PSG fans boo Lionel Messi & Neymar?! Julian Nagelsmann to take over as manager? | ESPN FC

PSG fans boo Lionel Messi & Neymar?! Julian Nagelsmann to take over as manager? | ESPN FC Bienvenido a la Tienda Online del Sevilla Ftbol Club, donde podrs comprar toda la ropa, camisetas de futbol Inter Miami CF,… Camiseta 1 Europa League Sevilla FC 22/23 adulto blanca.

ESPN FC‘s Julien Laurens joins Gab Marcotti on the Gab & Juls Show to discuss Lionel Messi‘s departure from PSG and their reported interest in Julian Nagelsmann.

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100 comentario en “PSG fans boo Lionel Messi & Neymar?! Julian Nagelsmann to take over as manager? | ESPN FC”
  1. I never watched PSG & the French league until Messi moved there. No other worthy reason now to watch. I have already canceled my suspicion with BeIN Sports. 😒

  2. I can't wait for Messi to come back Barcelona and think Messi deserve too much love but psg fans have to learn about supporting football I'm very sure Messi will show psg that he is magician when he comes back to Barcelona

  3. The problem at psg is the fans they only support certain players if they actually supported the club and backed their players they would have a squad that would give their all

  4. 1. PSG is another Tottenham
    2. PSG WILL not win a CL
    3. PSG Fans will destroy the brand
    4. Mbappe WILL leave
    5. I just saved a lot of my on my geico insurance

  5. Mbappe and Messi are SOLELY the only reason PSG have won another league title. These are the only 2 players that have truly contributed and made it possible. Defence and midfild have been terrible, Neymar missing the entire second half of the season and the manager was clueless. It was a 2 man team, yet one of them gets booed. I guess Messi winning the WC have made PSG fans salty af.

  6. Forget football Messi is a good person something bad will happen to PSG for the energy they have given to Messi. That man has a school that run for free of his money. Hê is highly protected, PSG will forever have bad luck in UÇL.

  7. Funny how psg were flying at the beginning of the season then Neymar gets hurt & they suck. Just look at his stats before he got hurt, was better than most players have in a whole season.

  8. It’s a disgrace. This isn’t a one off. PSG was awful to their players this season including booing Verratti too let’s just not forget. I see Mbappe leaving by next year if this behavior keeps up.

  9. 22 goals in two seasons in the 'farmer league', really?? then missed that penalty against his archrival Real Madrid then this season a NO-Show against Bayern. Of course they were going to boo him!

  10. Messi last min free kick against Lille won them the ligue these psg clowns should feel privileged to see the goat playing in their substandard team

  11. Psg has the worst fans, I went there and they scored 3 goals. They booed Messi the whole time, and Neymar the whole time. It killed the atmosphere in the stadium, I enjoyed a roma game a lot more even though they didn’t have any star players like psg did, but the crowd was just supporting the club.

  12. I’m a Real Madrid Fan but honestly Messi didn’t deserve those Boo’s, I hope he returns to Barcelona where he is Loved by all, he is an amazing player & he deserves it, it’ll be years until we see someone Like Messi or Ronaldo again. Enjoyed watching both of them play!

  13. It's just simply disgrace for PSG ultras-shame on you, for can't handle the truth, that your team and the fans have issues that prevent this team to be leveled like other big clubs in the Europe (It's only become a laughing stock)

  14. PSG is a disaster and a disgrace they won ligue one by one point what a embarrassment is this the best player in the world 🌎, I am sorry he is overrated 👎👎👎

  15. Who cares about PSG honestly….zero European pedigree not to mention trophies. Booing players that have accomplished 10x more than their entire club not to mention their sub par midfield & defense.

  16. Did Jules say Messi helped psg win the tittle with his contributions? He must be joking!!! He was blind initially to see that before heavily criticizing him throughout the season. I get this. He's trying to correct his narratives after fans all over the world showered him with comments and told him to shut his mouth. Common! so disgraceful, we will see what you will all do next season now that there's no more Messi.

  17. Psg will be Cursed and never see a Champions League Trophy..They were privileged to have Messi and Neymar playing there. Messi bigger and Way bigger than that Overhyped Club !!!!

  18. Dude, dude, duuude!
    Yes, Galtier was a wrong choice and it could have been much worse.
    As for Messi, he was there for the cash, he was there to… enjoy his time. But he was not there to sweat in difficult momentvand perhaps win with the club. Plenty of rest time the previous season, plenty of training and 0 push this season, yeah! The dude was fit as fit can be for his age and the World Cup.

    Not necessarily Messi's fault either, if the direction was complacent to attract the guy in 1st place then who is to blame?

    We dont gave a club anymore but just like an American football team, just a brand, forget the sport, sweat, win, reach beyond yourself. It is just about selling shirts, bling bling contracts and individual stats.

  19. it's funny how Messi leaving PSG is a bigger story than anything else that did happen with PSG the last couple of years.. apart from Messi joining them. And I get their fans for being bitter about Messi not caring, but honestly what's there to care about? This club has no future

  20. I’m surprised Mbappe didn’t give Messi the penalty as it was his last game though, finishing with a goal would’ve been good for him.
    We’ve seen star players make passes when they could’ve scored to their team mates in such situations or when they were about to make history.

  21. A messi approaching the wrong side of 35, a neymar who is too into his social life and whos injury record is terrible, a Ramos who was let go by Real Madrid and was also approaching the wrong side of 35, a Wijnaldum who was allowed to leave Liverpool (and wasnt even great for Liverpool). This was never gonna win a Europa League.

  22. PSG have every right to boo Messi. The dude did nothing. And the fans pay money to go watch you play. They work, earn their money and then waste it on seeing Messi fail. Messi fans never want to criticize him. The dude failed and that’s a fact. The dude doesn’t run, he quits, and isn’t a leader. Why should they clap?

  23. Just a stat comparison De Bruyne had 16 assists in premier league (22/23) as the top assist provider and guess how many goals he scored? He scored 7 which is less than half of Messi’s with 16 goals and 16 assists….So even when he’s not the best of his forms he’s still among the very best 😂

  24. psg overall is a big joke!! No matter who they hire will not change their culture n they will never win CL ever! They are not a football club!

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