THE HERD | Colin reacts to Lionel Messi announces he will play in MLS for Inter Miain

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THE HERD | Colin reacts to Lionel Messi announces he will play in MLS for Inter Miain
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  1. It seems like a lot of international football fans feel like this move is finally going to catapult their game to heights of popularity here in the US — but I don't think that is going to happen. It will probably make MLS more popular in the US — but the mountain it needs to climb to surpass the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL is quite high. That is because Americans tend to follow the sports that their own boys play — which are the sports that can potentially give an American boy a very lucrative and desirable career. This is why the most athletically talented American (and Canadian) boys gravitate towards one or more of those 4 sports and not soccer. And even when very athletically talented American boys stick with soccer, the hard truth is that they simply won't play against the same level of competition in North America (excluding Mexico and nations south) which will develop their skills to the level of the elite soccer/football players which develop in Europe, South America, Africa and Asia. A side effect of this is that the US Men's Soccer team doesn't often do well internationally, and thus the sport is ignored even more by the US sports viewing public. I would guess that Australia might be in a similar situation where their most athletically talented boys gravitate towards Rugby and Australian Rules Football.

    Edit: As evidence of this — consider US Women's Soccer. Girls in the US do not have nearly as much of the "enticement" of fame and fortune from those 4 sports as the boys do. As a result, soccer is just as good an option as most any other team sport (especially when it comes to college scholarships). As a result the girls who are the most athletically talented at soccer tend to stick with soccer and can develop into elite players. Thus the US Women Soccer team does quite well when it comes to competing against the rest of the world.

  2. Man, I don't know how we Messi fans have to bear with people talking football with zero knowledge. Smh 🤦🏻

    Edit: Did he just talk about Instagram followers? Bruh 😭

  3. I don’t think Colin understands how great Messi still is. He is still a top world class footballer at 35. I mean…he just won the World Cup as the teams absolute leader 6 months ago. Messi has a lot more to go, even here in the U.S.

    I can’t wait to go see him play live!! I never thought I’d be able to.

  4. He will probably make close to 300 million playing in the MLS. But he will get part revenue through apple from the streaming also with adidas in the mix, while also growing his brand. He will ending making close to what Tiger Woods was making. When it is all said and done he probably getting pretty close to that Saudi deal. Not to mention Copa and World Cup will be held here in the states and with Argentina's young squad, don't be surprised if Messi makes one last run to try repeat both the Copa and World Cup. I'm predicting that he comes back for both those tournaments.

  5. i just hope that USA team won't play Argentina in the next Copa America. Otherwise all your hype will be deflated like the French. 😂😂 Messi is just too good ! I don't even understand this move, he can literally play anywhere…

  6. 1. PELE, 2. MESSI, and Messi instaly becomes the best player in the MLS and hopefully this can be a start for more Top Players in the world to come the MLS because its gonna take a lot to compete the the European leagues and the Spanish leagues

  7. Messi going to MLS today is like Lebron going to any Asian Basketball League… He isn't who he used to be but he will still be a big factor to any game he plays in.

  8. The biggest and the greatest icon is comming to your country no one is near him no one and if America don't celebrate this then They would the most study people in the world man Messi it's messi

  9. Regarding MSL. In general, there is 2 ways you can get good players. 1 is money or 2 reputations. In the case of Inter Miami is the reputation, but not as a club, because of David Beckham. After purchasing he saw many great players including Messi and requested if he could play a couple of years in Miami. Messi had mentioned previously that 1 day he likes to play in his birth city Rosario or perhaps go to America as he likes to see it. That was a hint that he may play one day for Miami. As a Messi fan, I love to watch any league that he plays and I will be watching until he fully retires from football, but no way I will pay $400 to go into the stadium that is crazy but I do understand that he probably the best player in history and many would pay to have a glimpse of his magic. Don't forget he is still playing very well and the club from the league's end positions may move significantly. I believe Messi may move them to the top 4 at least.

  10. Globally the only two Americans that can be compared to Messi stardom are Ali and Jordan… That's how big this transfer is for the MLS and the sport in the US…

  11. The talent poll for this sport Is billions, most people around the world has kicked a football as a kid, if this man is considered the goat on the most popular/played sport in the world we are talking about genius among genius, I've seen this guy do things completely imposible like miracles in front of my eyes, trust me evolution cannot engineer another Messi…

  12. 3:25 the world's biggest soccer stars??? Delusional… Beckham in retirement stage, Ibra in retirement stage, and Messi… if you watch any futbol… also there

  13. I dont think Americans understand how famous this guy messi is, anywhere in the world he goes hes recognised, American athletes like Tom Brady or Pat Mahomes can walk around in a random city in Europe and noone would know them, This is like Lebron joining a team in China, Biggest Moment in MLS History

  14. Messi could still go to a top team in Europe if he wanted to put his body through that again BUT he's opting for a quieter league to allow him to achieve his next goals which is playing for Argentina as a world champion. Don't forget that he was voted man of the match in the World Cup Final as well as the Player of the Tournament. Not bad at 35 and will be giving his best for Miami, if only on a less demanding competition which will also allow him to showcase his skills.

  15. With all due respect to him, Messi is many times bigger than Beckham from every perspective, not just x2. I don't think even Beckham himself would argue that.

  16. I don't know who lebron is yet but m finding it now.. I never ever watch any MLA games or sports before but now with Messi I am even into every talk show of MLS

  17. Mls is not supposed to feel european, they should feel brazilian if anything. Brazil has won 5 world cups, these reporters just go with the european porpaganda. Why. Corny as hell.

  18. A point about ticket sales for Inter Miami: since 2020 they have played a total of 51 home games at DRV PNK stadium in Ft. Lauderdale with an average attendance of 12,209 (in an 18,000 seat stadium). Messi immediately bumps that way up for the rest of this year, and probably all of next year

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