand how the referee didn't no trow his azz out of the game, and then Marcelo has the nerve to go and get work on his elbow as soon as he hit Leo he gives him a look like saying I got you I am no saying that a little roughness in the game is not allowed but doing that way is criminal, I don't understand the hypocrisy of it all gives me stomach vomit. so much for Marcelo the good thing about it is that this will be there to remained him of the kind of person that he is LEO

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  5. Ramos bale benezma luca salah ronaldo inesta messi squarez pique only missing neymar and xavi and this been so perfect! Also alba like puts so much effort so I am gonna put his name here

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  7. Commentator: there you see Cristiano Ronaldo reaction to that fine Messi strike.nothing he could do…

    Ofcourse nothing he could do…he is beyond far from Messi’s ability! 😊

  8. Oh wow. Idk which game did barcelona paid the referee. But this player been tackling messi brutally just to stop him, it’s a wonder he didn’t get many injuries during his career. They rarely get the ball by a fair 1v1. And great play by both goalkeeper, amazing saves. I know it’s 2-3 but it could’ve easily been more if they have worse goalkeepers.

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