Cheat code Messi came out to play. 馃サ

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100 comentario en “Cheat code Messi came out to play. 馃サ”
  1. He had NO RIGHT getting that ball away let alone through the space he had with the players he had round him.!!
    I can watch Messi highlights all day and still have the same expression HOW THE F**K did he do that, he had no right or he鈥檚 taking the pi$$ 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ. This man has been playing real life Fifa he鈥檚 watching down and controlling himself 馃槄.
    The one and only Lionel MESSI..!!

  2. if no one knows, this guy is allowed to us steroids, due to "a congenital disease".馃憥
    untrue, but that is what his representatives claim. The media don't report on this鉂

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  4. Other players in that moment or situation they dives but our messi he see that he can pass and dribble all them.

    Ps: Messi just being Messi and just being a A.T and a monster 馃槉

  5. wao..messi still getting is dribble right @ age 36 when some player at is lower age can…very happy to witness this GOD GIFTED PLAYER what a player馃槑馃槆

  6. M踏e踏s踏s踏i踏 n踏o踏 n踏e踏e踏d踏 h踏i踏p踏e踏 h踏e踏 i踏s踏 s踏o踏 n踏a踏t踏u踏r踏a踏l踏 n踏d踏 n踏e踏v踏e踏r踏 s踏h踏o踏w踏 o踏f踏f踏 p踏e踏r踏s踏o踏n踏.踏n踏d踏 t踏o踏p踏e踏r踏 i踏n踏 t踏h踏e踏 w踏o踏r踏l踏d踏

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