Lionel Messi Crazy Goal vs NY Red Bulls ! HOW did he see him ??

Lionel Messi Crazy Goal vs NY Red Bulls ! HOW did he see him ?? Camisetas de manga corta y de manga larga para nios y para adulto, de marcas como Joma, Puma y Nike. camisetas de futbol Fiorentina Disponibles en Wala con descuentos, envo y devolucin gratuitos. Recbelo en casa en 48h mximo.

Lionel Messi Crazy Goal ! HOW did he see him ??
Lionel Messi Crazy Goal ! HOW did he see him ??
Lionel Messi Crazy Goal ! HOW did he see him ??
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  1. Look at the defense. After messi did a beautiful pass, the defenders were stoned, their defense are terrible honestly. Look at how the defense runs. Look how big the gap there. Messi seize the chance easily. 😅😅

  2. Muchos Parabéns ao Inter Miami pela Vitória! Que Felicidade! Leo é Pura Magia! Leo é Magnífico! Leo é King do Futebol! Leo é Super Craks do Futebol! Aplausos! Aplausos para o King! I Love Leo! 💕💕💕💕🙏🙏

  3. Ofcourse Messi would see him. Anyone would see that player when they turn that way. What makes it better is that messi had the confidence to pull out something like that.

  4. Only Messi can see things what ordinary soccer players can’t see /do
    With or without the ball, Messi scanned always the whole field. That makes him the greatest player all over the world.

  5. Not sure whats going on on that play. It seems like defenders always get caught mesmerizing at Messi…and BTW @0:42…that player is offsides. I didnt see the game but obviously it didnt get called if the gol stood.

  6. Normal, in MLS players doesnt Understand about colectiv playing and how defense realize, when they plays again real football player they dont have anythin to do

  7. Messi creates art but it is not solo art, he is the maestro. In order to create art he has to have skillful fellow players like Alba or Busquets. It doesnt matter if he scores or assists, beauty has to be created as a spontaneous symphony.

  8. The bicycle kick from Alba…
    The pass from Messi between 4 defenders to precisely find Cremaschi sprinting from behind the 5th defender…
    Cremaschi's one touch nutmeg feeding the ball straight back to Messi…
    What a goal!

  9. He did see him and was aware of his teammate's position; otherwise he wouldn't have executed such a pass. Threading the needle and the weight of the pass, all perfectly executed. So much so the defenders thought they had Messi contained. After the pass, they were in disbelief, ended up ball watching.

  10. WTF??? There is only 10 players that can make that pass, and by 10, I mean #10… the one and only Messi. 😲
    He may have slowed down with age, resulting in fewer of those Classic Messi Dribbles thru an entire team, but his on-pitch IQ has only gotten higher and ridiculous plays like this prove exactly that. GOAT

  11. I think CR7 is a great player but this kind of thing is what I point to when I say why I have never considered there to be a legitimate debate as to who is better.
    CR7 is not seeing that pass let alone executing it.
    Only Messi

  12. Love everything about this. I was there with my daughter. Row six. You can see us in the video. The only thing slightly annoying is the announcer's fake rasp in his voice.. like a 14 year old trying to sound 58… LOL Just be yourself dude. No one else has mentioned this. Go authentic… Messi deserves at least this.

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