Is Messi to Inter Miami the biggest signing for US football since Pele?  – Andres Cantor discusses

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Telemundo commentator Andres Cantor discussed the news that Lionel Messi will join David Beckham’s Inter Miami following the end of his contract with PSG.

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94 comentario en “Is Messi to Inter Miami the biggest signing for US football since Pele? – Andres Cantor discusses”
  1. He'll have the same impact as Pele, Cruyff and Muller, NONE. It's a bad team, so won't even be able to statpad like Ronaldo, will definitely flop with > 10 goals and end up with the Saudis anyway. He must like being embarrassed

  2. I think so too. With all due respect to Beckenbauer and Cruyff, I think Messi will be the biggest player after Pele to play league football in the US.

  3. Nahin Comps quiz 3

    Let's see who can answer the following quiz correctly👇👇

    How much is Lionel Messi's salary at Inter Miami?

    A: 54 million

    B: 56 million

    C: 58 million

    D: 60 million

  4. 100% I’m gonna buy a ticket and go watch. I’m in the west coast I imagine a ton of people are gonna travel to Miami now.

  5. Moving to a piss poor league that still can't produce world class players. It's a retirement league for players past their best going for a payday.

  6. Even though they are not in the primes Messi, Suarez, Di Maria and possibly Busquets and maybe Alba in one team would be sick. Would be funny if Ramos joined aswell.

  7. Every Latino either picks Miami or Los Angeles because of weather and palm trees. I picked Tokyo I prefer a challenge, something much bigger, fast paced and more futuristic

  8. Not even close. Pèle’s move to New York is still studied in education curriculums worldwide because it was one of the biggest and most historic moments of the 20th century.

  9. Yes the mls quality of play is not good but as if Saudi league is any better. In fact isn’t Saudi league ranked even lower? Whatever the case both us and Saudi leagues are two sides of the same coin, they are basically retirement leagues for veteran players playing out the last days of their career. Messi and ronaldo are not the same players they were anymore. Yes ronaldo scored loads in the Saudi but let’s be real he just moved to an easier league. Both him and messi are almost 40. The leagues they excelled at are too fast paced for players their age. The prem in particular. We need to accept the messi vs ronaldo rivalry is all but at an end. Even if they play each other again in the future they’ll both be 40 or on the cusp of 40 and who knows what shape they’ll both be in by then.

  10. Given the demand they need to play all matches at Hard Rock 65K Dolphin stadium…that 18,000 toy lego stadium is not good enough for Messi

  11. Ive never heard of American soccer leagues, I just signed up for Apple TV, waiting for the shirt, will be visiting Miami soon, followed Inter Miami on insta, etc etc I'm now a fan of inter have not even watched 1 game 😂

  12. Turning down 1.5 billion euro from Saudi Arabia has made Messi the ultimate boss.

    Messi made CR7 happy for not accepting that massive contract

  13. He is at the end of his career maybe a year or two at the most and is not surrounded by quality player that can provide him with good service. There is so much one guy can do even if it’s Messi

  14. Pele came to promote Football in the US of the 70s. At time, TV color was first available in history and more than 10mils fans gathered to watch Pele's first game in the US.
    Pele won NASL league, soccer bowl there and also named as MVP of NASL 1977. Career stats: 31goals +25assists in 56games.

  15. Shame an all of you. September 3 lafc vs inter Miami $ 400.00 plus.
    It will be only for rich people. But Messi's children will be there. MLS destroying poor people game.
    Messi should know that.
    Recent fa cup finals tickets were from 35 evro. Shame on mls. Hell with you

  16. It is….I don't even watch soccer…don't feel like futbol for real…but I'm gonna make it to a united game to watch him play at some point and he don't even play for them

  17. MLS!! Better than Europe!!! Loool I hope you know what's football ⚽ , I love Messi but I will never care if Inter Miami playing with Messi or without, Zlatan Ibrahimovic used to play over there but I can't remember I watch even 5 minutes , good luck for MLS fans

  18. Meanwhile mentally unstable ronaldo is all alone in the middle east while all eyes are on messi and the city of miami. Definitely a shocker

  19. From Argentina 🇦🇷 to Barcelona then Barcelona to Paris saint German and now became fan of Inter Miami!! You know what? I don't care of clubs I just go Wherever The magical footballer LIONEL MESSI goes.

  20. Inter Miami… Aren't they like the worst team in MLS? But actually they only have to finish somewhere in the midfields and they can still end up winning the league in the end, so it might work out.

  21. The thing which always made me wonder though is that historically the sport has been around for a long time and it is the world's most popular sport, but it was never super popular in the United States but why? This is considering they signed lots of superstars, and the USA women's team is 4 time world champions and Olympic champions unlike the more competitive game in the men's national team.

  22. I don't agree with this claim from Argentina or Messi fans that he is the best in the sports history, honestly that title belongs to Pele who had the best resume ahead of likes of Ronaldo, Garrincha, Maradona, Zidane, Ronaldinho, Romario you name it. But it always remains a mystery to me why the USA ended up calling the sport soccer instead of football like in England, and why it never became as popular as the rest of the world loved the sport.

  23. what a lunatic question? Pele one is not even success, he didn't draw much attention to football. After that it goes down hill. Do you think this time you could go down hill. Plus he just carried a World Cup and he is still one of the best players nowdays, when pele arrive he is not that competetive already.

  24. With the Latino population to exceed all other in less than 20 years in the US, Latino kids will be watching and trying to replicate in the streets of cities and drive ways in the suburbs

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