Lionel Messi Career Highlights

Lionel Messi Career Highlights Despus de mis cinco aos de experiencias de compra, camisetas de futbol Atlanta United tambin tendrn algunos problemas menores, pero estoy realmente satisfecho con la velocidad y los mtodos de procesamiento de sus servicios al cliente. Este sitio web es, sin duda, de camisetas de ftbol baratas y crebles para hombre, nios y mujer.

A tribute to my favorite athlete of all time.

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Song: Innerbloom – Rfs Du Sol
Muchas gracias por ver el vdeo!
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  1. i hate football (soccer) like honestly it’s shit. but this man. this man give me goosebumps. he is the goat and it’s sad i never realized till the end. fuck soccer but holy shit this man got it all

  2. Messi doesn't need to showboat. It doesn't matter how good a player he has in front of him his first dummy is so sharp players are literally turning into ragdolls! or spinning on the spot! Messi is basically a human being that's levelled up!!

  3. I could watch these highlights all day. They never get old. Messi is definitely the goat and I’m glad I watched a lot of these games live even tho I’m a Real Madrid fan. I always watched barca when they played just cause of him.

  4. this is the greatest Messi tribute video ever. Perfect choosing of highlights, perfect music, perfect angles, high quality along with goosebumps commentary. Masterpiece! If it only had the world cup in it…

  5. He's the best footballer to ever walk on those beautiful blades of grass!
    One day they maybe someone out there to Grace us with his magic!
    But until then im lucky to say i saw leo messi destroy everyone

  6. All accolades at one club that was built around him and built for his success. Nothing happening at PSG. Nothing happening in Argentina. If you think that was a legit World Cup win, I've got a bridge in the Sahara Desert I'd like to sell you. The very second he stepped foot outside of Barca, he was exposed. Only the delusional call this man the goat. Sure he's great, but never the goat.

  7. This is a masterpiece in every aspect. Every cut, every moment, everything. 10:00 minutes of pure perfection. The song (Innerbloom) is the perfect song, because it's like Messi. Undescribable, you can't put it into words. Incredible

  8. Fun facts about Messi:

    Lionel Messi became a professional footballer at the age of 16. He was born on June 24, 1987, in Rosario, Argentina. Messi began playing football at a young age, and his talent was quickly recognized.

    At the age of six, Messi joined the youth team of his local club, Grandoli. He then moved on to play for Newell's Old Boys, one of the most successful youth academies in Argentina. Messi's talent quickly became apparent, and he was soon attracting the attention of scouts from some of the biggest clubs in Europe.

    At the age of 13, Messi was offered a trial with FC Barcelona, one of the most successful football clubs in the world. After impressing the coaches with his skills, he was offered a place in the club's youth academy, La Masia. Messi moved to Barcelona with his family, and began training with the club's youth teams.

    Messi's talent continued to develop, and he made his debut for Barcelona's first team in 2004, at the age of 17. He quickly became a key player for the team, and has since gone on to win numerous titles and awards, including ten Spanish league titles, seven Copa del Rey titles, and four UEFA Champions League titles. He has also won the Ballon d'Or award, which is given to the best player in the world, a record seven times.

  9. u cannot compare this man to anyone, hes the greatest magician the game has ever seen, no one can do what messi was able to do for an entire career

  10. What an era lucky to have witness the best of all time in my time, gracias messi, you finally got your wc enjoy it and probably taste even sweeter because it was towards your end of your unmatchable and legendary career, you were destined to be a world champion ! Goat status was cemented at 19 years old for a reason.

  11. To my friend Leo Messi who will probably never know who I am, thank you ! thank you for all those years, for all the memories and all the bad days that you made them better by producing magic ! I am so grateful to have lived in the era of Leo Messi !
    Football will forever be grateful for what you did ! The best ever 🐐

  12. Here after Messi announced he is going to Inter Miami, a sad day in the history of the game, thank you for all the years Leo, you will be missed, came young, conquered, dominated and left as the GOAT ! Your legacy will go on 🙁

  13. What a wonderful video! Can’t believe I’ve never seen it. It’s awesome! Love the music choice, love the clips. Love the Man. Thank you for this artwork. Brought me to tears, as only Messi can. ❤️💙

  14. I really am not a huge football fan but i can’t help but watch Messi compilations a lot of the time he’s absolutely artful it’s astonishing to watch you can tell he’s an anomaly in the sport you’ll never see one again like this he is just the best at this sport. All of his abilities are perfectly shaped to be great at this You can’t look away wow

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