Gerardo Martino EXPLAINS why he DIDN’T want to RISK Lionel Messi in the US Open Cup FINAL

Gerardo Martino EXPLAINS why he DIDN’T want to RISK Lionel Messi in the US Open Cup FINAL Nuevas camisetas futbol baratas 2022-23, camisetas de futbol Spezia, el precio ms bajo por 21 para adultos y nios Puede personalizar a bajo precio 5% DTO. en pedidos +60 .

Gerardo Martino EXPLAINS why he DIDN’T want to RISK Lionel Messi in the US Open Cup FINAL.

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12 comentario en “Gerardo Martino EXPLAINS why he DIDN’T want to RISK Lionel Messi in the US Open Cup FINAL”
  1. My family’s paid top dollars $250 per tickets to see the game at the pink stadium very disappointed not to see Messi they waited until the 11 minutes to announce he was not playing A big disappointment because I took my two grandkid they wanted to see him at least at the bench. Martino can not make the team work without Messi Facundo Farías Gómez are not connecting playing bad

  2. They have been lying and manipulating about Messi's injury to keep selling tickets. Messi never missed a final in his entire career unless he is seriously injured. A sheer fatigue doesn't prevent any player to miss 3/4 games let alone Messi. This is really disrespectful. The least thing is to tell the truth about his injury.

  3. STOP PLAYING DIEGO, HE IS A JOKE. Also stop with this Messi bs, is your medical staff really that incompamt that they don't know what's wrong with Messi and when he can actually play next? No, they are not. You know that Messi is injured, just tell us how many weeks.

  4. He was not fit to play and that's all.why people keep pushing injured player to play?
    You showed messi why keep asking where he was?
    It's what it is. Let's talk about next about next games.

  5. Messi or any player are not zoo attractions.
    He couldn't play, his right to protect his health.
    If you have the slightest idea about competitiveness and what it means to treat an injury, you would know that neither a player would want to miss a final, nor are injuries magically healed in x amount of hours.
    Grow up.

  6. Messi doesn't care about Inter Miami, his fans and the MLS, he should have played at least 45 minutes. It will be very difficult to regain the interest of American fans after this great disappointment.

  7. Tato Martino you have lost all credibility It is your medical staff to decide long a plsyer needs to recover and be fit to play This nonsense anout when he feels he is ready to play is for spoilt children
    Have your medical staff inform us by a press conference sooner than later

  8. Gaston Edul said Messi will not play against NYCFC because they are afraid of risks. Apparently they're not afraid to hide his injury and prepare for a game without Messi. The team again will be down without Messi because they don't know if he will play or not.

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