Lionel Messi 100 Magical Dribbles

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Lionel Messi 100 Magical Dribbles
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  1. the funny thing is just as many of these runs that ended up in near misses he has almost as many of these slaloms, that ended up in goals, or assists, or very clear chances created. GOAT, of our generation, could , generate, assist, create game , dribble like crazy, to open up spaces for the team, to beat lpayers, and to be unstopable, and score too. Very effective layer and a alot of quality of his left foot, had glue with the ball. Insppiring a generation to keep balling up good football, work on my feel and touch for the ball, and keep having fun , beating players, and dribbling and creating game as well. Were worth it. 🙂 its great that some players keep balling the right way, having fun and expressing el joga bonito, and the game played well and keep balling how we dreamt of as children keep expressing that inner child and true self having fun on the pitch, and in life too , sharing our true self, with gentleness humor love and respect and healthy boundaries when necesary and safe enough connection, we arre worth it .

  2. Esse cara jogava praticamente sozinho, e criado de jogadas mais eficaz do futebol, olha a quantidades de bolas dele que não entrou, os passes dele para seus companheiros, nunca vai aparecer um jogador igual ao Messi no futebol, talvez seu filho kkkk

  3. And this is even not all of his wonderful dribbles! There are quite a bit extraordinarily dribbles missing in this video like the dribble before the goal against athletic bilbao in copa del rey final and so on. The best in history 🐐

  4. 格闘家たちはどうなんの?笑

  5. There is no discussion..He's the greatest ever! They added BONUS clips just because 100 wasn't enough to fit all of them in🤣 The craziest part is that he didn't even score/assist in almost all of these so just imagine what his stats could be like

  6. The cool thing is how pure his dribbling is. He's able to leave the defender behind whether he goes right or left, the rest is contantly selling defenders fake information with natural body movements and playing with their balance and timing. Always reading their intention, not just of the one player in front of him but of all the defense as well, and the moment you commit to one side he's already going the other. If you don't commit and try to stall you'll be running alongside him instead of facing him in no time, he won't stop or turn back either way.

  7. His dribble technique is simple and effective he always keep the close to even when he beats a defender still doesn't push the too far one little touch with change of direction

  8. The day Busquets give the ball to Messi and Messi make a goal and dribble 11 real Madrid team he just solo that's monters team even Ronaldo can't him even PEPE AND RAMOS can't stop him
    I still remember that moment cause that moment is mindblowing 🤯🐐

  9. Como Cristiano Ronaldo pode ser melhor que Messi ? O cara driblava o time inteiro e ainda fazia o gol kkkk Ronaldo maioria dos gol deles são dentro da área não tem como compara Messi com cristiano Messi e muito a frente do cristiano , e que o Fut são números e de CR7 também são altos mais Messi e muito mais habilidoso muito melhor

  10. Messi is not cool in playing. Footballers like Messi can come forward as many times as possible, but public opinion and the media need to help

  11. Prime hazard was the ONLY player that had the potential to be this good at dribbling. Neymar and Ronaldo were always too flashy and looked for the foul when they could. Hazard is the only player I saw with this type of fluid dribbling using only faints and balance.

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